Love, Like & Loathe: 90’s Nostalgia, St. James Hair Studio & Cost of Running

Love, Like & Loathe: 90’s Nostalgia, St. James Hair Studio & Cost of Running

It’s Friday again!  And this week is even more exciting because we’re nearing the end of Winter!  Woohoo!  Even though the weather in Melbourne has been such a teaser the last few days.

What’s on this week’s list?


This week has seen me go on a nostalgic 90’s music binge.  It all started with this game I have been playing – Song Pop 2 – where you guess the songs or singers based on the different genres with random strangers.  Yes, that’s what I do when I’m procrastinating; which is sadly quite often.  It just so happens that most of the music I have to guess have come from the 90’s, so this started me firing some music from the 90’s all day, everyday this week on Spotify.  Oh I love Spotify.  Green Day, Blink 182, Sheryl Crow, these were just a few of the names whose music I’ve been rocking to all week and boy did it bring back so many memories.  Some good and some well, not so good, but memories nonetheless.  I did venture into the early 2000’s too with Green Day because I think that’s when their songs were more meaningful and political.

And what is it about a song that seems to evoke the exact same feelings as they did years ago?  I’m talking about “Wake Me Up When September Ends” and “21 Guns” by Green Day and Sheryl Crow’s “Strong Enough”, both of which used to make me so sad, and surprisingly still do.  Then there’s Sheryl’s “My Favourite Mistake” – argh! Yeah, memories even though they were BAD ones!

90s music

The kids, especially Miss 11 thinks I’ve gone a bit nuts listening to genres she definitely has no interest in but hey, if I have to listen to her 1D songs, then she has to listen to mine. :p


You know when you’ve gone through so many hair stylists that you kind of think, what now?  Especially when the prices of having a decent haircut is so expensive now.  I get it.  It’s about the experience, not just the haircut and it also depends on where the salon is situated.  But, sometimes it takes you that ONE hairdresser to realise that a good one not only knows how to cut your hair and make it look and sit nicely as it grows BUT also is someone who is very thorough with your hair.  What I mean by thorough is, this particular hairdresser actually explained to me why my hair was in the condition it was in.  She knew that I used too much shampoo, which was why my hair can seem a little bit limp and also affect the growth of my hair, where my natural hair part is but agrees that to get volume it’s best to create a new parting – which I had already done – and even explained to me the way my hair was growing and breaking.  Wow. Really thorough and I loved that.

New re-freshed haircut

Sure the end result is simple “mumsy” cut but she explained that this was to let my hair grow out and then once it has grown out a little more, she’ll re-style it.  Honesty, that’s all I needed.  What I liked most was there was no push or sales pitch to buy this and that product.  I loved what she had to say to me, “You can have the best quality products for your hair but it still won’t work if you don’t use it correctly”.  Bam!  How true is that?!  And in my case it’s using too much and not washing them off thoroughly.  Yikes!

If you’re interested to know where I went to, it’s St. James Hair Studio over on York Street in South Melbourne.  Ask for Lisa or the owner James.  And no, this isn’t a paid promo, as I did pay FULL PRICE for my haircut.


This came up unexpectedly but something that I cannot sweep under the rug.  Who would have thought that running could cost me.  An exercise that’s free because you can just run outside, no memberships to pay for or whatever would end up being so expensive!  I’m talking about having to purchase running shoes, which I know, cost per wear and all.  Then, compression leggings – but I got the cheaper version from Cotton On Body.  And then followed by compression socks!  Now, guess what?  I have to get orthotics because I have flat feet.  My sad, flat feet was what’s been causing the pain on my left side.  Plus my knee has been rotating, which in the long run would see me needing surgery.  ARGH NO!  How much will these orthotics cost me?  Thanks to the fact that I will also be standing up a lot as a teacher, I’m going to need one that I can wear with more than just my runners.  So it’ll be… wait for it… over $700!  Having said that, it lasts over 10 years, and when you weigh up having to go for knee surgery like what my mum and her late mum had to do, I’d rather pay for the orthotics thanks.  Seriously, all I wanted to do was RUN!  Mr. C was saying that maybe I’m not meant to run.  Let’s just say he got the middle finger from me.  Yeah he did.





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  • Tine says:

    I LOVE Spotify. The decades genre has me going for the 80s and 90s music like there’s no tomorrow. Speaking of Spotify, check out the Bean Break play list. It’s my all time favourite from Spotify.

    Omg buying activewear is so addictive! And to think I used to mock Tim for browsing the Wiggle website daily when he started running years ago. Now I’m doing it. I haven’t gone down the expensive compression gear yet as my Target ones are serving me just nice. But you never know!

    • Norlin says:

      Spotify addict here! I love the Afternoon Session one too! AMAZING covers of some songs I love and some other ones too. I’ll have to check out Bean Break.

      See… it is soooo addictive! OMG… you so don’t want to go down that road yet! Although, just get the compression wear from Cotton On Active – they’re pretty good actually.

  • Mel says:

    I only recently discovered how wonderful a good hairdresser is! I use to go to Just Cuts (an awful walk-in place) back in my uni days because it was cheap and I didn’t have to plan for it in advance. I always use to walk out of there and have a little cry in my car, so bad! I finally have found a wonderful hairdresser, Lovely Locks in Port Macquarie, and walk out of there feeling like I look amazing! They are also so lovely there and don’t talk rubbish. Once in a hairdresser (at a Just Cuts) the lady who was doing my hair, after discovering I was Australian born and not born in an Asian country (I’m half Filipino) spent half the time criticising Asian people, like what!? #rantover

    • Norlin says:

      What the hell? I hate it when people in the service industry bitch about others. It’s so unprofessional! Glad to hear you’ve found a much better hairdresser to go to now Mel!

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