Health & Lifestyle: Next Step, City To Sea!

Health & Lifestyle: Next Step, City To Sea!

I’m sure you would have already known that I managed to complete the 10km event two weeks ago as part of the Melbourne Marathon.  And all that, despite being a little bit sick.  The nasty cold came to a head on the eve of the event, which made me adamant to kick it in the guts and make sure I could run the next morning.  A few canned soups, bed rest all day and some kick arse cold tablets (which I normally don’t take by the way), I was good to go come Sunday morning.

The experience was phenomenal and as a first timer, I just wanted to soak in the atmosphere of the event.  It’s such a momentous feeling to be a part of an event with people who have the same goal as you do – to complete the event they’ve signed up for.  Surprisingly, the time I took to finish the event was just over a minute of my training time, which was fine by me considering it was my first event, and I was still in recovery.  Actually I was still sick because I couldn’t do any exercise at all the next week in order to kick the nasty virus completely.

Next Step, City To Sea

The event did leave me with a runner’s high, so much so that I was determined to set another goal – run the 1/2 marathon next year.  I mean, I’ve got a whole year to train for that right?  And what’s another 12km to go?  Like I said, runner’s high.  Which also resulted in me signing up for the City to Sea event in November!  Yikes!  That’s 15km!  I’m using it as part of my training for next year’s 1/2 marathon.  I’ve only got a few weeks to get my body used to the distance again, but I’m sure I’ll be fine.  I hope!!

city to sea

Like the Melbourne Marathon event, I have chosen a charity to support.  It’s another one that is close to my heart – Beyond Blue.  I would love it if you could help me reach my fundraising goal (again!) and a little goes a whole long way!  Click here to donate and learn more about why I’ve chosen to support this charity.

Also, for those of you interested in knowing what I’ve been using to train for my run, I’m still using the Nike+ Running app and MapMyRun – yes, at the same time! – but now, if you’ve got Spotify and have updated to the latest version, did you know that you can actually use the “running” mode?  This is where the music will be set to your running pace/tempo once you start running!! How awesome is that?  I tried it out yesterday for my first “real” run and man was it good!  It plays the latest songs and I’m guessing it’s based on what you normally listen to?  Unlike the Nike Run one where, yes you can set the music and genre to your pace, but the downside is that it’ll play pretty outdated songs that even I wasn’t listening to in the 90s!!

Stay tuned for any other updates of my training.  Or you can (if you haven’t already) follow me on Instagram to see how I go with my running.  Also, thank you in advance for those who do donate 🙂






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