Health & Lifestyle: Is Running Addictive?

Health & Lifestyle: Is Running Addictive?

I completed my second running event on Sunday – the City 2 Sea – which was a 15km event, just 5km more than my first one.  Just I said.  Yeah, not so much when you’re actually doing the run!  Needless to say, I managed to finish it and completed it with a running pace that was so much better than when I was training.  Plus, I didn’t really have much time to train for this event seeing that I was away two weeks ago on a holiday.

Is Running Addictive?

I signed up for the City2Sea event right after completing the Melbourne Marathon 10km event.  Just a few hours after that.  Call it a “runner’s high” or call me just freaking crazy.  Having that thought where it was only an extra 5km did spur me on but the reality hit once I hit that 10km mark on Sunday and realised… DARN IT! FIVE MORE TO GO!!!

city2sea run

Regardless of how tired I was, the sight of the red canopy marking the finish line caused me to actually sprint – yeah, I don’t sprint, give me long distance any day, but sprinting is something I just don’t do.  It felt fabulously fantastic to finish the event.  I had marked another goal off my list.

Another friend alerted me that there was another event in 2 week’s time.  “Another extra 5km, that’s all there is to do a half marathon”, was what she said. Umm… no thanks.  My body was telling me to take a break.  That’s not to say that I didn’t go to the website and check it out mind you.  It was really tempting. But I restrained myself and told Tine, who had done the 5km event to check back and see how I felt on Monday.

Today, Geek alerted us that Run Melbourne would be in July and if we were both interested in doing that.  She’s keen to try the 10km.  I was tempted to try out the half marathon, but I think that’s pushing it.  So that 10km is in the cards now.  It will act as a pace exercise before the big event in October.

Who knew running would be that addictive!  Maybe it’s the adrenaline you get while running with the thousands of people or maybe it’s the feeling of accomplishment after you’ve finished the race.  Whatever it is, I know that I’m spurred to do yet another event. running horizonImage by Jonny Lindner

I’ve heard how running CAN be an addiction much like alcoholism – you know when you NEED to do it just to get through your day or week?  I’m glad I know when to stop, when to train and to listen to my body.  I feel no guilt when I haven’t done any running – like the last two days – because I do know that my body needs time to recover.  It’s important to be aware of how addicted you are to not just running but exercising in general.  You know what they say, too much of a good thing can be bad for you.

Have you been bitten by the running bug too?  Do you find entering fund runs as addictive as I do?







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  • Yay for you smashing so many goals! I think running is addictive. I haven’t managed to get off the treadmill much since I started, but I feel so frustrated when I can’t run. I find myself completely missing it – something I never thought I’d say! I like setting really tangible goals and meeting them.

    • Norlin says:

      Yes isn’t it so addictive??!! I guess as long as it doesn’t control you life – you know like how alcohol and drugs can control one’s life too – then it’s pretty safe to say, we’re ok. I think it’s the sense of freedom that running gives us that makes it so addictive Kez.

  • Trish says:

    I got the paddling bug nailed.
    Running not so much now with a knee injury – hopefully the Sports Med Orthopedic Surgeon can fix it next week.
    I stopped running to make sure I didn’t injure it worse.

    • Norlin says:

      The downside to running = injuring the knee! Argh! I do hope your Sports Med Ortho Surgeon CAN fix it Trish and I know how frustrating it can be when you love running so much. Good thing you’ve got paddling to fall back on for now Trish. 😉

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