Monday Eats: Corte, Port Melbourne

Monday Eats: Corte, Port Melbourne

Earlier this year (or was it late last year?) I had asked on my Facebook page for some recommendations on places to eat at in Melbourne for my date nights. We’ve been on rotation to our favourite restaurants, and while I do LOVE my burgers, a girl does have her limits.

One of my gorgeous readers recommended Corte, over in Port Melbourne. We’ve passed by this place a few times whenever we drive to one of our favourite Vietnamese restaurants in Footscray, but have never really noticed it. I’ve been stalking their website and ratings on Zomato to find out what other people thought of the food and place at Corte. So far, rave reviews, only it was recommended that you try and go there when the weather isn’t too hot as it can get a bit stifling if you sat indoors.

After pondering where to go for our next date night on Saturday, we finally decided on Corte. I told Mr. C that I didn’t feel like having full meals, just some small dishes to share, you know… tapas? Thankfully, they had a table for us at 8pm.

Corte, Port Melbourne

Located on the corner of Bay and Graham Street in Port Melbourne, Corte is housed in an old courthouse with indoor and outdoor seating. Their specialty is Latin street food, where the menu is designed around dishes that are meant to be shared – the perfect setting for our date night.

The inside was rather small but cosy, with the kitchen situated behind the bar. The service was warm and inviting and the menu was divided into Raciones (smaller), Asado (Grill), Grande (Larger) and side dishes. We chose to have four dishes that night favouring their charcuterie board, which had jamon serrano, salumi, Spanish olives, a range of pickles (beetroot being my favourite!) and I think some popped corn (not popcorn!) served with sourdough bread. Other dishes we had included the Albondigas or really chorizo meatballs in tomato sauce and coriander yoghurt, fish ceviche and grilled corn salad (or was it salsa?).

monday eats: dishes from Corte

Tried my best to take a decent photo as it was VERY dark in there. 

It would be really difficult for me to pick my favourite dish out of the four because I loved them all. Although I would’ve loved it if they gave more bread to begin with instead of just four slices and possibly less pickles and more meat? Still. I did love it!

The meatballs tasted divine and so did the grilled corn salad. The fish ceviche added a lovely freshness to the spicy (not spicy hot but spicy as in lots of spices) dishes we had.

Their menu is seasonal so you might not see the fish ceviche all year round, or the grilled corn salad for that matter (I should have taken a photo of the menu!!). Which is why it is a great way to try the dishes there and it won’t bore you should you choose to go there again next time.

Definitely a place I would go to again and I can see my kids loving the food there too, as it’s similar to Mexican cuisine – something the kids just absolutely adore!

Have you been to Corte? What dishes did you try? Do you like Spanish cuisine too? Know of any other places that serve Latin cuisine in Melbourne?

Corte – Port Melbourne
115 Bay Street, Port Melbourne
Ph: 9646 7697





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