Friday’s Favourites: Nuxellence Detox, Nuxe White & Mecca’s Beauty To Go

Friday’s Favourites: Nuxellence Detox, Nuxe White & Mecca’s Beauty To Go

I am not a believer of “instalove”.  Wondering what that is?  Well in the world of books, typically romance novels, “instalove” is what’s known as – instant love – as in you fall in love the moment you meet – yes sort of like “love at first sight”.  But the term “instalove” is much shorter.  And while it can be heartwarming to read tales of “instalove”, I actually often roll my eyes when I read such instances.  I mean seriously?  Is there such a thing?  Ok, maybe when you’re a teenager.  Possibly.  Well, didn’t happen with me but who knows.

The same goes with skincare products.  I’m the type of person who needs to use the product a few times, at least about four weeks to see if it makes any difference to my skin.  While I know there are instant fixes out there, these products often are not long lasting. Doesn’t mean I don’t love instant fixes but would be good if you could find products that literally work overnight AND are long lasting.

Well, at the risk of sounding like a love-sick puppy, I have to admit to you that I have found my “instalove”.  In fact TWO instaloves!  That in itself is a miracle considering it definitely WASN’T “instalove” with Mr. C!  So, hang on to your seats and find out what my two “instalove” products are.

*Nuxellence Detox

I have tried a few products from Nuxe but I have to admit that only one had ever made it to my “must-have” list.  That was the ^Nuxe Reve De Miel Ultra-Nourishing Lip Balm, a product I still use on my lips every night before I go to bed.  It wasn’t until I had the chance to try out their latest release – the ^*Nuxellence – that made me do a double take of my own face!  Alright, more like made me touch my skin twice to feel my complexion – oh the vanity!  Seriously though, this was a product that I just happened to try one night after procrastinating for a few weeks.

nuxellence detox

The ^*Nuxellence Detox (rrp$64.99) is a night booster serum that helps to assist in the detoxification of skin cells.  Made from sugars and silk extracts, it promises to clear your skin cells from waste and toxins that are built up during the day.  The product promises to leave your skin feeling revived, fresh and rested as if you’ve slept for that extra 2 hours.  Not my words by the way, just a regurgitation from the press release, which of course being the typical skeptic, made me think, “Yeah right, let’s see if it’s worth the hype”.

First, I have to admit that my skin had not been in the best condition before I tried the Nuxellence Detox.  I was breaking out, and it wasn’t as smooth as it used to be.  So for me it was more the case of, “what else have I got to lose”.  Boy was I glad to give it a go because yes… “instalove”!!!  I was actually surprised by the difference my skin felt the next day.  Whether it made me feel like I had an extra 2hrs sleep or not is besides the point, but it definitely did make my skin feel smoother the next day.  Soft, and supple too!

Apparently, this is a “pre-serum”, I found out from Tine through her post, which means you can use this underneath your night serum.  I however, use this as my nightly serum now, underneath my night cream. It doesn’t have a heavy feeling, which is great for someone with oily-combination skin and I only use one pump for my whole face and neck area.  I am so glad that it comes in a 50ml bottle, which means I can bring it along with me whenever I travel.  Phew!  No crappy holiday skin for this chick!

*Nuxe White Brightening Perfecting Mask

My second “instalove” is yet another product from Nuxe, their *Nuxe White Brightening Perfecting Mask (rrp$49.99).  I can’t seem to find this at the Priceline or Adore Beauty site yet, but I’m sure they’ll be available soon.  If not, try going into Priceline itself.

nuxe white brightening mask

Anyway, this is a sheet/cloth mask made from 100% cotton.  It has this film made with oat sugars that help to tighten your pores and also reducing the appearance of dark spots.  I honestly have no idea if it does do as it claims, but, I LOVE the feeling I get when I have it on!  Instant refreshment for your face!  I popped this on one night after a rather warm day, after my nightly cleansing routine and bam!  Instant gratification as it soothes and cools the skin.

Like many other sheet masks I’ve tried previously, it was rather wet, but it was wet with the serum I guess.  After 10 minutes, all I had to do was take it off and rub in any excess residue onto my skin.  In fact, I didn’t even bother with the Nuxellence Detox after I used this.  I simply applied my night cream and off to bed I went.  Great for those too lazy to bother nights and when you’re feeling tired; instant pampering and gratification.

Mecca’s Beauty To Go

I have a love-hate relationship with this.  Well, love because damn, they have pretty awesome products in mini-sizes but hate because… bye bye bank account, as you can easily go overboard with picking the stuff you want to try out.

Mecca’s Beauty To Go are these “bins” that are usually located near the cashier – smart move! – much like those lolly counters near the check-out at the supermarket, only these are filled with beauty and hair products and accessories.  Now you know why it can be rather tempting?

mecca beauty to go buys

I recently bought the Hourglass Opaque Rouge Liquid lipstick in mini sizes – they’ve got the Icon and Canvas shades available – for only $14.  It’s a great way to try out the product or for those of you like me who have too many lip products already, to actually have the Hourglass Liquid Lipstick in your collection at the fraction of the price of the full sized version!

hourglass mini liquid lipstick

I also got myself the Urban Decay Perversion mascara for only $15.  If you think about it, mascaras only last 3 months once you’ve opened them and it really is cheaper that those drugstore brands anyway.

There are other interesting products in these Beauty To Go bins too, but you’ll just have to check them out to see what tickles your fancy.  It’s like lollies for beauty junkies!


Tell me, have you tried any of the products that I’ve featured on my Friday’s Favourites this week?  Or have you ever had some “instalove” on a product before?  What was it?  Actually, do you believe in “instalove” – for a product… or even person ;).  What about Mecca’s Beauty To Go bins?  Love it or hate it?  Would love to hear your thoughts! xx


*Items were given for editorial consideration.  All comments are my own. 

^Denotes affiliate links. 




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