Beauty Beat: Wedge Australia Review

Beauty Beat: Wedge Australia Review

Lucky Mr. C got the chance to try out some products from Wedge Australia.  He’s getting a little bit better at using skincare products on a much regular basis than his once a week routine these days.  Must be the fact that he knows he’s gotten older (incidentally he turned 42 on Saturday!) and that age is definitely showing on his face – hello lines that are more like wrinkles than laugh lines!

Wedge Australia Review

wedge australia products

Mr. C was given the four basic products to try out:

Daily Face Wash with Beetroot

I found it interesting that this has beetroot as part of the ingredients.  Apparently, high in folate, it helps to stimulate the repair and production of cells, therefore protecting the skin from premature aging.

wedge australia daily face wash

The face wash comes in a tube and best used when you’re in the shower really.  Makes things a lot easier – which is what Mr. C does daily.  It has a slightly creamy texture that doesn’t lather as much even when water is added.  I’m assuming that’s because there are no sulphates in this product.  Bonus point there in my books.


“It has that “man” smell, you know that cologne scent for men.  It’s not too strong but it’s there.  And there’s this oily feeling after I’ve washed it off.  Why is it like that?” 

I have a confession to make.  I actually also tried this face wash one day.  Just so I could see what the hell he meant.  Well, there is that manly scent, which makes it perfect for men I suppose, but not an overpowering one, which means it’s rather adaptable for men who don’t like cologne scents.  As for the “oily” bit, I’m guessing he meant that it isn’t like the other face washes that gives your skin that tight feeling, because that’s what I felt.  There was no tightness after you’ve rinsed the product off.  And it leaves your skin with this silky, soft feeling.  See, sometimes you just need to try it so you know what the male in your life is talking about!

Face Scrub Cream

The face scrub cream is made from Australian milled tea tree leaves, sandalwood powder, walnut shell and organic wheatgrass.  Best used 2-3 times a week, the face scrub cream has a nice blend of moiturising cream ingredients and natural exfoliants to help remove those dead skin cells and oily build up.

wedge australia face scrub cream


“It smells the same as the face wash but not as strong.  Not too bad too use as it’s not too scratchy.  My skin does feel smoother after I’ve used this.”

I tried this on the back of my hand to find out the texture.  It does have a nice mix of cream and grains to help exfoliate.  I was expecting the grainy bits to feel rough and harsh as it’s got walnut shells in them.  Surprisingly, it didn’t!  Maybe it’s been milled finely?  Who knows?  Mr. C is right though, your skin does feel smoother once you’ve rinsed it off.

wedge australia daily moisturiser booster serum

Daily Moisturiser with SPF15+

This daily moisturiser has both anti-ageing properties thanks to the papaya fruit powder, vitamin C, potassium, iron, phosphorus, calcium and enzyme papain.  Add zinc for some sun-protection and you have a 2-in-1 product perfect for men who just don’t have time to fuss about.


“It’s light, not too sticky.  Smells alright I guess.  It has a minty sort of smell.” 

The moisturiser wasn’t too thick nor was it sticky, which means it absorbs into the skin pretty quickly.  There was a slight minty scent, the complete opposite of what the face wash smelled like.

Skin Fitness Booster Serum

The skin fitness booster serum is perfect for soothing your skin after a shave, or simply as a pre-moisturiser.  Used either day or night, it will leave your skin healthier and stronger.  With ingredients like pullulan to help strengthen skin cells, retain moisture and fight signs of ageing, it will give you an immediately noticeable liveliness to your skin.


“This one smells a bit like those natural medicine.  It’s light to use on the skin but not to keen on the smell.” 

I have to agree with Mr. C when he said that it has this medicinal scent.  The serum is in cream form and surprisingly absorbs rather quickly onto the skin too.


Those were Mr. C;s verdicts on the four skincare products from Wedge Australia.  If you’re trying to convince that man (or teenager) in your life to start with some sort of skincare regime, then you might want to give Wedge Australia products a go.  They’re fuss-free, easy to use and leaves your man with well, cleaner and nicer skin!


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