Beauty Beat: First Impressions – Renu 28

Beauty Beat: First Impressions – Renu 28

A few weeks ago I had the privilege to attend the launch of Renu 28.  I mentioned a few weeks ago, the event was part of their Healthy Skin Healthy Life theme and we also had the pleasure of hearing from skincare expert Ingrid Seaburn who shared some of her skincare tips.  But first, more about *Renu 28.

Renu 28

So what IS Renu 28?  I’m going to share what’s on the packaging and what information the brand has given me.

On the tube it says that Renu 28 is a revitalising gel and it is a product that has successfully recreated what our cells do by using this thing called Redox Signalling.  If you’re wondering what redox signalling is, trust me, I have scoured the internet to find out what it all means too – besides from the brand’s own site of course!  Instead of sharing the dry stuff I had to read, I’ll just summarise what it does.

Redox Signalling

Basically our bodies have these cells that regenerate new cells through this oxidative process.  Cells talk to each other to tell what needs to be repaired.  But, apparently this reduces as we age, that’s why our skin sag, and well, you know all the things that ageing does to our skin so I won’t go there.  So, Renu 28 has managed to recreate these molecules to help repair our skin on a cellular level.  The product acts as these radox signal – sort of.  I think.

How & When to Use Renu 28

renu 28

You can use this day and night but on cleansed skin BEFORE you apply any other skin care products.  It is a gel based product but you would need to shake the tube before dispensing the product.  Then apply it onto your skin.  This can be applied topically on your face, neck and every where else on your body.

What Renu 28 is supposed to do

According to the brand, Renu 28 helps to tighten the skin, reduce wrinkles and pigmentation, when used as a daily skin regiment.

First Impressions

I have to admit that I was and still am skeptical with regards to Renu 28’s capability to actually serve its purpose.  But first, let me share what it felt like using the product.

As I’ve mentioned before, Renu 28 is a gel based product that comes in a tube.  You shake it so that the ingredients will coagulate because if you don’t then all that will come out is something runny.  Ok, yes I didn’t shake it the first time I tried to use it, that’s how I know.  Anyhoo… The gel felt really refreshing once I applied it on my face.  In fact it sort of tightened the skin on my face.  Not sure if that was what it was supposed to do immediately.  There is no scent, and it is free of parabens and all those nasty stuff, so for those with sensitive skin, you’re fine to use this daily.


renu 28 ingredients

But what are the ingredients in Renu 28?  Hang on to your seats everyone because there are only ingredients.  That’s right FOUR – water, sodium magnesium fluorosilicate, monosodium phosphate and sodium chloride.  I’m sure you can recognise at least two ingredients on that list – water and sodium chloride, also known as SALT.  I then looked up the other two ingredients and found out that sodium magnesium flurosilicate is an inorganic salt, an ingredient used to control the viscosity of the product.  Monosodium phosphate is actually ANOTHER form of salt and most often used in foods as a thickening agent.


So when you think about it, this is actually salt and water.  So how can salt water help with cell regeneration?  That is the part that I am still confused about and probably need a lot more research on.  From what I do know though, salt does have anti-inflammatory properties  and helps balance oil production.  Salt water also apparently helps hydrates the skin by retaining moisture.

The thing I’m trying to wrap my head around with is – Renu 28 – basically salt water in gel form – costs $60 per 80ml tube.   Expensive salt water gel isn’t it?  So will I use it still?  Yes, just the tube that I have right now because I do like the feeling it gives my skin, but will I re-purchase?  Honestly?  Probably not, because – salt water gel at $60?  That’s a little bit extravagant for me.  Wouldn’t it be much cheaper for me to just mix my own salt water and splash or spritz it all over my face?


*Product was given as part of a gift bag from the event.





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  • Mel says:

    I love that you broke down the ingredients and made it obvious it was pretty much a salt gel, and an expensive one at that!! I might just try swimming in salt water more, for free 😉

  • Barbe says:

    Great post, and i have come to the same conclusion when I received mine. Salty water gel

    It is in a drawer unused, I think i will stick to more conclusive ingredients.

    B xoxo

  • Tine says:

    HAHAHAHAHA good one! It is like salt water, isn’t it? Bloody expensive for salt water too. 😛 Mine is still sitting in my beauty cupboard. 😛

    I have to wonder how Renu justifies the price of the product when it contains so little ingredients. Technology maybe? Hmm ….

    • Norlin says:

      I’m curious too as to why it’s so expensive. It could be technology, it could be that salt water in gel form is way better than just salt water. I’m still using it to see if it’ll get rid of that pimple mark/discoloration I have on my chin. Mr. C did say, yes it’s expensive but does it work? If it does then maybe it’s worth the money. We will see…

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