Beauty Beat: First Impressions -Skin Doctors

Beauty Beat: First Impressions -Skin Doctors

There are times when I do wish I have more than a face to try out the different skincare products that are out there, but let’s face it, when it comes to skincare, you can only do so much really.  Which is why I’m introducing s sub-segment of Beauty Beat, called First Impressions.  Basically it’ll be my first impressions of products I have just tried that are less than 4 weeks long.  As mentioned in my previous Beauty Beat post, you normally need at least 4 weeks for any skincare product to be able to work its wonders (or not).

First Impressions – Skin Doctors

For my very first “First Impressions” post I’d like to share with you products that I have been sent to try from Skin Doctors.  You might recall a feature I had on aging and skincare where I had a skincare expert from Skin Doctors answer some of my skincare questions.  One of the issues I do have with my skin is pigmentation.  While I do apply sunscreen daily, I think I might not be as diligent as I could be.  Following on with some suggestions made by Krystel, I’ve been trying the *Skin Doctors SD White & Bright nightly and the *Supermoist facial cream day and night.

skin doctors supermoist sd white bright

  • *SD White & Bright

The ^Skin Doctors SD White & Bright has been touted as their best pigment fighter.  It’s the active ingredient Beta White TM that helps to reduce melanin production to give your skin a more even tone by reducing the appearance of freckles, age spots, pigmentation and skin discoloration.

skin doctors sd white & bright brightening complex

Seeing that I have only been using this less than 4 weeks, I will only share my thoughts on the feel and scent of this product.  I would need a longer timeframe to gauge if the product does work or not.

The SD White & Bright comes in a glass jar; something I am not a huge fan of when it comes to my skincare.  When it comes to the consistency of the cream I would say it’s somewhere in between.  Not too light and yet not too heavy either. It does absorb into the skin rather quickly, which is good as you’ll need to layer on some moisturiser on top of it afterwards. While the jar says that there are no fragrances added, there is however a slight perfume scent to the cream. The scent didn’t bother me too much but I think I’d prefer for there to be no scent at all. However, I wonder if like products that target break-outs, if having some sort of scent is necessary to mask the actual scent of the product, which could be worse than what’s already in the SD White & Bright.

If you’re wondering why I only have this on at night and not twice daily as prescribed on the packaging, it’s because I’ve read previously that products which target pigmentation tend to leave your skin a lot more sensitive to the UV rays. This means that while you ARE trying to get rid of the pigmentation, the product also leaves your skin to be more vulnerable to the sun’s rays and therefore the need to up your ante when it comes to applying sunscreen during the day.

  • *Supermoist facial cream

skin doctors supermoist moisturiser

The ^Supermoist is a 24 hour hydrating moisturiser that has resurrection plant, known to use a survival system that allows  it to avoid death in environments with drastic weather.  The plant can quickly be re-hydrated and restore its normal cellular functions.  It is rich in antioxidants and rectifying oxidative changes casued by UV.  The added tamarind and Vitamin E helps to stimulate, moisturise and correct any damages caused by UV.

Just like the SD White & Bright, the Supermoist also comes in a glass jar.  It’s supposed to be fragrance free, but I have to report that it does have a slight perfume scent to it too.  The only thing I found to be positive is the fact that the cream is easily absorbed and it can be used as a day and night cream.

  • *Instant eyelift

skin doctors instant eyelift

The ^instant eyelift has got to be my favourite out of the three.  Maybe it’s because of the fact that I can feel an immediate effect.  The product claims to dramatically reduce the appearance of wrinkles, bags and puffiness around the eye area and that it does! The effect lasts for around 8 hours – something I didn’t really test. But, I CAN say that once you apply this around the areas under your eyes, you will feel the skin tightening almost immediately. So remember NOT to move your face muscles once you’ve applied it until it dries. Did it make my eye area look fresher though? The answer is a resounding YES! Now I’m wondering if I could test it out on my forehead, where my fine lines are slightly more prominent. Actually I might just do that!!

The product comes in a plastic pump bottle – something I highly approve. But it can be a little bit tricky when pumping it out, as it can tend to dispense in a very fluid formula if you don’t shake the bottle first. The product should come out like a clear gel and a little is all you need for both eyes.  This is definitely one product I highly recommend and will probably be on my favourites list this year.


That’s my round up of the skincare products I’ve been trying from Skin Doctors.  Have you tried any from their range?


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  • I’m super interested in trying the Instant Eyelift now! I’ve been trying out a lot of different under eye creams lately, and the three concerns I’m targetting are dark circles, puffiness/bags and fine lines. I can say that I use Skin Doctors Eyetuck nearly every day and it’s made a huge difference, dramatically reducing (actually pretty much eliminating) my under eyebags. So the Instant Eyelift is one of those temporary fixes where the product dries and tightens the skin? I’ve always wondered, if you laugh/smile/move etc afterwards, does it crinkle up? Also, how does it go with makeup over the top? Some of those prod types if you try putting concealer over the top, it ruins the tightened film created when the product dried. Thanks!

    • Norlin says:

      Yep, the Instant Eyelift is the sort that dries up and tightens the skin. You need to let it “set” or rather dry up before doing any facial movements (according to the box!). And hahaha… nope doesn’t crinkle up once it has dried 🙂

      Yes, you wear makeup over the top of it. So far it’s been ok for me and doesn’t ruin the film from the Instant Eyelift. Let me know how you go though if you get to try it. I’d recommend buying it when there’s some sort of sale.

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