Friday’s Favourites: Rules of Seduction, Ottoman3 & Natura Siberica Hand Cream

Friday’s Favourites: Rules of Seduction, Ottoman3 & Natura Siberica Hand Cream

This week’s Friday’s Favourites segments is a mixed bag of goodies.  I’ve got a book I’ve just finished reading and absolutely loved, an eyebrow experience that has finally and hopefully mean I don’t have to look anywhere else to get them done perfectly and a hand cream that not only has a nice scent but keeps your hands moisturised AND firms your skin while doing it too.

*Rules of Seduction by Jenna Mullins

If you’re looking for a light, fun read, then may I suggest Rules of Seduction. Sure it sounds like some raunchy novel, but no, it’s not even close.  I would compare it to watching a romantic comedy but in book form.  The story centres around Dani (Danika) Young, who has just graduated from her film making course at college and on her way to starting her career in the film industry.  Where is a small-town girl to go, but L.A of course!

rules of seduction

Luck was not on her side though as she heads to L.A full of hope only to find the director she was supposed to be working for has folded his company.  But, maybe fate was more on her side as she unexpectedly bumps into an old high school friend who does know the ins and outs of Hollywood and even have a gig that might help her out after all. Only, there’s a small catch.  She has to spy on her friend’s boyfriend who is the leading actor in a young adult television series.  Sure, commercial television wasn’t her first choice but Dani does get to learn A LOT about the nitty gritty things that happen in Hollywood.

The book has its funny moments and yes there IS some romance in there… wait, who am I kidding, romance was the main theme here!

I loved the fast pace of this book and Dani’s innocence and naivete was actually believably refreshing.  The interaction between Dani and the leading actor was also pretty funny, making it a rather entertaining book.  Great for when you’re looking to get away from the realities of life and need something fun to read.

*Ottoman3 Brow Bar

Besides my hair, I am very particular about who does my eyebrows.  While I’ve had a rather good experience getting them threaded previously, I stopped when I started getting them waxed.  Benefit Brow Bar had been a good experience, not great though; just good.  Why?  Well, I shared this on my Periscope session this week where I hated how inconsistent the quality was.  It started off really good, but I noticed that each time my brow girl was pressed for time due to being fully booked – she was that good – her standard dropped a little.  And by a little I’m saying she took off more than she needed on one eyebrow.  Not cool.  Not cool at all.

I then went to one of those eyebrow threading kiosks at a mall nearby.  BIG MISTAKE!  It hurt like a *insert a swear word here* and she even cut my lid.  OUCH!  Needless to say I stopped getting my brows down by “experts” and just tweezed it myself.  They didn’t look great but it’ll do.

It wasn’t until I went to Ottoman3 with Tine (you can read her review here) that I realised, thank goodness there ARE actual brow experts out there!  The Ottoman3 kiosk is situated in Melbourne Central and while it was out in the open and not in a salon, I surprisingly didn’t feel self-conscious at all.  Maybe I just didn’t care because the lady that was doing my eyebrows made me feel comfortable.  Plus having been assured by Mini, the founder of Ottoman3 that her girls have been working for her for YEARS meant that I was in safe hands.  These ladies knew what they were doing.  Also helps to see Mini herself with gorgeously shaped and drawn in eyebrows.

getting threaded at ottoman3

I won’t go into much detail here but basically, Ottoman3 provides eyebrow threading services and like most professional brow bars, they will show you where and what they will do to shape your eyebrows by pointing out to you before they start.  The thing that earned my eyebrow threader a huge plus point was the fact that she picked out the correct eyebrow to work on more – my right eyebrow.  My left had the shape I already liked and was working well for me, so all she needed to do was clean that side up and re-shape the right eyebrow; something almost every single eyebrow place has gotten wrong because they have always tried to work on my left eyebrow!  After threading, aloe vera is applied onto my eye area to help soothe and close up any pores.  I even got a nice eye massage!!

ottoman3 before & after

My verdict?  I didn’t feel any pain, and she didn’t cut my eyelids either!  My eyebrows now have a nice, defined shape and now, I’ll be coming back with my two girls.  Services start at $28 for threading but you can click here for more information and locations.

*Natura Siberica Hand Cream

Travelling can be a real pain when it dries out your skin, something that happens while you’re actually flying in the air, on the plane.  Long winded I know, sorry.  So, I always have a hand cream of some sort handy in my handbag when I fly.  The criteria of a good hand cream in my books is:

  • something that doesn’t have a very strong scent
  • absorbs really quickly
  • doesn’t feel sticky
  • keeps my hands nicely moisturised for a long time

So it wasn’t a surprise that I decided to bring along the one from Natura Siberica, especially since it’s under 100ml.  I was quite surprised that the scent wasn’t overpowering when I first had it on – no I didn’t try it BEFORE I left so that was a lucky thing – in fact it has a nice, soft, powdery scent.

natura siberica extra firming hand cream

The cream ticked all of those points I mentioned above and as a bonus, it also claims to be an extra-firming hand cream – anything to keep my 40 year old hands looking younger I say 😉 .  The cream is made out of ingredients that are 99% natural – no idea what that 1% is made out of… hmm.  It also has Siberian Ginseng, the “magic” ingredient that helps to rejuvenate the skin – that is the skin firming property I think!

That’s it from me this week everyone!  What are your favourites this week?  Have you tried eyebrow threading?  What was your experience like?  What books are you reading right now?


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