How To Age Gracefully

How To Age Gracefully

Sigh… I guess, seeing that I have hit the other age bracket – 40 – and have (thankfully) been rather lucky when it comes to not looking my age – hey, not my words ok, I thought I’d share a few tips on how you could age gracefully.  Even if you’re over the age of 40, you can still follow this simple to follow tips.  Honestly though?  They’re pretty much common sense tips, that you might not have thought actually contributed to ageing gracefully.

Having said that, it’s not as if I have not toyed with the idea of having some work done but I admit, I’m a chicken sh*t  and I bet you, with my luck, I’ll be that 2 or 3% of people who would get some sort of a negative reaction from these “enhancements”.

How To Age Gracefully

Let me first confess that I have to thank my mother for the genes of giving me skin that has not suffered any acne.  In fact, I cannot remember my mum EVER having a breakout – nope, not even that random hormonal breakout.  She doesn’t even have stretch marks after having my sister and I!  I’m not that lucky in that department.  My skin isn’t as elastic as hers unfortunately.

So what are the tips on ageing gracefully?

  • Cleanse & exfoliate – even if you do not wear makeup, make sure you cleanse your face daily. The dirt and grime that you cannot see needs to be cleansed off so that you can then apply your serum and night cream before bed.  Exfoliating at least once a week helps to remove dead skin cells and once again, acts as a blank canvas for the lovely creams and potions to absorb easily.

woman washing face


  • Beauty from the inside out – the experts were not kidding when they say that beauty comes from within; as in from what you put into your body!  Ever noticed how some foods can cause some sort of reaction to your skin?  Maybe even breakouts?  I’ve even heard of people getting breakouts from fruits that have high fructose content too.  The key is to work out what’s great and beneficial for your skin.  Green leafy vegetables are usually the best, as are grains and seeds to help with hydration.

good food


  • Sunscreen & sun protection – While we do need our Vitamin D to help with absorption of calcium and maintain strong bones, you still would need to protect your skin from the harsh UV light.  Use the right sunscreen and make sure you cover up even in Winter because the UV rays are still there.

All About Sun Protection


  • Drink it up! – You know how they say that drinking lots of water is good for you?  Well, yes it’s true, as it helps to flush out the toxins from your system. As to how much to drink, well, it all depends on your body weight, what food and beverage you consume, how active you are and your age.  Typically, you would need around 4% of your body weight.  This does not just mean water, but you also consume water through the foods that you eat too and other liquids like tea or coffee.  But of course water should be the main component of your daily intake.



  • Keep moving – exercise is also such an important part of not only our health but our overall wellbeing.  You don’t need to be working out in tough exercises, the idea is to keep moving.  We have become so accustomed to depending on vehicles to get us from one place to another that we’ve started to lead such a sedentary lifestyle.  Do a little bit of exercise each day to keep your blood and heart pumping in the fresh air, and regulate our body’s functions.  Trust me, when you’re healthy, it shows.


That’s it!  Like I said, it’s pretty much common sense but things that we sometimes tend to forget.  It’s the simplest things that usually helps us age gracefully.





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