Tips On Packing Skincare & Makeup for Short Trips

Tips On Packing Skincare & Makeup for Short Trips

The short trip I recently took to Gold Coast will be the only family holiday we’ll be having this year.  Like with any other holidays, I usually have to decide carefully what to pack when it comes to skincare and makeup, to not only make it easier for me survive without my regular creature comforts from home but fit into a carry-on luggage.

In keeping with the regulations imposed where you can only carry liquids at less than 100ml, it means everything has to be in compact size yet enough for the whole trip.  Sure you can purchase whatever you need if you happen to go to places that do carry products you normally use, but let’s keep spending to a minimum unless absolutely necessary hey?

Tips On Packing Skincare & Makeup for Short Trips

  • Invest in travel sized products

While you could decant what you use into those ^travel bottles, I prefer to purchase travel size products of what I usually use and keep it handy in my skincare bag, which I will talk a little bit more on, in my next tip.

travel sizes

This is also where those sample sized shampoos and conditioners come into play as well, although in most cases you wouldn’t need any if the place you’re staying at does provide these necessities.

  • Have a skincare bag specifically for travelling

I have a specific cosmetic bag where I keep my necessary skincare.  This includes my cleanser, toner or refreshing spray, eye cream/gel, moisturiser and night cream.  The items are all in travel size and stay in there even after my trip to avoid having to pack again for my next trip.

special travel skincare bag

The trick is to update what’s in there once you get back, making sure you refill whatever that is low or purchase new ones if you have completely run out.  I also pack my toothbrush and toothpaste in this bag and these are my “travel” toothbrush and toothpaste.  This helps lessen the likelihood of you actually forgetting to pack just before you leave.

This time round I did change the moisturiser, eye cream and serum I packed for the Gold Coast.  I brought along the Serum7 beauty serum and eye cream as they were more compact than the ones I used to store.  Instead of bringing two separate creams for day and night, I brought the ^La Roche-Posay Toleriane Ultra, which doubles as night and day cream.  I also added the ^La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo for any on-the-spot breakouts, which did happen by the way.

Having an already packed skincare bag helps minimise your time packing and the chances of you forgetting any essential items.

  • Double duty products

Maximise on space by packing products that can do more than one thing.  For instance, as I’ve mentioned above, pack moisturiser that doubles up as a night cream.  You’re only away for a few nights, so you won’t need the whole gamut of skincare that you use at home.  Do a quick overnight skincare recovery regime once you get home.

Instead of a blush, I packed ^Becca’s Beach Tint, which also doubles up as a lip colour.  While you can and really should pack a separate sunscreen, I only brought along my ^BB Cream which already has sunscreen in it.  Not much mind you but it’s better than nothing.  Instead of a primer, an essential item if you’re out all day and do not want your makeup to slide off, I brought along the ^L’Oreal Nude Magique Blur Cream, which acts sort of like a primer for my skin and is in a compact tube.

Another “double duty” stunner that I added to my makeup bag is the *Max Factor Colour Intensifying Balm.  This lip balm has a lightweight yet buildable formula that allows you to add more if you want to, giving you a slightly more intense colour or for a softer, look with a hint of colour, simply apply one coat to your lips.

makeup bag for short trips

  • Compact Palettes

I received the ^Coastal Scents eyeshadow Go Palette in Cairo from the Violet Box December subscription box but had yet to use it, until recently.  What I loved about it is the fact that it is a compact palette housing twelve neutral shades that you can use to create a simple everyday or even smokey eye look.  You could bring along two of your eyeshadow brushes but, I decided to use my fingers as I was only using one colour as my base and using the ^Max Factor Liquid Eyeliner Pencil to create my simple everyday look.

simple packing tips

Hope these simple tips will help maximise on space and minimise on clutter with your packing.  Which tip did you like the best and what tips have you got up your sleeves that you’d like to share with us?


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  • Amy says:

    These are some really helpful tips that I’ll save for easier packing! That Coastal Scents palette looks so versatile and has such a great range of neutrals! 🙂

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