Friday’s Favourites: Netflix Faves & Transformulas

Friday’s Favourites: Netflix Faves & Transformulas

Happy Friday lovely readers!  It’s the first week back for most schools and boy was I glad to get back into my regular routine.  This also meant that I had to slow down my Netflix watching binge.  Seriously had a bad spate of binge-watch during the last week of the school term break, which also meant that I can share the ones that made it on my list this week!

Netflix Faves

Sometimes I wonder if having Netflix is more of a blessing or a curse.  You see, I don’t usually watch television so for me to have a binge session was highly strange indeed.  I only do that when I get drawn into a program.  So, without further ado, I shall share with you my favourite series on Netflix!

  • Hemlock Grove

hemlock grove

For lovers of the supernatural where werewolves and vampires rule the earth, then I’d highly recommend Hemlock Grove.  It’s a Netflix original and so far has had 2 seasons aired and available online.  The third and final one will be out sometime late this month (THANK GOODNESS!!).  Set in a fictitious town of Hemlock Grove, is an influential family – the Godfreys – who also own and run the Godfrey Institute for Biomedical Technologies as well as the Hemlock Acres hospital.  Things start off going a little bit crazy with unexplained brutal deaths occurring when Peter Rumancek and his mum moves into the town.  Of course, the suspicions immediately goes to Peter being a newbie in town.  The Godfrey’s prodigal son, Roman then befriends Peter and the two go on a hunt for the real killer.  And boy was the reveal totally unexpected!  I would love to share a bit more about season two but then that would be giving away the ending of season one, so I’d leave it there instead.  Let’s just say, it uncovers the mystery behind Roman, his mother and their ancestry.

  • The Returned

the returned

I was recommended to watch this series by a lovely follower on my Instagram account.  Love it when I get suggestions, especially when they love the same type of genre as you do!  The Returned is actually based on a remake of a French version.  Basically a few of those who have passed on are “returned” back from the dead to a town set in the mountains.  The thing is, they aren’t aware of their deaths until they were told of it.  Some try to get back to their lives, but can you really get back to a life that has changed and moved on?  What I found interesting was the fact that those who came back were from families or people who could not move on from their deaths.  Maybe bringing back the dead wasn’t such a great idea after all as mysterious things begin to happen to the town.

I am currently watching The Originals – yes another vampire series – and about halfway through watching the first season.  This might be another favourite or who knows, it might end up in next week’s Love, Like and Loathe segment next week.


I shared a review of two products from Transformulas previously.  Known for their slogan “Beauty without surgery”, their products are what I would call “instant fixes”.  Well, the first two products I’ve tried; ^The Lip Volume and ^EyeLifting Gel have been pretty much instant fixes.  I was then sent their ^*Eye-Lightening Serum to help lighten the under-eye area and the ^*WrinkleBlock Line Restriction Creme, which has been designed to combat the signs of ageing by minimising the appearance of wrinkles.  It also claims to smooth and lift tired skin, freeze facial movement and define bone structure.  While I haven’t seen nor felt any difference on my skin with both products so far, what I did accidentally encounter was their other product – the Line Filler.  It came in a sachet with the Eye-Lightening serum and I thought, why not give it a try.  Boy did I fall in love with it the minute the gel hit my face!


I could feel my skin tightening, but in a good way, not the yucky tightness you get when you’ve used a cleanser that has stripped off all the natural oils on your face.  I tried it on my forehead where there were fine lines and even near my nasolabial folds; the skin folds on either side of your face that run from the nose to the corners of the mouth.  There was a slight lift in the latter area which amazed me!  And, my forehead felt so smooth too!  Sadly I could not find this product ANYWHERE in Priceline!  I don’t know if it hasn’t been launched here in Australia or what?  It is however available on their U.K based online store.  I so need this product yet it isn’t anywhere here in Australia!!  Argh!

I’ll share my experience with the WrinkleBlock Creme and Eye-Lightening serum in another post.  Meanwhile, my search for the Line Filler continues… Or I might just have to purchase it online.


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