Health & Lifestyle: My Running Update

Health & Lifestyle: My Running Update

Been a few weeks since I last shared an update on my running.  As you would already know, I have signed up to the 10km run for this year’s Melbourne Marathon in October and am still raising funds for the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre.  Firstly, thank you so much to those who have helped me try and reach my fundraising goal of $250.  So far I’ve raised $102 and only need $148 to reach my goal.  Would love it if you could help me out by clicking here to donate.  Any amount, big or small will make a huge difference.  You can read here why I chose to fundraise and #run4refugees.  And I thank you from the bottom of my heart in advance!

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Running Update

So, what have I been doing so far in terms of my workout and exercise?  I am still training for the run and while I have managed to hit the 10km distance, I do still run shorter distances on other days just to build up my speed and it also acts as my “rest” days.  Sounds weird I know but that’s what it is.

I am still incorporating the Metafit sessions each week, but have now increased it to twice instead of just once a week.  This means I run about three days a week and do my Metafit training (which is really HIIT training) twice a week.  The Metafit sessions are done in a group and are held outdoors, just the way I like it.  Not only does it help build my stamina and push me to my limit but I love meeting other women.  The fresh air outside doesn’t kill either 😉 .

I mentioned joining another gym a while back but honestly, I only went in once a month and really wanted to cancel my membership.  The fact that I had to pay a pretty ridiculous cancellation fee stopped me and thankfully the gym offered to have a trainer write up a program for me; something the previous two gyms did not do.  So naturally I said yes.  I had worked with this trainer when I first joined the gym as a complimentary personal training session.  While I did love what she did, the fact is I just could not afford a personal trainer at the moment.  The trainer asked the right questions – my goals, what I’m currently doing and why I wasn’t keen on the gym.  She then created a program to work on improving my strength and muscle build as both the Metafit session and my running are more cardio and about burning the fat and increasing my metabolic rate.  All I needed was two days each week at the gym, of which one of my shorter distance running days will be incorporated into that.  And, that’s what I’ve been doing, since last week.

I’m no iron woman but I think right now I’m feeling good about my exercise routine.  Working out about 6 days a week (I might slack off once awhile because I’m only human) and a rest day each week.  Not too bad I think!  We’ll have to see how everything goes.

Running App

While I have been using Map My Run to guide my running in terms of recording the distance and speed each time I run, I have also been using another app – the Nike+ Running app – it’s free too.  And yes, call me crazy but I have them both on while I run each time, just to see if there’s much of a difference with my pace between the two apps.  I have to admit though I do love the features in the Nike+ app.

Nike+ Running Features

  • It links to your Spotify account – great if you have signed up to the paid premium Spotify account, which I already do.  What it does is you can set the pace of your run.  Say you want to run at a pace of 7:10mins/km.  So you set that, and choose the genre you want and bam, the music played while you run is set at that pace, so you won’t run too fast or slow.  Although, with me, it works occasionally.  Sometimes I still run a bit faster than the set pace.

nike run app music

  • Free training coach – while Map My Run does have their own training app that you have to install separately, the Nike+ one is already included.  This is where you can create a training program for yourself.  Set the goal you want to hit including the date.  The “coach” would then create a program for you to follow each week.  This would include when your rest days are, what sort of distance you need to run each time, the way you should run (eg. easy and comfortable then finish the last 1.6km at a faster pace).   Each week will be different and you don’t necessarily run that goal distance each week.
  • It records your overall performance and your average pace and distance up-to-date.


That’s the update on my running so far!  In other words, I’m still keeping up with it and adding a few other workouts to my weekly exercise regime.  I’m not trying to be a superwoman but the way I see it is, I have only one body and one chance in life, so why waste it by sitting around right?  And I’m lucky enough to be able to afford the time, so why waste it?

How’s your weekly workout routine so far?  Have you incorporated anything new?  Do you need motivation to keep you going each day?




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