Fashion Day: Hit & Misses from Boohoo

Fashion Day: Hit & Misses from Boohoo

I know that there may be some of you who have this impression that because the products from ^Boohoo are so cheap that they might compromise on their quality.  I would love to disagree with you but honestly, like many other online or bricks and mortar stores that I’ve shopped with, there have been a few hits and misses with the purchases I’ve made.  Yes, even a place as expensive as Country Road, or a “middle of the road” type store such as Sussan CAN have some quality compromised.  In all honesty?  It IS the luck of the draw.

In this post though, I”ll be sharing with you some purchases I’ve made with Boohoo and the hits and misses I’ve encountered.  Let’s start with the hits shall we?

Hits from Boohoo

  • Jacquard Bed Jacket (was $20)

I bought this when it went on sale and I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of this jacket when I received it.  The embroidery is what I would dare say, on par with the more expensive brands that specialise in boho chic type of designs.  The fabric is pretty thick, and there were no loose threads and yes, it did look more expensive than it cost me.

I’ve worn this a few times, paired with a pair of light washed skinny jeans, a pair of booties and a white tee and I’ve also worn this with a simple black dress from Popbasic.  Even my bloggy pal Tine from Beautyholics Anonymous was amazed at the quality of the jacket after I told her where I had bought it from especially when I told her that it was less than $50!

Miss Australia Universe Prelims

Wearing the bed jacket with the black dress, with Tine at this year’s Miss Australia finalists event. 


That’s another great tip when it comes to shopping at Boohoo, make sure you check out their sale items or any specials they might have.  As I’m also still a student, I’ve signed up for their student discount that I can also apply on top of the discounted items I’ve purchased!  Double discounts!

  • Checkered Pencil Midi Skirt (was $10)

I haven’t actually worn this out yet, but I have tried it on and the fit and feel of this skirt is perfect!  The style is similar to this ^Royan dark blue pencil skirt.  The pencil skirt has a really nice stretch to it and is not too thick nor thin, making it perfect to wear in the colder months over some tights, or on its own during the warmer months.  I’m planning on wearing the skirt when I finally get a job teaching!  It will be a breeze to pair it with the numerous shirts and tops I’ve already got.

  • Boxy Check Jumper (was $20)

checkered boxy top

This is actually a crop top, but I’m not one who would dare wear it on its own, so instead, I’ve worked it like a vest, over a plain white shirt.  The perfect layering piece!

  • Side Split Cape Cardigan (was $36)

This purchase was worth every cent I put in it, which wasn’t much to begin with 😉 .  Another piece that I was pleasantly surprised with by the quality of the knit.  I’ve got a knitted cardigan from a rather more expensive store, which I wear quite often but if you actually come close to examine, has already lost its quality.  In fact, that one started snagging and some of the seams started opening even before a month of wearing.  This cape cardigan fro Boohoo though?  Topped the quality of that more expensive cardigan I had.

full length long line vest

So far, the cardigans and jumpers I’ve bought from Boohoo have been pretty good in terms of quality and design, so that would definitely be something I would re-purchase in the near future.

This is just me sharing a few pieces from the numerous items I’ve already got and loved, to share them all would be an enormous task, plus then you would know how much clothes I’ve got!  The bottom line is, yes they aren’t the top notch expensive brand, but there are some gems if you look closely, which is why I often recommend them and why I would bother to sign up with them as an affiliate.

Misses From Boohoo

With hits, there can also be misses and so far I’ve only had a handful of misses – in fact two.  The recent purchases I made on a pair of their leggings, which were of decent quality BUT the size wasn’t right.  I have bought leggings from them previously and in the same size but the small fitted perfectly.  This time round, the small or size 8 was slightly looser than I would have liked it to be.

Another miss was a skirt I bought.  The design was not what it was supposed to be.  The box pleat from what was described and shown on the site was missing.  So instead of a pleated midi skirt, I received an A-Line midi skirt.  Those were returned immediately and I’m still waiting for my money to be credited back into my account.  It has only reached the destination, so hopefully I’ll get the credit back by next week.

Final Shopping Tips

Overall I have been satisfied with my purchases from them, but if you’re wondering about size and if you’re NOT a teenager or a 20 year old, I’d suggest going a size up from what you generally wear when it comes to skirts, pants and dresses.  Use their size guide as they are pretty accurate.  With leggings, I would pick my regular size as they are meant to be tighter anyway and usually have a give to them.

Hope that helps enlighten any questions you might have when shopping with Boohoo or any other affiliate partners that I normally share on my blog.  Do you shop at Boohoo too?  What were the purchases you’ve made previously?  Any hits or misses?  Or maybe you didn’t have a good experience at all?  Would love to hear from you.  Stay tuned next week when I share the scuba cutaway dress I bought right after posting about it on the blog! 😀


^Denotes an affiliate link, sales from which will earn me a small commission but is at no extra cost to you. 






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