Fashion Day: Fashionable Fashionistas of Instagram

Fashion Day: Fashionable Fashionistas of Instagram

Instead of showcasing myself and what I’ve been wearing on the blog today, I’d like to share some of the many fabulous fashionistas I follow on Instagram.  Now, while some of them ARE bloggers, there are others who are not.  Why am I showcasing them?  I just love their spin on fashion, I love seeing what they wear each day via Nikki‘s #everydaystyle.  These are women just like you and me, not models, not those who only ever wear designer labels.  Their style to me are attainable and something maybe you’d like to take inspiration from?  Not too over the top, just right, if you know what I mean?  Just take note that some might be from a private account, so if they don’t let you follow them then don’t get offended.

Fashionable Fashionistas

Fashionable Fashionistas of Instagram

In no particular order, I’ll list the lovely ladies here:

@queenofthrift – I love how easy it seems for her to put her outfit together each day!  She’s what I would call to have a classic style with a dash of spice – in which she would add some on-trend pieces to her outfit.  A woman after my heart, she too loves a good bargain!

@fashionista_in_suburbia – I featured Barbe on my Friday’s Favourites once and so it’s no surprise that I love what I see on her Instagram account too!  Follow this super chic lady, where you can tell that age is just a number.

@morgs71 – This lady just screams STYLE!  She nails any and every style challenge there is on Instagram and I’m wondering why doesn’t she have a blog??  I dare say she could put quite a number of fashion bloggers to shame with her no fuss, chic.

@julesmond – Another lady that dresses on-trend with minimal effort (from what I see anyway) is Julesmond.  Her makeup is always so on-point (a term I picked up from Miss 13) or was it on-fleek?

@whattheteacherwears – as the name suggests, this Insta fashionista is a teacher and shares her daily style.  She’s one darn stylish teacher I tell you and I can take a leaf from her book for when I start my teaching career.  She also has a blog of course and happens to be a stylist too – hmm… no wonder she looks so good all the time!

@sisterinstyle – Fiona always looks so well put together; each day every day.  Something I think we all should think of doing (me included).  We need to put effort into how we look, seriously.  Fiona also owns an online jewellery store, so it’s no wonder she’s always adorning some amazing jewellery with her outfits.

@irismaystyle – Dear gorgeous Bev, yet another one I featured along with Barbe previously.  She works at Country Road and never fails to impress me with her daily outfits – simple yet chic.  Can you see a running theme here?

@emhawkerblog – A lady with impeccable taste for clothes.  Emily Hawker is what I would call a personal blogger whose sense of style is just so trendy and fun.  While I don’t have to say that she’s also a mum, I feel that I must because she does bother to look good each day even with small children.  Not dissing anyone but myself really because even I’ve been known to not bother with how I look… sometimes.

@retailgenie – I only discovered Meredith recently but damn she is what I call style WITH substance.

@rosirockets – I met Rosie last year or was it the year before?  Anyway, I met her at a Priceline event in the city and have been following her blog and Insta account since then.  Love the flamboyant style she has and well, she’s always seen with a bold lip 😉

@flatbummum – Got to love that name!  Doubt Bronwyn has a flat bum though, but she is a mum; a stylish mum!  She also has her own blog and is a stylist.

@aquirkybird – As her name suggests, Zoe does have an absolutely quirky style, but it’s one that I think suits her to a tee.  Her love of vibrant colours,  And if it’s anyone that can wear bangs well, it’s definitely Zoe!  She also has her own blog, so do check that out.

That’s a wrap of some fabulous fashionistas that I follow on Instagram.  Believe me, there’s more, but I can’t possibly list them all here.  So check out my Instagram and see who I follow too!




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