Basics of Running Series: What To Wear In Winter

Basics of Running Series: What To Wear In Winter

I’m sure you would have seen by now, if you’ve been following me on Instagram that is; that I’ve been clocking up those kilometers with the aim of reaching my goal of 10km.  Yes, that’s my goal.  Why?  Well, I’ve always wanted to sign myself up for some sort of fund run.  I’ve said it so many times but have not made any commitment to that as yet.  You see, initially, it was to run a distance of 5km, but having hit that distance I thought… nah… I needed another challenge.  Something longer.  And that’s how the 10km distance came about.  A half marathon is NOT in the cards at all, let alone a marathon!  I want to be able to WALK after my run, not have someone carry me back on a stretcher!

It has also been such an honour to find out that because of my regular running posts on Instagram, I’ve somehow inspired a number of people to run too.  Well, the number is 2 – not many I know but hello, some is better than none.  If I can inspire anyone to make their health a priority, then I think I’m doing a rather good job.

One of these people is my blogging pal, Tine from Beautyholics Anonymous.  She’s had a mostly sedentary lifestyle but has recently taken up running!  I am impressed Tine!  She has also asked me a few questions related to running so I thought why not just share it on the blog!  It’ll be a series of posts covering the very basics of running.  I’ve shared my very basic tips on running  last week, and you can read it here.

This week, I’m covering what I wear when I run in winter – a question that was posed by Tine.

What To Wear In Winter

Much like our regular day-to-day wear, layering up while running is the way to go.  That’s what I do anyway.  When we start off, our body temperature is still low, so we need to rug up before our run.  That’s why I wear a number of layers when I run in winter.

What I Wear

  • Start off with the base – a good sports bra.  I cannot recommend enough on the importance of getting yourself fitted for a good sports bra.  It not only helps to keep your bust from any major bouncing action, but prevents any sagging later in life.  My personal favourite and one I have many pairs of is the ^Electrify from Berlei.  It comes with an underwire, which you would think would be uncomfortable but surprisingly isn’t!  They come in a few different patterns but what I love is the great support it gives my bust and the breathable panels on the cups and back means it keeps that sweat at bay.  You could also choose to adjust the straps to create that cross-back.

layers for running 1

Bra: ^Berlei Electrify, Racer back tank: ^dhb (with naturally wicking fabric), t-shirt: ^Nike Dri-Fit, Long sleeved thumb running top: ^BoohooFit

  • Tank it – Next, I layer on a simple tank top.
  • Short tee – This is followed by a short sleeved t-shirt.
  • Running top – If you thought that those running tops where you can put your thumbs through via the sleeves is a gimmick, I would vouch that it isn’t.  You could opt to wear a pair of gloves, but, usually it’s only my palms that get cold, not my fingers.  Some might opt for a running thumb jumper but I prefer a lighter long  sleeved top.
  • Jumper – Then I would layer on a jumper.  Sometimes it’s a simple hoodie, sometimes just a regular jumper.  The hoodie helps keep my head warm if I’m running super early in the morning or when the winds are blowing rather strongly.

layers for running 2

Funnel neck jumper: ^BoohooFit, Puffer Vest: ^Uniqlo, Compression leggings: CottonOn Body

layers for running 3

Seamless thumb running top: CottonOn Body, Hoodie: ^Le Coq Sportif, Compression leggings: ^dhb

  • Puffer Vest – I wasn’t kidding when I say I wear a lot of layers when I run in winter.  Finally, it’s my trusty puffer vest.  It keeps my chest warm and the pockets are big enough to store my larger than life iPhone 6 and my car key.  Plus the hood also helps to keep my head warm if I wasn’t wearing a hoodie, or if I needed double protection for my head.
  • Full length leggings – I try to wear full-length leggings, and recently I’ve bought a pair of compression leggings.  While there are more expensive ones out there, I’ve only managed to buy one from Cotton On, which also does the job.  I also have on my compression socks, that actually does help my feet and calves attend to those nasty lactic acid while I run the longer distances.  Compression leggings also helps with my recovery after my run.  I have to admit that it wasn’t until I ran with one on that I realised, these compression wear stuff, is not a gimmick!  More on compression wear in another post.

You might be thinking, “but doesn’t that make you overheat while you run?”.  True, that’s if I don’t take the layers off as my body temperature rises.  Herein lies my rationale for wearing that thumb running long sleeve top over a jumper with those thumb thingies.  As I get warmer with running, I peel off the jumper and tie around my waist.  That way the long sleeve top, which is usually lighter still keeps me warm without overheating my body. The top still keeps my hands warm, which is always the last part to warm up anyway.  Sometimes, when I run longer distances, I tend to take off the long sleeved top too.  And yes, I tie that around  my waist as well.

Once I’ve finished my run and am starting to cool down, that’s when I usually put the layers back on. The idea is to keep yourself warm (not hot!) even after your run.

If you’re wondering about my knickers, I wear those simple comfy cotton underwear from Target.  It’s breathable, comfortable and cheap.  While I do have two pairs of those “special” for sports underwear, I think it doesn’t make a difference.  Well, not to me anyway.

Stay tuned next week when I share some ways you can cool down after a run and some good stretching exercises to help with those sore calves and hamstrings.


^Denotes affiliate links, sales from which will earn me a small commission but is of at no extra cost to you. 




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A mum of 3 who loves writing, sharing tips, tricks and discoveries that covers styling, fashion, beauty, lifestyle, health and so much more!

  • Melinda says:

    I admire your dedication to keep running even when the temperature drops low! The only form of exercise I do in Winter is running to from my bed to the lounge room in the mornings to turn the heater on 😉

    • Norlin says:

      Hahaha thanks Melinda. It’s either I pick myself up and run or I sit on my arse all day and not move. :p. I don’t have little kids to run around after now so, best just run huh?

  • Adarsh says:

    Hi, could you plz mention the shoes you wear for running. Am also thinking of taking up running. I will buy the other stuff you mentioned. But am not sure about the shoes.

    • Norlin says:

      Hi Adarsh,
      Good to hear that you’re taking up running. The thing about shoes is, I’d recommend getting yourself fitted out. I went to have mine done over at Athlete’s Foot. You see, different people have different types of feet, arches, the ways they walk etc. so it’s best to get fitted than have me recommend the shoes to wear. 🙂

      • Adarsh says:

        Thanks for the reply norlin. In my head I was asking for a shoe shop from you. But I asked you differently. My bad.. I was confused about where to buy a pair. Coz I don’t own any runners or joggers. But now I will definitely goto athlete’s foot. On a side note, I started following your blog a year ago. You inspired me for online shopping, especially Boohoo. And now u r inspiring me for running. ? thanks.

        • Norlin says:

          Thanks Adarsh! It’s so nice to know that I’ve inspired you so much! 🙂 And I hope you’ve been enjoying my posts so far! 🙂 Do let me know if there are other topics you’d like me to cover and I’ll do my best to have them researched and written up! 🙂

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