Health & Lifestyle: Ways To Keep You Motivated To Exercise Regularly

Health & Lifestyle: Ways To Keep You Motivated To Exercise Regularly

It is now spring time and really, you have no excuses not to start, continue and stay motivated to exercise regularly.  I know it’s hard, especially having maybe not done much during the colder months – although I have to admit, I think I did a lot more in winter than I am doing now in spring!  But this is where I thought I would share a few ways that you could keep your motivation levels high instead of depleting into oblivion.

Ways To Keep You Motivated

Ways To Keep You Motivated To Exercise Regularly

  • Set some goals


I don’t believe in resolutions, but I do believe in setting goals.  The trick is to start small.  For instance, my first goal with my running was to run at a pace of 7min/km regardless of the distance I was running.  Of course, I started off running a shorter distance.  Once I reached that goal, it was to run without having to stop constantly.  I managed to do that with a distance of 6km.  Then I set myself a goal to hit 10km, even if I had to walk in between to reach that goal.  And I did.  With goals, there is no time limit set (at least not in my books).  The idea is to reach that set goal – eventually.  You’ll find that once you hit your first goal, it becomes like an addiction, but a good one.  Remember to be realistic and not to set the bar too high.  Build it up as you go along.

  • Do what you love to do

If gym isn’t your thing, then don’t force yourself to join one.  If your thing is a group workout, then go for that!  That’s what happened with me recently.  Although I still have my membership with a gym and do go at least twice a week, I incorporate that with a group exercise that I sign up for.  Having to purchase a set of times/passes would also keep you in check.  For me, it’s my weekly Metafit exercise, much like HIIT.  I do that twice a week with a group of women, outdoors; also something that I love doing.

  • Have a back-up plan for those “lazy” days

Too lazy to get out for a run or even to head to the gym?  With so many free apps you can now download, why not do a simple routine in the comfort of your own home?  Or, better yet, check out my “lazy girl”‘s Guide to Exercising.

  • Get an motivation buddy

I’m sure besides yourself, there are those amongst your friends that might have the same goals as you do when it comes to their health.  Find that buddy and make each other accountable.  It can even be via an online thing!  For instance, I’m on MapMyRun and two of my buddies, Tine from Beautyholics Anonymous and Geek have added me as their friends on the app.  Can I just tell you how annoying it is whenever the darn thing whistles to let me know that they’ve either walked or run on days that I have been sitting on my behind?  That motivates me A LOT.  And it keeps me moving, or rather, I do a “make up” session for those days that I’ve been sedentary and do a longer distance.  If you’ve got a FitBit, add friends and join in the different challenges.  It surprisingly DOES help if you’ve got that competitive streak in you.

  • Be kind to yourself

We all know that sometimes you might have an “off” day and you know what?  It’s totally alright to NOT feel like exercising – just don’t make it a habit.  Make it up the next day or the day after with something extra.

  • Reward yourself


Reward Yourself!

This could be in any way or form really.  It could be a little shopping trip to purchase something you’ve been dying to get, it could be to get new exercise gear or purchase new songs for your playlist or even to do something fun on the weekend.

With these simple tips, hopefully they will somehow help keep you motivated.  I know I’m utilising some of these tips myself!  Tell me, have you got any other tips to share?

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  • Tine says:

    Hehehe it brings out the competitive nature in us, doesn’t it? I didn’t think I’d care about it at all until Ling added me into the very first Fitbit challenge and I can’t believe I was hooked. And then we started adding each other on MapMyRun and the whole thing escalated. Fantastic motivator to get off my ass and run or at least take a long walk, I tell ya!

    • Norlin says:

      Neither did I! It does bring out the competitiveness in us but keeps us motivated. I love (and hate) seeing the improvements everyone is making on MapMyRun – hate it whenever I’m not doing ANYTHING that day and either of you had just done something. ARGH! :p

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