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Not another burger joint, I hear you say?  Well, sorry but, if it’s one thing I cannot say no to, it’s a really good burger.  Or at least the hunt for a good burger.  After hearing so much about Huxtaburger from Mr. C, whose office happens to be near one, I finally got to try their burgers last Saturday.  There a number of stores around Melbourne but we went to the one in Hawthorn, as it was the closest one to us.


Huxtaburger has a generally relaxed atmosphere – I mean, yeah, most burger joints are aren’t they?  You order at the counter first then head to your seat (or you could get someone to get a table first of course).  There isn’t much in terms of variety to choose from, but sometimes, that could work in the store’s favour.  Having too many choices can make it a tad bit difficult.  There’s the Huxtaburger, which has a beef patty, mustard, mayo, tomato sauce, tomato, cheese, lettuce and pickles – generally a traditional, no fuss burger.  Then there’s the Clair, a Southern fried chicken burger with slaw and mayo or jalapeno mayo.  Bills seems like an Aussie burger to, as it has pineapple, beetroot, bacon and egg.  Theo is what I would call the double everything burger.  It’s the Huxtaburger but with double patty, double cheese, bacon and bbq sauce.  Denise is “the hot one”, as it comes with jalapeno and sriracha mayo.  Then if you’re a vegetarian, they’ve got Sondra, a tofu burger with sesame soy mayo.

I went with the Huxtaburger of course, that’s the best way to see how good a burger really is – in my opinion anyway.  I also had a pot of beer to go with my burger for only $4.  That’s cheap dude.  Mr. C had Bills, but gave the beetroot to me, because, this strange man just isn’t a huge fan of beetroot – you don’t know what you’re missing out on man!

Verdict?  Well, with all the hype around this joint and the burger, I thought it was… alright I guess?  The meat was somewhat juicy, but I think we could have gone with a much better bun?  I don’t know, but it just didn’t have the oomph I was expecting.  This is especially since I just had a burger the night before that had a fab kick with the beef patty – juicy, I could taste the “grilled” taste with a lovely onion jam (more about that in another post).


The Huxtaburger was only $9.50 so I guess that didn’t hit the hip pocket too badly.  I was happy with the size of the burger – wasn’t too big but yeah, I guess I was hoping for something that would wow me?  The crinkle fries was way too salty for my liking, so maybe we should have had the chipotle fries instead?  It costs $3 for a small and an extra dollar for a size up.  That’s my size up.  Not much I know, but you don’t really need much do you?

I know I didn’t think much of the burger from Burgers and Ribs previously, but I think I’ve changed my tune.  I definitely prefer the burger there.  I don’t know if I’ll be back here again.   Maybe I will, just to try the Clair, which sounds promising, but who knows eh?

But here’s a list of other burger joints I’ve tried previously.



681 Glenferrie Road


Huxtaburger Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Have you been to Huxtaburger before? What did you think of their burgers?



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