Beauty Beat: How I Beat That Painful Blind Pimple

Beauty Beat: How I Beat That Painful Blind Pimple

Having been blessed with skin that hardly got any breakouts – well except for that very occasional one – during my teen years, it can be very frustrating when you do get them after reaching the “golden age” of 40! It’s as if I’m going through puberty again, only this time I’m slightly luckier because I have the means and ways of beating them. Sometimes. But, you know what the most annoying thing is about these hormonal breakouts? Besides the fact that it usually hurts; is that it always pops up when you have some sort of important occasion coming up! What is up with that? And recently, that huge blind pimple decided to pop up a few days before a wedding that I had to attend.

How I Beat That Painful Blind Pimple

blind pimple feature

While I have often only ever used Mario Badescu’s Buffering Lotion and Drying Cream combo to combat these blind pimples, I needed products that will at least help me “cook” this pimple in time for me to “pop” it. I know, I know… You’re best NOT to pop any pimples, but I was pretty desperate, so this called for a multitude of products.

Step 1
Day 1 of the super red, super hard and super painful blind pimple on my chin. That called for the dynamic duo buffering lotion and drying cream from Mario Badescu that I applied overnight.

Step 2
Day 2 of the pimple and while it was still red and painful, I had to head out for my tutoring gig, so I’ve applied ^La Roche-Posay’s Effaclar Duo+ onto that annoying red blob.

Step 3
Come afternoon and I really needed to get that pimple to “cook” as the wedding reception was on the next day! Desperate times calls for desperate measures, so I thought why not try ^*Spotmedic’s adhesive hydrocolloid stickers?

spot medic with gel spots

I’ve used this on a spot before but it didn’t seem to work. Miss 12 tried it on hers and it did. So I was wondering if age could’ve played a factor or maybe it just didn’t work? But like I said, I was desperate for this pimple to be popped. I cleaned that area with some ^micellar water and then applied one of the stickers onto my spot. There are 36 gel plasters in a pack, in different sizes. I of course chose the biggest spot that was in the pack. As I sat there watching Vampire Diaries, trying to kill time I noticed that after awhile, (some gross info ahead so don’t say I didn’t warn you!) the pimple started… Leaking. Yep, you read it right. Leaking! Clear liquid was oozing out of that spot!! Bleurgh but at the same time interesting. I’m guessing the pimple was “cooking”, which led me to Google the term “hydrocolloid”.

using the spot medic

What is hydrocolloid dressing?  It’s basically a dressing which has been coated with ingredients that absorb water and swelling, which promotes healing.  Hmm… Maybe that was what it was doing to the pimple.

Step 4

At night, after I had cleansed my face with my trusty Mario Badescu Enzyme Cleansing Gel, I applied the Mario Badescu duo again before heading off to bed.

Step 5

Morning came and I had the City2Sea run, by then the redness had gone down and the pimple was starting to cook nicely, meaning it would be ripe for the popping in a few hours time.  Which was why I applied the Effaclar Duo+ again.

Step 6

The pimple had cooked well by mid afternoon and because the wedding reception was that night, I cleansed my face again and applied Spot Medic’s gel sticker again for a few hours or so.  This time, it really did ripen my pimple, in time to get it popped, which was what I did. The redness had gone by then too and all the icky stuff were finally dispelled out of my skin. All that was left to do was to hide the blemish with some heavy duty foundation and concealer.

I did continue tending to my already popped pimple with Effaclar Duo+ to prevent the spot from leaving any scars as well as darkening the area, which is what happens to people like me who have olive skin.


It was an interesting experiment that thankfully worked well and didn’t leave any unsightly scars or marks!  Now, each time I get a blind pimple, I’d use the Spot Medic to help draw out the moisture as well as apply the dynamic Mario Badescu duo when I sleep at night.


Have you tried Spot Medic before? What do you use to attack a blind pimple?

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  • Mel says:

    I find the thought of popping pimples disgusting! Thankfully I was also blessed with mostly pimple free skin as a teen. Lately I’ve struggled with stress pimples on my forehead and that sure are annoyingly painful! Popping is tempting, but it does gross me out and I’m scared of scarring

    • Norlin says:

      In all honesty, I wouldn’t recommend popping your pimple because you’re right, it CAN cause it to scar if done wrongly. Hormones and stress!!! ARGH! If only these wouldn’t cause any detrimental effects on our faces.

  • Man, I love your honesty! At the age of 31, I still get pimples. Most are hormonal but occasionally I’ll also get a pimple as a lovely little physical reminder that I’m either stressed or run down… or both. Will be bookmarking this post for any future blinders!

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