Love, Like & Loathe: Ariel Candle, Dyson V6 Absolute, Eyelash Curler & Cowardice

Love, Like & Loathe: Ariel Candle, Dyson V6 Absolute, Eyelash Curler & Cowardice

This week’s Love, Like & Loathe is a rather big one.  I have a few items that I really wanted to place in my “love” list but I had to weigh up the pros and cons and be real about it you know.  Sometimes you can get distracted by the pretty things and not see the cons in something.  Ok, so let’s get to it shall we?

LOVE – *Ariel Scented Candle

Making my “love” list this week is the Ariel scented candle, created by the previous 1Skin Solution founder, Raylene Barton.  First, let me give you the story behind this candle.

This isn’t just a lovely scented candle but it’s a candle with cause.  With every purchase made, $5 will be donated to the Down Syndrome Association and Lifestart Australia.  You see, Raylene’s child has Down’s Syndrome – something she didn’t expect until the birth of dearest Ariel.  Yes, the candle is named after her gorgeous daughter (I’ve been following her on instagram and seeing the lovely cute shots of Ariel).  You can read more about their journey here.

ariel scented candle

While I was given a sample size of the candle, I was actually pleasantly surprised at how strong the scent was to be able to reach most of the spaces in my home.  And the best part was, even after I had blown out the candle, the gorgeous scent still lingers.  The base note of patchouli, mixed with heart notes of  jasmine and fruity top notes of nectarine and black current, black raspberry and black cherries are perfect for the colder seasons as it fills the home with a nice warm scent.  And when Mr. C doesn’t say, “What’s that weird smell”, when he gets home from work, I know this scent is a hit with everyone at home.

The Ariel scented candle is available in a 320g jar with 60 hours burning time for $45.10 plus postage.  Made from eco-friendly soy wax and with the wick made out of natural fibres, you can be rest assured that there won’t be any harmful chemicals burning in your home.



*Dyson V6 Absolute Vacuum Cleaner rrp$899

I was lucky enough to be amongst the few bloggers who got to not only see a demonstration of the new cordless Dyson V6 Absolute at the recent Food & Wine Show last month, but also get to actually try it out at home!  And yes, I got to keep it too.  With a price tag of $899 for the whole system – yes I’m calling it a system – this baby does rock my world.

I did own a Dyson vacuum cleaner a long time ago.  Say more than 11 years ago, when they first started getting popular.  It was the draw of the bagless vacuum that got us intrigued.  Had it for a few years until it finally carked it and died.  Yes the suction was great, yes we should’ve bought another one, but I was a bit over the bagless idea.  I wanted something I can simply throw out instead of having to  empty and get dust all over my face.  Plus I was a bit rough with the thing and sort of cracked the container that held the dust and dirt.  Oops.  So, honestly it was curiosity that got me wanting to know what was so great about this V6 Absolute.

dyson v6 absolute

Well, the best thing I think would have to be the fact that it is CORDLESS!  Cordless people!!  Which means I can drag it anywhere I want to in the house without having to detach cords and what not.  Best thing is, I don’t have to drag it because it is pretty light!  And because of that, I could get the minions to do the vacuuming without having to threaten them with no food if they didn’t.  Kidding!  I don’t threaten my kids… or maybe I do.

dyson v6 absolute on the stairs

Anyway, I do love that I can get some quick vacuuming done in areas where I cannot be bothered to vacuum like the stairs.  I HATE vacuuming the stairs because imagine having to pull and carry up your vacuum cleaner up the stairs each time.  URGH!  With the Dyson V6, it means I can easily vacuum the stairs without breaking into a sweat.  Another bonus factor?  I can also easily vacuum those lovely creations made by spiders up on my ceilings!  Finally, for a cordless vacuum cleaner, it does pack a punch when it comes to suction.  I’ve tried a few generic cordless vacuums and nah… they just didn’t cut it.

