Monday Eats: The Burger List

Monday Eats: The Burger List

If you’ve been following my Monday Eats AND following the “burger journey” I’ve been going on, you would know that burgers are one of my weaknesses.  Well, GOOD burgers.  So what makes a good burger you might ask?  Like your taste buds, what constitutes as a good burger is really subjective.  What you love in a burger might be something I do not and vice versa.  In this post, I will share with you MY list of what makes a good burger and a list of places that I’ve ranked whose burgers I have tried.

What Makes A Good Burger

  • Juicy beef patties – This is the thing that will sell me on how good that burger is.  It needs to be juicy, not dry but not so juicy that it leaks everywhere.  Seriously, messy burgers are ok, but overly messy ones where the patty goes EVERYWHERE and falls apart?  Just not a tick in my books.  There also needs to be that “grilled” taste to it and a good patty is one where you wouldn’t need much condiments to actually enjoy the burger.  It’s good on its own, everything else is just fluffy extras added to enhance the taste.
  • Soft, warm, buns – I need to get my mind out of the gutter… I am laughing right now as I typed out those words to describe the type of buns that would make a good burger.  The buns would definitely need to be soft and slightly warm when served, although the warm part isn’t that necessary but a good property to have.  It shouldn’t look “sad”, as in almost flattened to the point that you’d need to save the damn burger.  Image is everything and with the buns being the first thing you see when served, you’d want it to look decent.  Unlike those from McDonalds, that look so sad and battered (in a way).
  • Melted cheese – Finally, the cheese.  I don’t really care what sort of cheese is used as long as its melted onto the patty.   NEEDS to be melted onto the beef patties so much so that it becomes one with the patties.  I am seriously salivating as I type this out…

The Burger List

The Burger List

Now comes the interesting part – ranking of the burgers I’ve so far tried.  I won’t give them a rating because they’re all different in their own ways but here’s the list:

  1. Rockwell & Sons – I have yet to find a burger to top the double smash burger over at Rockwell & Sons.  The size isn’t too big, but fills you up perfectly.  It looks neat and tidy but serves your taste buds so well when it comes to the juicy, grilled beef patties.
  2. The Beer & Burger Bar and Fat Bob’s – I had to list two places and both of which I haven’t actually written a review of previously.  I tried The Beer & Burger Bar on the night when I was out for the Imagine Dragons.   concert.  Located on Swan Street in Richmond, the place is a simple, relaxed bar which serves burgers!  Yep, that’s how I would put it.  I had their cheese burger, which was simply beef patty served with cheese, tomato sauce, dijon mustard, gherkins and aioli all in between a brioche bun.  The place serves quite an array of different burgers, something I’m going to have to try in the very near future.  Fat Bob’s is located on Cochrane’s Road Moorabbin and is ALWAYS packed!  You’d be hard pressed to get a seat, unless you get lucky, like I did that one fine day.  There are a number of burgers to choose from but I went with the Jackie ‘O’, which has a grass-fed beef patty, tomato, Spanish onion, fontina cheese, cos lettuce, mustard and Fat Bob’s sauce.  Those who have been to Fat Bob’s seem to say that it has got the best burgers ever.  Yeah, they’re good, but I wouldn’t say they’re great.
  3. Beer Deluxe –  Yet another one of my favourite burger joints is Beer Deluxe.  Yes, it’s third on my list but I’d say it came to a close second.
  4. Humburger – A place that is often frequented by Mr. C during his lunch breaks.  I love the simplicity of the burgers yet it doesn’t compromise on taste.
  5. Mama G’s Kitchen and Gramercy Bistro at the Cullen – Two other places that share the same spot.  Mama G’s Kitchen is a cafe that serves burgers and boy do they make a pretty mean burger.  Yes it can get a little messy but in this case, it was well worth the mess.  The wagyu burger at Gramercy was surprisingly good, considering it was a place that we happened upon because the ones we wanted to go to were fully booked.  But definitely well worth a visit even if it’s on the more expensive side of things.
  6. Grand Trailer Park Taverna – This came up no. 6 because, well… hype. And I hate having to wait for a table and not being able to make a booking just for a burger.  Nope. Not really worth the wait unless it melted my taste buds, which it didn’t really do in this case.  It was an ok place.
  7. Ribs & Burgers – I didn’t really love the burger when I first tried the place, but it started to grow on me.  My advice is to get the ribs and sliders (which isn’t on their online menu).  It comes with ribs and sliders, which tasted a lot better than their regular burgers.  Maybe it’s because they’re smaller in size and so I get to taste it better?
  8. Burgled – With quite a number of burgers to choose from, my favourite is the Sin Miedo.  I didn’t particularly enjoy their Plain Jane and thought the beef patty could do with a bit more juiciness.
  9. Hotel Brighton – I happened to try the burger at Brighton Hotel when I was out for drinks with some girlfriends.  It so happened that I was the only one that hadn’t had my dinner and drinking on an empty stomach was definitely a no-no.  The wagyu burger was served with some delicious onion jam, Swiss cheese and pancetta.  The onion jam added a little nice kick to the burger and the whole thing came together so nicely that it really did helped out with my hunger that night.
  10. Tuckshop and Huxtaburger – Finally, the two most hyped up places I’ve tried but didn’t particularly love.  Like I said before, it’s subjective.  While I did love Tuckshop’s handcut chips, I found the burger just ok.  I couldn’t see what the fuss was about, but it could also be the specialty milkshakes it had to offer.  Huxtaburger, well, what more can I say about their burgers except, nothing special that would make me want to go back there again.



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