Getting More Volume and Texture with Joico’s Hair Shake

Getting More Volume and Texture with Joico’s Hair Shake

The ageing cycle and having kids also mean that the thickness of my hair isn’t what it used to be, compared to when I was a lot younger.  Add some constant hair colouring, heat treatments, and whatever other treatments I’ve had done to my hair, it’s no surprise that I’m always looking for new ways and products to add some volume to my otherwise flat hair.

I’ve tried quite a number of products, all of which worked well of course – there’s dry shampoo for days when I cannot be bothered to wash my hair but still want that fresh scent and volume or even the volumising powder – but that doesn’t mean I should give up the search for good volumisers!  Which is how *Joico’s Hair Shake came into play.  Not only was I intrigued by the name, but how this product actually worked!

*Joico’s Hair Shake

The Hair Shake is more a texturiser than a volumiser but to me, when you add texture, you sort of add some volume and in my case; a lot more body.

joico hair shake

What I liked about the Hair Shake was the fact that it sprayed on wet but dried to a powdery finish!  Having said that, I didn’t encounter any powdery residue at all and the non-sticky formula also means that you won’t get any yucky residue left on your hair.

joico liquid to powder hair shake

How to use Joico’s Hair Shake

  • The Hair Shake is best used on DRY hair.  So basically style your hair as you would, be it blow drying straight, curling your hair – in other words, set the foundation for the style you want.
  • Here I’ve decided to curl my hair with a curling iron.
  • Then working in sections, starting at the bottom, shake the bottle first to mix the contents (that’s why it’s called the Hair Shake!) and spray on the desired area.
  • Using your fingers, tease the hair to add some texture.
  • The end result is not only a more texturised style but it also gives my hair a bit more volume and gorgeous body too.  Sexy bedhead, that actually didn’t take that much effort to create!

hair transformation with Joico Hair Shake

I could go all the way and add more volume if I wanted to as the product allows you to layer it on and no, you won’t end up with that hard finish like you would with hair spray.

I’ve tried it on just freshly blow dried hair and boy have I been having good hair days lately!

belted scarf

This photo is my second day hair – not even freshly washed mind you – and blow dried then spritzed with Joico’s Hair Shake right at the roots.  Then I rub the product in and quickly blasted my hair, once over with a hair dryer again, just to set the product.  Can you see the difference from the top photo with no products and this one even?  Yes, I was amazed!

I’ve included a video showing three different creations with the Joico Hair Shake:

I’m going to see what other ways I can use this product.  Stay tuned for more hair styles in the near future!


*Product was given for editorial consideration, all comments are my own.



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