With so many good things touted about the V6 why is it not on my “love” list?  Well for one, it’s more for a quick cleanup of smaller areas.  Perfect for kitchen mess, or like I said, the stairs.  Not so much for a double storey house.  You would need to re-charge as it runs for 20 minutes.  I take about an hour to vacuum my house properly.  The V6 comes with 2 different heads – soft roller head cleaner for hard surfaces and the direct-drive for carpets.  I would need to change the heads when I vacuum different surfaces, unlike traditional vacuums where you only have to switch a lever on the head.  Like I said, it has a small capacity and so you would need to empty the vacuum as you go – perfect for smaller spaces.


*QVS Curl Wonder Eyelash Curler

tools for mascara application

I shared some tips on mascara application earlier this week and got to try out this eyelash curler from QVS.  Nothing special right?  I mean it’s an eyelash curler so what’s the big deal?  Well, let me share a story of my favourite stolen eyelash curler.  I hate curling my lashes because of the fear of clipping my lids.  Can anyone say OUCH!  But finally found the love of my life lash when Her Fashion Box included this amazing eyelash curler in one of their boxes a long while back.  That was also when Miss 13 started experimenting with makeup, namely mascara… and so decided to “borrow” my eyelash curler.  Let’s just say, anything that any of my girls borrow never seem to head back to me.

So the search for a decently priced eyelash curler that fits and curls nicely began.  And I sort of found it, a similar one to the one from Her Fashion Box.  But, still wasn’t that quite right.  It wasn’t until I tried this particular one from QVS that I thought – wow, not bad!  It didn’t clip my lids, fitted well and actually curled my lashes nicely!  Apparently this particular one has a wide edge-free rim, meaning it can capture more of your lashes, which equates to more lashes curled.  The flat edge and curved bar also helps to spread the lashes across the eyelids.  That’s what got me, the fact that my lashes spread out gorgeously!  The Curl Wonder is available at Target and retails for just under $10.


LOATHE – Cowardice

I have had a few loathes I had to weigh up this week.  But I think this particular one topped the list – cowardice.

What I loathe about cowardice is when it’s at the expense of others.  That just pisses me off.  The way I see it is, if you truly believe that what you’re doing or have done is right, then go for it.  Stand up for it.  Sure you might get shot down from the people who thought loved you, but that’s life.  It’s about taking chances and standing up for what you believe in.  No point sharing it with people who really would not want to be burdened by your secrets.  That’s just being selfish.  The case might have been that you needed a listening ear but it’s unfair to do that and expect others to not do or say a thing if it will affect them in the end.  No point in enjoying the fact that you’re put on a pedestal while others suffer the wrath of YOUR decisions, while you hide behind the curtain of truth.  I hate cowards.  I think cowards are just like liars.  They live a life behind a curtain of lies while hurting those around them.

Wow.  That felt good to let it out actually.


So, that’s it for this week’s Love, Like & Loathe.  Have you had a chance to try any of the things on my love and like lists?  Do you loathe cowards too?  Would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section.







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  • Kathryn says:

    Hi Norlin

    I have a Dyson, it’s one of the bag less variety and I love it. I really want a steam mop though! Love love love your thoughts on cowardice. Agree totally. I might just print it off and put it on the notice board at work lol!

    Kathryn xx

    • Norlin says:

      Hahaha.. glad you shared my sentiments on cowardice Kathryn! Hmm… I have a steam mop. Used it a few times and then ditched it – well, it’s just sitting in the laundry. Some people LOVE and swear by it. The steam mop just made me aggro (I’m weird like that). Instead of steaming, it actually left like wet marks… as if I’m using any other mop really.
      I AM however loving my Rubbermaid reveal microfibre mop. All I have to do is fill the tumbler with water and floor detergent, spray and wipe. And recently, the vacuum place nearby said they’re bringing in the replacement cleaning pads, which I desperately need!

  • Thank you thank you for this great review and I am so pleased you love our candle. I hate cowards and lies to. They tend to be of the same kind. I have had a lot of experience with one of late.

    • Norlin says:

      What is it with these cowards hey? Well, at least it’s good that we can spot them a mile a way! Good riddance from our lives I say.
      Thanks for letting me try your candle! I might have to purchase the larger size once this one burns out. 🙂

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