Stocking Filler Ideas For Teens

Stocking Filler Ideas For Teens

I was feeling a little bit smug by the end of the week because I had managed to finish my Christmas shopping in record time.  Until I realised I had to go along with the kids and Mr. C for them to get THEIR presents.  ARGH!  But, we came away unscathed, even though it was a Sunday afternoon.  At the mall.  We managed to get parking right away, and in less than 2 hours, everyone had their shopping done.  Smug. Again.  Until I realised on Monday that I had totally forgotten all about the gifts for our stocking fillers!  Or more like the kids’ stockings.  Darn it!  Shops AGAIN?!

So in case you’re stuck for ideas on what to get for your teen this Christmas, I’ve put together a list of stocking filler ideas.  Most, if not all of these places can possibly get their items to you before Christmas.  You just need to get it STAT.  Like TODAY!  If not, you can always trot down to the stores and brave the crazy crowds. 😉

Stocking Filler Ideas For Teens

teens fashion accessories stocking fillers

They are basic things that your teen would need but at the same time still funky enough that you won’t look like a dork for giving it to them.

1 & 2. ^Flip flops/Thongs rrp$6.95 – Functional and funky.  These flip flops from Cotton On are handy for summer at the beach and trendy too boot!  They’ve got some pretty cool designs for girls and guys.

3. ^Trilby rrp$14.95 – Another functional yet cool accessory is this star print trilby hat; perfect for the girl who wants some sun protection while still looking “fancy”.

4. ^Snapback rrp$26.95 – For the boys, a snapback cap is stylish, functional and snazzy.

5.  Got a younger teen boy? This ^graphic print tee rrp$6.00 is simple and not too “kiddish” perfect for those who don’t like too much fuss when it comes to clothes.

6.  Likewise for the girls, this simple ^tee rrp$6.00 is the perfect top to wear for summer out with friends and family.

7.  Need something to keep their smart phones or music device in?  This ^on-the-go pouch rrp$9.95 comes with an eyelet to slip their ear phones out of.

8. Just one of the many designs that are available from the Cotton On Foundation range.  A great ^tote bag rrp$2.00 that they can take out shopping or even use as a beach bag.


sound vision teens stocking fillers

  1. Snap snap!  Most teens love their cameras or at least their smart phone so why not let them create the “polaroid” look of the images they love with this colour polaframes rrp$23.95.
  2. ^Earphones rrp$9.95 – A double functioning set of earphones that comes with a microphone so they can talk AND listen to music – handy.
  3. ^Photo Journal rrp$10.00 – Great way to store their precious snaps and include some meaningful journaling with this photo journal.
  4. iPhone 6 case rrp$5.00 – Simple design that keeps their precious smart phone safe from all those rumble and tumble.
  5. ^This kaleidoscope lens rrp$12.99 will help them create that fun kaleidoscope effect for their photos.
  6. Need to take their music with them?  This ^bluetooth speaker rrp$15.00 is compact, functional and fun!


fun games teens stocking fillers

  1. Know what keeps your teens busy during recess and lunch time?  Apparently four square is a universal high school game that keeps them active and social. This set of high bounce balls rrp$4.00 would be a great addition to their stockings for their new year at school.
  2. Keep your bored teen entertained during the holidays with this magic 8 ball rrp$5.00.  Yes you might start to get annoyed but it’s better than having them say, “Mum… I’m bored!”
  3. For those who love a little challenge, try these nanoblocks, that come in various shapes, sizes and motifs.
  4. Love that bit of Star Wars theme?  This bop it! might just be the addition you need these holidays.  Family fun time everyone!
  5. Keep them active with this Catch Ball set rrp$5.00.  Fun for the family and friends!


grooming teen stocking fillers

  1. Keep those lips lip smacking chapped free with this cute set of ^Lip Smackers trio rrp$8.25
  2. Sure they might end up spraying the whole bottle but hey, better that than smelling nasty right?  This ^Lynx body spray rrp$6.29 will help keep those nasty smells at bay 😉
  3. Continuing with the “smelling nice” theme are these handy soap in a tin by Scottish Fine Soaps.  Starting from $11.49, there is a huge variety to choose from too.
  4. Having teen and tween girls who continually “borrows” my nail polish remover pads means I need to get them their own set.  So might seem like a weird item to include but trust me, these ^nail polish remover pads rrp$4.99 are super handy to have.
  5. If they wear any kind of makeup, make sure they are trained to cleanse their face each time, every time, to keep those break outs at bay.  These ^micellar cleansing wipes rrp$6.99 are handy and gentle on their skin.
  6. The final thing to add to help with their grooming is this ^set of combs rrp$5.99.  Trust me, they’ll thank you for it.

And… That’s a wrap!  Hopefully these ideas will help lessen the load on you!  I have definitely now COMPLETED my shopping – until of course someone comes up and says, “Mummy, we still need to get…”


^Denotes affiliate links, sales from which will earn me a small commission but is at no extra cost to you.




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