Spring Time Blushers – Rose Gold, Shimmer & Coral

Spring Time Blushers – Rose Gold, Shimmer & Coral

Only six more days until we hit the end of Winter!  Can I get a hell yeah?!  Although sadly, I think Mother Nature is teasing us with the weather in Melbourne, these last few days.  Bright and clear in the morning then come school pick-up time, we get cold, dark and dreary!  But that doesn’t mean I cannot start dreaming planning for Spring.  On this week’s beauty segment I’m featuring 3 blushers from 3 different brands to ring in Spring.

While Winter usually equates to more darker, berry like shades, I love to see shades of coral, flecks of pearlascent shimmery finishes and a soft pink to complement Spring.

Spring Time Blushers

luxola blushes

*Sleek Makeup Blush (Rose Gold) rrp$14.57

Housed in a sleek, black packaging, this little blush might look dark in the compact but, when swatched seem to be pretty soft, making it perfect for Spring and possibly even Summer.

sleek rose gold blush

The shade I received to try is Rose Gold, which from what I’ve heard on the grapevine is a dupe of the Nars Orgasm!  I mean, just look at the packaging even, which I dare say is as close to the original – except for maybe the shape of the compact.

When it comes to colour payoff, I was surprised to find that the blush didn’t look as strong as it did in the compact itself.  Compared to the other two blushers, this one has a slightly peachier tone and had a very powdery and matte finish.

EDITED: I applied Sleek’s Rose Gold on my cheeks today and while it is still a peachy tone, it definitely ISN’T matte!  I loved the shimmery finish it has after I’ve swirled my brush in this blush before application.  It’s slightly similar to the Mirenesse Marble Mineral blush in Carrara Coral but with a bit more colour.  Goes to show how swatching something doesn’t necessarily show the actual effect of a product!

luxola blush swatches

L-R: Sleek Rose Gold, Mirenesse Marble Mineral Blush in Carrara Coral & Wet n Wild Berry Shimmer

*Mirenesse Marble Mineral Blush (Carrara Coral) rrp$58.27

This particular blush by Mirenesse actually gave me quite a surprise!  While it might not look like much – except the marbling effect does look gorgeous in the compact – but once I swatched the blush, I was amazed by the pearlascent sheen it creates!  The shade might be called Carrara Coral, but I think it’s more of a soft golden peach shade.

mirenesse marble mineral face powder

Because of the gorgeous sheen, I think this would go well on its own without having to add any highlighters, which was what I did in the image below.  In fact, the Carrara Coral would make a great highlighter to create that strobing effect.

with mirenesse marble blush

It gave a nice highlight on my cheeks, and yes, you can’t really see the colour, but it’ll make a great everyday shade that gives you a nice radiant glow.

*Wet N Wild Blush (Berry Shimmer) rrp$8.64

I first discovered Wet N Wild when I was in the U.S, through some other beauty bloggers.  It’s a drugstore brand that is really inexpensive there.  While the colour I chose was called Berry Shimmer, it actually looked a lot more like a deep coppery pink shade in real life.

wet n wild blush

Even though it’s a drugstore brand, the blush is highly pigmented giving you a nice, deep and rich colour payoff.  Definitely one to have on for that night-time Spring look or during the day when you want to add a bit more colour to your cheeks.

So what are the blush shades to incorporate into your Spring makeup collection this year?  Something with:

Especially for my dear readers (that’s YOU!), Luxola is giving you 25% off your FIRST order.  To claim this offer, simply use the code: BLX-BAUBLES at the checkout.  Offer ends on the 30th September 2015.  Imagine how much these blushers would cost if you added that 25% discount!  Also, check out the other range of blushers they’ve got on offer.  The discount is not available on some of their non-discountable items though.


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