Love, Like & Loathe: Basic Pieces, The Originals & Being Sick

Love, Like & Loathe: Basic Pieces, The Originals & Being Sick

Welcome to yet another start of the weekend, or shall I say the end of a week?  This week’s weather has been rather alright I suppose.  A bit hot at times, but hey, we can never be happy when it comes to the weather and especially in Melbourne, Mother Nature just makes it a bit more interesting with the constantly changing weather each day.

On this week’s Love, Like and Loathe list, I’ve got a mix of fashion, something on Netflix and something that’s happened to me that I could blame on the weather but I won’t.


love basic piecesI know I’ve often mentioned how important it is to have basics in our wardrobe.  In fact I think I’m beginning to sound like a broken record, but that’s because it’s true – basic pieces makes dressing up a whole lot quicker and easier.  That’s not to say that it has to be boring of course.  Add a little bit of your personality with accessories or the way you wear the pieces together.  Or maybe add an “on-trend” item with your basic pieces.

You see, if you opened up my wardrobe, you would find a multitude of basic pieces that I rotate on a regular basis.  Actually, sometimes I even forget the ones I’ve got until I look through my photos and realised that I even had those pieces.

So where do I normally purchase my basics from?  I’ve listed a few of my favourites here on this week’s Love, Like and Loathe segment.

Best Basics

  • Cotton On – Great for simple, plain t-shirts
  • ^Uniqlo – Fabulous pieces for work and at times play.  They have a great range of shirts, knits as well as tank tops and other basic type tops.  (They have free delivery for purchases over $50!)
  • ^Bonds – Need I say more about this brand?
  • ^Metalicus – They can be a bit on the pricey side but it’s always worth checking out their sales for some basic pieces.  I managed to snag a pair of striped stretchy pencil skirt from them during their end of season sale, which I have been wearing a lot lately.  They have really great quality items that fit really nicely too.
  • The LBD – Looking for a little black dress (or maybe not so little either) with great quality?  I’ve got a number of LBDs in my wardrobe and I have to admit that I cannot live without any of them.  They each come in a different style and from different stores.  One of them is from The LBD, which I featured sometime last year.  Sure they are little bit on the pricier side but imagine the numerous ways you can wear that one simple black dress.
  • Popbasic – One of my favourite online concept store that sadly isn’t running their micro collections anymore.  They do still have some basics on their site and some lovely treasures I highly recommend you grab your hands on in their Treasure Trove sale I’ve featured the many pieces from Popbasic numerous times and the items I’ve purchased are still in great condition.
  • Betty Basics – I learned of this online store through Perth Bargain Gal on Instagram.  I love her style and often stalk check out what she wears each day.  It was that one fine day when she wore a simple black t-shirt dress from Betty Basics that I decided to check the store out.  I have ordered a striped skirt (not another one!) and a simple black sleeveless dress (again?!).  The prices are rather reasonable but I have yet to see the quality of the items I’ve bought because I only ordered them on Wednesday.  Stay tuned for that review!

I have a few more places I purchase my basic pieces from but that will take too long a list, so here are the ones I regularly purchase from and one I just discovered.  Where do you normally get your basic pieces from?


like the originals series

I think we need to get rid of Netflix because I haven’t been reading the novels on my Kindle ever since I started getting hooked on the various series on there!  The next on my list is The Originals, a supernatural series featuring non other than vampires, werewolves and witches!  The Originals feature three main vampires – the original vampires who cannot die, except by this special stick, which you will learn in I think series two.  See what I mean by addicted?  I’m already watching series 2!  The series has some historical flashbacks to the vampire family’s past linking to the present.  Man have they got so much baggage, and who can blame them having lived over 100 years right?!  There are battles, romance, spells, mystery and the importance of family.  If you really dissect the story you would be appalled at what we would call abuse in the real world.  Really fascinating.


loathe being sick

Yes, it’s like the understatement of the year isn’t it?  I mean, seriously, who DOES like falling sick?  Ok, actually I did when I was a lot younger because it meant that I got doted on A LOT by my late grandmother.  Oh to be sick and get all the attention – except for the dreaded part where I had to eat some yucky medicine! Bleurgh!  You see, unlike “Man Flu”, “Mum Flu” is just like man flu only nobody cares!  You still have to go about your day and act like you’re not sick.  Having said that I haven’t fallen sick all year until it hit me on Tuesday.  I guess it’s the body’s way of saying “STOP!”  And I did stop.  Sort of.  The thing is I have my first ever 10km run this Sunday and I cannot afford to still be sick when the day comes.  So I’ve been trying every remedy there is – natural and over the counter – to fight this cold.  Good thing it’s just a cold though.  Come Sunday I’ll be doping up on Panadol and in the mean time I’ll be upping my water in-take!  Do you have any remedies to soothe my annoying cough and drippy nose?

P.S If you haven’t already donated, you can help me raise some funds for the ASRC here.  I am only $54 away from reaching my fundraising goal of $250.  Your donation will help provide services to support people seeking asylum: legal appointments, housing, health care, employment services, English language classes, food and advocacy.  Thank you so much to those who have donated! xx

P.P.S: If you love the images of the post-it notes and pencil I’ve used in today’s post, be sure to check out By Melinda Cooper who has a whole heap of digitally drawn images you can download for only $5.50!

^Denotes affiliate links, sales from which will earn me a small commission but is at no extra cost to you. 




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  • Melinda says:

    The Originals (and Vampire Diaries!) is so addictive! I briefly got into Teen Wolf once I was up to date with those two but it really didn’t hook me in as much.

    Thank you so much for including my images in yours! Hope you’ve well and truly kicked that cold by now xx

    • Norlin says:

      I’m going to wait until next month to start on Vampire Diaries. I’ve got one last assignment due on Monday and then bam – it’s binge watching on Netflix all the way! 😉 Yeah, I did get into Teen Wolf too, but by I can’t remember which season… I think 4? It got kinda ridiculous! Have you seen The 100? I’m waiting for season 2. AND, just started on The Carrie Diaries.

      LOVE your illustrations Melinda! Here’s hoping it’ll bring you some sales xx.

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