Love, Like & Loathe: The Notebook, Scream Queens & Mis-matched Foundations

Love, Like & Loathe: The Notebook, Scream Queens & Mis-matched Foundations

I think this is fast becoming a rather “bad” habit – me skipping a week when it comes to sharing my Friday Love, Like & Loathe segment.  I can’t help it when I haven’t got anything to share right?  Might as well be up front and share when I do have something rather than churn something up for the sake of filling space.

This week, I have a pretty interesting list.


On my love list this week is the film The Notebook.  Can you believe it that I only managed to watch it this week, thanks to Netflix and the school holidays?  I’ve heard how people love it so much and stuff but never gave a second thought to wanting to watch it.  That was until one of the students that I was teaching in my previous placement shared how this was HIS favourite movie.  I kid you not! A boy loving this movie.  So I thought, if this romantic genre can move a boy, I’m sure I’ll love it.  And that I did.  I won’t share the full details of the film in case there are some of you, like me, who might have avoided this film altogether and might now be curious enough to want to watch it.

the notebook

“Posternotebook” by Source. Licensed under Fair use via Wikipedia

Based on the novel by Nicholas Sparks, the story centres around Noah (Ryan Gosling) and Allie (Rachel McAdams).  He comes from a lower social class than she does and they met at a carnival one summer.  Love blooms between the two but due to his social class, they’re relationship just did not stand the distance.  That was until they meet again years later.  The story is told through an elderly man to an elderly woman in a nursing home.  She has dementia and he is helping her with her memory.  That is all I would share for now.

I thought the ending was so touching and sweet.  Reminded me so much of my late grandparents.  A love that lasts forever, something that doesn’t seem to be a very common theme nowadays.  It also reminded me of this video that went viral on the internet, where the husband is singing to his wife who is waiting for her time to go.


Scream Queens debut on Channel 10 and Eleven on Wednesday.  The pilot aired on Channel 10 then followed by the next episode on Eleven.  It’s the new series from the creators of Glee.  A cross between Mean Girls and American Horror Story, and focuses on a sorority house, the Kappa sorority.  Run by Chanel Oberlin (Emma Roberts), who is a spoiled little rich girl, the story starts off with the dean (Jamie Lee Curtis) decreeing that pledging should be open to all students, which is when all the weird murders start happening.

scream queens


I thought the first two episodes were pretty interesting and entertaining.  Funny in fact.  Which is why it’s on my LIKE list this week.  I’m keen to see what else is in-store, but I think I can guess who the killers are or if the murders are even real to begin with!

Did you manage to catch Scream Queens too?



Now, this thing I loathe might be something YOU loathe too.  Mis-matched foundation.  Foundation where the face and the neck do not match.  Foundation shades that you can actually SEE the demarcation line between the face and the neckline.  URGH!  Definitely NOT a good look!  Contrary to what we might have learnt while growing up, you DO NOT test the foundation shade on the back of your wrist.  Seriously, the skin tone on the back of your wrist is definitely a lot lighter than that of your face or neck for that matter.  So how do you test which shade is the right one for your skin tone?  On your face. Yep.  Well, near the line separating your face and your neck.  Close to your chin, on the side of your face.  A single strip of foundation swatched there (I normally apply some on the top of my hand then apply to my face with my fingers) will do and the right shade will look seamless on your skin.  You would not even see any traces of foundation on your skin.

How do you test for the right foundation shade?  Do you do the same thing as I do or test on the back of your wrist?


That’s it for this week’s Love, Like and Loathe!  Wonder if I’ll have any favourites to share next week.




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