Fashion Day: Styling Lessons From Iris

Fashion Day: Styling Lessons From Iris

Yesterday was a HUGE day for me that saw me taking an hour and a half out of my day to catch the documentary IRIS, then running off to the podiatrist to get my feet moulded for my long awaited orthotics and then rushing off Miss 11’s high school enrolment forms.  Lunch was at 3pm due to all that running around and then followed by school pick-up, a very quick trip to the library with Master 9 and finally getting ready for the Imagine Dragons concert.  Just like every single time I go somewhere “special”, I usually do struggle with what to wear.  Not that I haven’t got anything to wear, but the questions I usually grapple with is, “Should I go dressy or casual?”  This was where the doco about Iris sort of helped made my decision on what to wear for the concert.  I decided to go for this flocked 3/4 sleeves skater dress, with tights, a pair of laced up booties and my favourite Zara biker style jacket.  Sure I did look sort of too dressed up for a rock concert but I sort of got sick of waiting for a special occasion to wear something to.  So how is this somehow connect to Iris?  Read on lovely readers…

Styling Lessons From Iris

If you still don’t know who Iris Apfel is, well, she’s this flamboyant character who is known for her equally flamboyant taste in fashion and style.  But Iris is more than just a fashion icon, she’s also a successful businesswoman and an interior designer.  Known for her iconic round glasses, Iris epitomises what we, as women should be daring enough to do – be ourselves.  You thought I was going to say be daring and dress flamboyantly didn’t you?  Ha… No, not quite. No point trying to be someone else if you’re going to be uncomfortable with it.  And that was one of the styling lessons I learnt from Iris.  Other tips I picked up from the film were:

  • Fit and style is important – while Iris is always seen to be wearing incredulously fancy clothes, what I noticed was that what she wore usually fits her body shape and size really well.  Her pants were nicely tailored, the jackets taken in just at the right spots to accentuate her figure.  So yes, while you CAN experiment with on-trend items, try not to be a sheep and go for something just because everyone else is doing it.
  • Texture – when Iris wasn’t wearing bold prints and colours, she would usually add a gorgeous mix of textures to her monochrome ensemble.  This gives the outfit “life” and adds some interesting points to your outfit instead of just a one-dimensional look.
  • Explore other avenues – Iris doesn’t just wear designer items, she ventures into other types of stores to find items that she knows you can’t find in general fast fashion stores.  She goes to markets, she haggles, she even shops at Loehmann’s, which houses discounted designer wear – see, you don’t need to pay huge sums of money to look stylish, it’s how you put them together.  I’ve seen and known people who wear designer gear that makes the item look cheap on them.
  • Don’t wait for that special occasion – a main point that I often sadly do, I usually wait for that special occasion to wear that dress, skirt, top or even perfume.  Silly really.  Why wait?  Iris dresses well all the time, regardless the occasion.  She’s even all dressed up to go shopping!

Which brings me to last night’s outfit.  This simple yet lovely flocked baroque motif dress.  Looks a tad bit dressy yes?  But it sure did make me feel good.  I loved how the baroque motif had this mix of colours woven through.  So that’s me playing with textures and a hint of colour!

Izabel flocked baroque dress full length

*Dress: Izabel 

Tights: Berlei

Shoes: Wittner (similar style ^here)

Izabel flocked baroque dress with Zara jacket

Izabel flocked baroque dress

P.S: This styling post is a recreation of what I wore last night without the makeup I wore last night.  It was too dark and not to mention WET and RAINY for me to take any decent outfit photos last night. 

wittner lace up boots

The shoes though?  They really killed my feet!  In hindsight, I probably should have worn my generic in-soles with them.  I guess I won’t be letting go of these shoes after all 😉 .

smoky eye makeup with Naked 3 palette

With makeup, I kept it simple with a smoky eye thanks to the colours from my Naked 3 palette.  I’ll show you how I did my eyes in another post, sometime soon.  The lips were again, Arbonne’s Smoothed Over Lipstick in Iris; just like what I wore two weeks ago.

Tell me, what do you usually wear to a music concert?  Do you normally save your clothes for that special occasion?


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  • Melinda says:

    Love your oufit, that dress is gorgeous on you! I generally wear jeans, a blazer and flat shoes to a concert UNLESS it’s a One Direction one, then I wear the brightest thing I’ve got in my wardrobe 😉

    Hope you had a fab night!

    • Norlin says:

      Thanks Melinda! I usually wear jeans too! And a pair of flats. But, next time I’ll stick to boots, or comfy shoes instead as my feet were literally killing me afterwards.

  • Em says:

    I love Iris’ tip on NOT waiting for a special occasion! One should have fun with fashion every single day!

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