Monday Eats: Mama G’s Kitchen

Monday Eats: Mama G’s Kitchen

I’ve been meaning to write a review of this little cafe down on Centre Road in Bentleigh for a while now, but it has changed it’s name from Paseo Del Prado to Mama G’s Kitchen.  The quality of the food though, is still just as good as when I first tried their wares about a year ago.

Mama G’s Kitchen

Centre Road has its lovely group of shops and cafes, which can either make it a mecca for us or something that can overwhelm us; especially when some of what’s on offer are either too “out there”, or too similar and are at ridiculous price points.  I mean, what is with Australia’s exorbitant breakfast prices at cafes?  I could get a decent sized and quality meal in America at a fraction of the price.  Which is why we have to be absolutely discerning when it comes to choosing a cafe to indulge in.  The things I normally look for are:

  • Hygiene
  • Quality of food and coffee
  • Service
  • Atmosphere

Notice how decor doesn’t even come into play?  Like I’ve mentioned in previous posts, while decor might be an important factor, to me, cleanliness still tops the list.  No point eating in a decked out place only to have to sit in the toilet all day after that right?

Anyway, I first went to Mama G’s Kitchen when it was still known as Paseo Del Prado, to have brunch.  I chose their Shakshika-Baked Eggs with Ricotta with a long macchiato.

shashika baked eggs mama gsThe shakshika-baked eggs came in a rather large (to me it was!) bowl with pita bread and hummus on the side.  The flavours were delectable and went so well together.  For $16.90, the whole dish was enough to fill me up for more than just brunch!

The next time I went there was with Miss 13 to have their burger special.  The special came with a choice of sweet potato fries or shoestring fries.  You have a choice of six different patties to choose from, then the “flavour” you want to create the burger of your choice.  Like a personalised burger really and that’s only for $13.

I’ve been there a few times and the food has never ever disappointed me, neither has the service.  The serving staff is always so welcoming and friendly and the chef, who I believe is also the owner, remembers you!  It’s like eating at a lovely, family restaurant without the “fast food” element.

Here are some of the other dishes I’ve had there:

spanish rice mama gs

Breakfast Paella

pancakes mama gs


eggs with sausage mama gs

Mama G’s Grilled Eggs

soy cap mama gs

Soy Cappucino

Mama G’s Kitchen has a pretty impressive menu at decent price points.  The service is warm and inviting, if you can ignore the slightly more rustic decor.


Mama G’s Kitchen

410 Centre Road


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Do frequent your local cafes?  What do you look for when it comes to cafe food?





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