Strobing & More Mascara Application Tips

Strobing & More Mascara Application Tips

You asked for it, so you’re getting it!  You wanted more beauty tips and tricks, so I’m bringing it back.  It won’t be a weekly thing because on Tuesdays, are when I share other beauty related topics too.  This week, I’m sharing some tips and tricks I’ve recently picked up.  First up, it’s all about strobing


Some of you might have heard of this term, while there are others who might associate strobing with those disco strobe lights.  I don’t blame you if you did because I thought the same thing too.  And yet, you’re not far off there, because it is somewhat associated with lights, just not the disco kind.  More about lighting up your face really.

In all honesty, strobing is just another word for highlighting really and I think it is way easier than learning to highlight AND contour.  In this case, you’re just concentrating on highlighting your face.  While it is pretty easy to do, you might go a bit overboard and end up looking like you’ve got a shiny, oily face, so make sure you apply the highlighter sparingly.

Basically, the idea is to highlight the high points on your face, like I said, much like your regular highlighting.  The areas to strobe are:

  • Above your eyebrows
  • Cheekbones
  • Bridge of your nose
  • Cupid’s bow

How to strobe

Gosh is it just me, or does that sound so wrong?  Anyway, I’m using the ^Face of Australia Lumi-tint illuminating stick in When in Rome to do my strobing.  I’m using a smaller, flat, pointed brush to apply the highlighter onto the areas I’ve mentioned above.


I prefer to add a little translucent powder AFTER applying my base and before doing the strobing.  That way the product will stay on my skin a lot longer.

applying translucent powder

Whether you’re using your fingers or a brush, all you need to do is pick some product with the tool of your choice and lightly apply it onto the areas I’ve mentioned above.

lumi tint when in rome


Make sure you strobe AFTER you have applied your base, be it your foundation, BB Cream or tinted moisturiser.

strobing cheekbones

After applying the highlighter on the areas you want to strobe/highlight, simply buff  and blend with a blending brush.  Voila!  You’ve strobed your face 😉 .

face with strobing

Mascara Application Tips

I’ve shared a tiny, simple tip with regards to applying mascara a long while back, but here are more tips I’ve picked up thanks to this video from QVS.

Here are the tips shared on the video:

  • Before curling your lashes with an eyelash curler, make sure you warm up the curler with your fingertips.  This will prevent your lashes from sticking onto the cold metal of the curler.

warm up the eyelash curler

  • Make sure you don’t exert too much pressure onto your lashes when curling them – preventing any breakage.

curling lashes

  • One way to apply mascara is to hold the mascara wand close to your lashes and blink onto the wand.
  • Another way is to lift your upper eyelid and brush on the mascara.  This will prevent the mascara from getting onto your eyelids.  I find that using a smaller mascara brush works well this way.
  • Need another coat for extra volume?  Make sure the mascara is dry before applying a second coat and then separate with a lash comb to give a much fresher look to your eyes.

I’ve also picked up an extra tip to prevent any clumping of lashes.  Make sure you wipe off any mascara before loading it up again.  This will lessen any clumping that can happen due to a build up on the brush.

Easy to follow tips there and let me know if you do try to strobe your face!  Let me know how you go with that.


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