Beauty Beat: Getting Your Body Summer Ready

Beauty Beat: Getting Your Body Summer Ready

Last week I shared some tips on getting your skin ready for summer and as promised this week it’s the body edition.  When I say getting your body summer ready, I’m talking about your skin and other things associated with summer; not health-wise.

Getting Your Body Summer Ready

  • Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise

Sure winter is over now and we’re right in the middle – actually towards the end of – spring, but that doesn’t mean we stop moisturising our skin like crazy.  In fact, I think having come out of the season where we were so exposed to the drying heat of our indoor heaters and the blustery dry winds, it’s time to increase our frequency of moisturising our skin!

Target our driest areas like our elbows, knees and heels – especially seeing that you’ll be exposing these bits once the weather gets a lot warmer too.  Use body oils or gels to help moisturise these areas, day and night.  Restore your skin by using intensive formulas and top up during the day with some light moisturisers.

I recommend:

Here are products I’ve tried previously and loved.

Body oils and gels

body oils and gels

^Vaseline Petroleum Jelly rrp$3.99

^Redwins Perfect Naturals Coconut Body Oil rrp$12.99

^Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Skin Therapy with Rosehip Oil rrp$17.99

Intensive body lotions

intensive body lotions

^Burts Bees Milk & Honey Body Lotion rrp$19.99

^Redwins Perfect Naturals Coconut Body Butter rrp$13.99

^Nivea Rich Nourishing Body Lotion rrp$7.99

  • Don’t forget your bikini line

I try and avoid waxing as far as possible, be it for my face or body.  While I’ve tried waxing my eyebrows, I am now sticking to threading instead.  When it comes to my body, I prefer shaving to waxing because maintenance-wise it’s a lot quicker and more convenient for me to shave.

I’ve been using the Schick Quattro TrimStyle since I first saw it being advertised on television yonks ago.  It wasn’t so much the shaving part but the trimmer that got my attention.  The convenience of having a 2-in-1 tool to trim my bikini line was just too easy!

schick hydro silk trimstyle.1jpg

Now Schick has combined the *^Schick Hydro Silk with the TrimStyle.  The hydro silk razor has a water-activated moisturising serum to make shaving a lot smoother and your skin hydrated.  The difference with the new trimmer is that it has adjustable comb with 4 settings to give you the option of the trim length you want.  The on-off button also operates only when you press it and it stops when released, unlike the Quattro trim style that stays on until you turn it off again.  This helps to save the battery you use when trimming your bikini area.

  • Fake it not bake it!

When it comes to having an instant tan, I’d rather fake it, but we all know how tricky applying that fake tan can be!  I mean seriously, who would want streaks up and down our legs right?  Which is wh I normally go for the foam formulation.  So much easier to apply and I always get an even application.  Here are some tips on getting that fabulous, even tan.

– Exfoliate

I can’t recommend enough that you exfoliate BEFORE any fake tan application.  This will leave your skin free of any dead skin cells and a much smoother application.

– Use a glove

I love it that most, if not all fake tan solutions come with an application glove.  Trust me, not only does it make it easier for you to apply your tan, but also gives a more even application.  Remember though, to mix the foam solution into the glove before applying it onto your skin.  This will prevent the foam from splattering all over your bathroom during application.

– Start from the bottom, going up

Once again, this is all about getting an even application.  For legs, start from the tops of your feet going upwards.  That way you won’t have too much product on your legs and have a more even shade throughout.

I recommned:

While there are many different brands of fake tans out there, I usually stick to the ones I know best.  These are ones I’ve tried, tested and loved because of the ease of application, the non-overpowering scent, the overall colour and the longevity of the tan.

tanning products

^Bondi Sands Self-Tanning Foam rrp$19.99

^Puretan Pro Self Tan Application Mitt rrp$11.99

^Puretan Instant Bronze Tanning Foam rrp$34.99 (now $27.99)

Those were my three tips on getting your body ready for summer.  Do you have anything else to add?  Have you used any of the products I’ve recommended?


*item was given for editorial consideration.

^Denotes affiliate links, sales from which will earn me a small commission but is at no extra cost to you. 






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