Beauty Beat: Real Techniques Bold Metals Collection

Beauty Beat: Real Techniques Bold Metals Collection

Sometime in July, I was privileged enough to be invited to the launch of the Real Techniques Bold Metals collection.  I’ve shared my love for Real Techniques brushes here previously.  The Bold Metals collection is what I would call the “luxe” version of the Real Techniques brushes.  There are 7 different brushes in the collection, in three different metals.

Real Techniques Bold Metals Collection

Created by makeup artists and beauty vloggers Sam and Nic Chapman, the Bold Metals Collection features sleek metals with the highest grade synthetic brush fibres that mimic real hair.

Bold Metals Gold

There are two brushes with a gold metal base.  These are what I would call the “base” brushes.

real techniques bold metals gold base

  • *100 – Arched Powder rrp$65

This has a dome cut head and is perfect for dusting your finishing or loose powders.  I would use this as a blush brush too.

  • *101 – Triangle Foundation rrp$59

If you use a brush to apply your foundation then, Sam and Nic recommends using this brush.  I however, would much rather use this as a contour brush.

triangle foundation brush head

The brush head has a unique triangular shape.  Use the angled edges to do your contouring and flat side to highlight your face.  But, if you’re using this as a foundation brush, then you can use the flat base to apply the foundation all over your face and the angled sides to get into the hard-to-reach places, like the areas around your nose.

Bold Metals Silver

The silver metal base brushes are used especially for your eyes and there are three in this range.

bold metals silver eyeshadow brush

  • *200 – Oval Shadow rrp$39

The oval shadow brush is perfect for applying your eyeshadow base.  It has a full round shape and is pretty fluffy.

  • *201 – Pointed Crease rrp$39

The pointed crease brush is fabulous for applying eyeshadow onto the crease of your eyes and when doing the ends of your eyes.  As the name suggests, the brush head has a slightly pointed shape for you to easily get into the crease area of your eye.

The angled liner has a flat head with an angle.  It’s great for applying eyeliner or even doing your eyebrows.

Bold Metals Rose Gold

Finally my favourite metals – rose gold – and this range is what I would call the finishing brushes.

bold metals rose gold

  • *300 – Tapered Blush rrp$59

bold metals rose gold tapered brush head

The tapered brush has as the name says, a slightly tapered head.  It’s recommended that you use this to do your highlighting or to apply your blush, but I would use this to apply my finishing powder.

  • *301 – Flat Contour rrp$65

Finally, we have what is called the flat contour brush.  The brush has a flat head across the top, and while it does say “contour”, I would use this as a stipple brush to buff in my foundation or BB Cream.

bold metals flat contour brush

I haven’t personally had the chance to use these brushes but I have tested the bristles against my hands to test the softness.  So far I have only ever had ONE brush made out of real animal hair and I have to say, these brushes while made out of synthetic fibres, are definitely softer than the one made out of animal hair!  I do like the look of the metal base, and having the colour coded means that I know which ones are for what – although really, you would know when you look at the different heads.  The base also has this triangular or rather pyramid shape to it to prevent the brush from rolling off your vanity or table.  What I do find a little bit annoying is the fact that metal base would definitely leave fingerprint marks on them.

The Bold Metals collection is definitely pricier than their usual range, but as I’ve mentioned above, it is their luxe range of brushes.  Most luxe ranges from other brands would start at a higher price point, so in my books these are still the more affordable luxe.

real techniques bold metals collection

Each brush has a number on the back, so that you know which one you’re using and to make it easier for you to re-purchase.  If you’re unsure of how to use these brushes, there are even videos to show you how.

The Bold Metals collection are available now on their website or over at ^Priceline.

Stay tuned next week when I share my experience using these brushes.  Have you tried the Real Techniques Bold Metals collection?  What about other brushes from Real Techniques?  Are you a huge fan of the brand too?


*Products were given as part of a gift bag

^Denotes affiliate links, sales from which will earn me a small commission but is at no extra cost to you. 




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