Monday Eats: Pier 35 Bar & Grill Review

Monday Eats: Pier 35 Bar & Grill Review

What is it about places that could have had that potential to be really amazing always fall flat, no thanks to the type of service you get when you’re there?  I’m the type of person who isn’t too particular about the decor of a restaurant, so long as they are hygienic and has a nice and inviting atmosphere.  I’m not fussed about a place having state of the art design although, depending on the type of restaurant, if it’s touted to be an “upmarket” restaurant, then yes, the decor would be important.  For me, it’s more the quality of the food, which has to have a price that reflects that and, the service, because we’re not just paying for the food, it’s a whole experience when you dine out.

Pier 35 Bar & Grill 

Pier 35 Bar and Grill had that potential of being a pretty upmarket restaurant.  I mean, look at where it’s located and even the way the place has been designed you would expect a top notch service, even if the diners were brought there via a coupon purchase.  A customer is still a customer and it’s from that one experience that will usually determine if they would bother coming back without the coupon.

Mr. C and I went there a few weeks ago and at first I was rather impressed by the manager (at least I think he was) who greeted us at the door.  We were told to have a seat in their lounging area before being brought over to our table.  Sadly, the wait staff let the experience down.  Sure she was polite and brought us to our table, yet, surprisingly did not bother letting us know where the wine list was like most restaurants would.  In fact it seemed as though she was there because she just HAD to work for the money.

Food & Service

The coupon was for a shared entree, a main and a dessert plus one glass of wine each.  The shared platter was divine, comprising of  grilled five spice chicken tenderloins, grilled chorizo sausage with spicy tomato salsa, house made arancini with sauteed baby spinach, pan fried salt and pepper calamari with citrus aioli and pan seared Hokkaido scallops with truffle infused mash.

shared platter Pier 35

For my mains, I chose the lamb shank with root vegetables and truffle infused mash.  Mr. C decided to have the paella.

lamb shank Pier 35

paella Pier 35

I have to admit that the food was good.  Wasn’t fantastic by any means but decent enough that I might consider coming back.  It was the service that let me down.  Like I mentioned before, our wait staff seemed as though she was over-tired or would rather be somewhere else.  The other wait staff that served some of the food though, she was amazingly polite and sincere.  Maybe they should have switched places that night!  When it came to the dessert, we decided to only have one to share instead of the two we were entitled to.  We were both full by then and there was no point in wasting food for the sake of it.

pannacotta Pier 35

Dessert comprised of a panna cotta and a chocolate cheesecake, we went for the panna cotta to share.  And this was where I nearly wanted to sock that particular wait staff.  When asked if we could possibly just have ONE dessert, she looked particularly unhappy.  Strange seeing that we really weren’t wasting food.  And we even asked for a top up of water.  It never came.  Was the place busy that night?  It wasn’t THAT busy and we were over her attitude to bother to ask for more water again when it didn’t come.  Maybe she was in a bad mood, or maybe she just didn’t like her job.  Who knows, but it’s things like these that puts people off and keep them away.  Which means, we definitely WON’T be coming back anytime soon.  I’d rather head out to Geppetto’s for the same quality food but with much warmer service.  I’m surprised it received a pretty high rating on Zomato though.  If the reason was due to the fact that we went in because of a coupon, well, here’s the thing, if we get a great experience, we always come back even WITHOUT a discount.

What matters to you when it comes to dining out?  Do service, especially if the food comes at prices that warrants quality service matter to you?
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