Random Monday: What YOU Want To

Random Monday: What YOU Want To

Two weeks ago I hosted a giveaway and in one of them I asked a rather specific question – What you’d like to read/see more of from this blog? – To me, writing doesn’t just act as a release of my creative side, but I also write for my readers.  I mean no point writing when nobody wants to read it right?  Which was why I asked that question because I wanted to find out what YOU would like to see more of.  And here are the results!

What YOU Want To


  • Beauty

Skin & hair care for Asians – considering I AM an Asian so yeah, it really would be good that I do delve into that segment.  But I think I’ll write it up to provide options for Asians and non-Asians.

More budget beauty – I think this is definitely my forte because like you, I too don’t like spending too much money when it comes to my beauty and/or skincare regimes.  So I hope I can find more to whet your appetite!

More how-tos including videos – I’ll try my best with video tutorials as it does take a lot of time to a) film, b) edit c) upload, so that one will be rather sporadic.  Written tutorials with photos, that I can do.  So be sure to share with me in the comments below what type of make-up tutorials you’d like me to share.  I’ve already got a request for the smokey eye and winged liner tutorial, which I have done but will do more of as there are quite a number of different techniques out there.

Hair tutorials – Now that I’m growing out my hair, I’m really looking forward to playing around with different hair styling options!

Lipstick-a-day – Remember I did this lipstick-a-day challenge where I had to wear a different lipstick/lip product each day to see how many I have and as a way of sorting out which ones I should throw out or keep?  A reader suggested doing this yearly and you know what?  What a fabulous idea!!  It does force help us to wear the lippies we might overlook and have forgotten.  What say you?  Are you in?

More reviews – this includes the budget beauty and non-budget ones, with swatches, something I seldom do because it is so hard to capture the right tones but I will try my very best!  And yes, I will keep it real like always, sharing with you the pros and cons about the products.

More beauty tips – If it’s one thing I love learning while on my blogging stint is picking up new tips from experts and yes, I’m hoping to get a lot more tips that I can share with you.


  • Fashion & Styling


My personal style – While I run my Fashion Day posts on Thursdays, I’m thinking of sharing more of what I wear (trust me, I’m pretty boring and basic each day) via my Facebook and Instagram accounts, so be sure to follow me on these channels if you haven’t already.  I’ll be using the hashtag #mystyle so you can have a look.  They will be more selfies than actual posed pictures, unless I can get my kids to snap one for me of course.

Styling tips – I will keep on sharing my styling tips via my Fashion Day posts, like I usually do because I’m not just about sharing my own personal style but tips I’ve learnt and picked up.  This could be shopping tips, styling tips, and other miscellaneous tips that comes with creating that look.  If you’re looking for more capsule type posts, be sure to sign up to my Weekly Catch Ups if you haven’t already.  That’s where you get to download the weekly chapters to my Styling Basics e-book, which includes the different capsule pieces you would need to make dressing up easier.


  • Health & Lifestyle etc

Recipes – I am so far enjoying testing out new recipes that are healthy, simple and delicious, so yes, I will be sharing more of those on my blog.  This includes snacks, and even daily dishes.

General health – Tips on keeping up with my health, which is what I will still continue doing.

Reviews of places (local) – Seeing that I do have a number of local Melbourne readers, I’ll still be sharing my reviews of places I eat, visit, and even movies I’ve watched.  There are so many local gems around here that I’m keen to explore and it makes a great read for those who might be contemplating on visiting Victoria/Melbourne.


  • DIY

I’m a bit stumped with this one.  There are so many types of DIY and I’m going to hazard a guess that it’s got to do with fashion and beauty?  At least I hope that’s what it is because I am not very good with tricky homewares.  Although easier ones I CAN manage!  Would love to hear what sort of DIYs you’d like to see on the blog and while I can’t promise it’ll happen, I can surely try to make it happen – even if it’s not ME who is doing it! 😉


  • Personal/Family

This would be rather tricky as my kids are a lot older now and I have to be careful what I share about my personal life.  There will still be the general shares of course just not too personal I guess?  I just found out the other day that my daughter does read my posts, which does mean I have to be wary of what I write – not that I haven’t been anyway.  Plus, going into teaching means sharing about my personal life has to be rather limited to what I CAN share too.  But, I will still stay true to myself as always. xx


Thank you again for sharing your suggestions!  I really appreciate the lovely feedback and especially the encouragement that I’ve been doing a good job so far too!  Feeling the love here. 🙂

Be sure to share more of your views in the comments below!  Stay tuned tomorrow when I share with you some tips I’ve picked up on getting those va va voom lashes!  Or at least on how to apply mascara effectively.




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