Health & Lifestyle: Beauty From Within

Health & Lifestyle: Beauty From Within

I think I’ve mentioned this before, that beauty comes from the inside – and this doesn’t just encompass you as a person.  What I’m talking about here is that when your health and well being is on track, it does reflect on the outside.  Your skin, your hair, and even the way you feel.  You can wear copious amounts of makeup but, ultimately your health does determine how you would look with or without makeup.

Beauty From Within

I recently went to two separate events, both of which covered beauty but also achieving it from the inside out.  At the first event I was introduced to hyaluronic acid as a supplement for our skin, bones and so much more.

If you’re wondering what it is, well hyaluronic acid is an anti-inflammatory hydrating compound that is found in our skin, joints, eyes and brain.  It’s what’, s known as “nature’s own lubricant”.  Unfortunately for us humans, this declines as we age.  Which is why people usually take hyaluronic acid for joint disorders.  It has also been used topically for healing wounds, burns, skin ulcers and as a moisturiser.

fountain deciem molecule supplements

To help your skin looking plump from within, Fountain, a branch of the brand DECIEM have created *The Hyaluronic Mollecule (rrp$68.00), a concentrated beauty supplement that you ingest daily.  The concentrate come in a thick gel form and you only need 2 teaspoons each day, which can be taken on its own or mixed with your juice.  The gel is definitely pretty thick, so if you’re one who would gag when taking medication, I’d say mix it with your juice, or in my case, I mix mine with water.  It has been infused with a subtle ginger flavour and is sweetened with Xylitol, a natural sugar-free sweetener.

I’ve been taking this daily since last week, and while I cannot see any difference in my face (it has been only a week!).  I’m not expecting any miracles either but I dare say, I do like the taste of this product.  Fountain has other liquid supplements in their range like The Phyto CollagenMolecule (rrp$77.00), The Beauty Molecule with high concentration of resveratrol (rrp$60), The Super-Green Molecule (rrp$48) and a few others.  I’m keen to try out their Hair Molucule supplement because that’s the thing I hate most about growing older – your hair gets thinner.  I’d have to wait until January 2016 for it to be available at Priceline though.

That’s supplements though and in my opinion, you only need to take supplements if you’re lacking it in your diet.  Which brings me to the other event I went to, the Renu 28 event.  More about the product another time, but with the “Healthy Skin, Healthy Life” theme, they also had Tom Davidson, an ex-Collingwood player, to share some of his tips for a healthier lifestyle.

Tom has 5 simple guidelines to follow:

  • Movement – this doesn’t just mean regular exercise but includes incidental exercise.  Tom encourages us to move everyday in some way or other, like walking for instance.
  • Sunlight – Know how people often feel depressed in winter, especially in the UK? Well, sunlight gives you “happy” energy and we all know that Vitamin D is essential for the absorption of calcium to help with our bones, so be sure to get SOME kind of exposure to sunlight each day.  Be sun smart though and remember to apply sunscreen beforehand.
  • Food – We are what we eat, and yes, we have to be smart about what we put into our bodies.  Tom goes by the paleo diet, something I am not in favour of, but hey, to each his own.  For me, it’s about balance and just like exercise you give out what you put in.
  • Rest – Remember balance?  Well, as important it is to incorproate movement to our daily lives, it’s just as important to get some decent rest each day.  This is where your sleep comes in and where you have to try NOT to over exert yourself when you exercise.
  • Mindfulness – Finally, mindfulness.  Being mindful of your surroundings, what you do, to increase self-awareness, which helps to reduce stress and enhance your emotional intelligence.

Makes a lot of sense doesn’t it?

Do you take supplements daily?  Which ones do you take?  Do you already practice Tom’s 5 guidelines to healthier living?

*Item was given as part of a gift bag. 





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