Long Hair? Yeah yeah… Styling Real Hair Extensions

Long Hair? Yeah yeah… Styling Real Hair Extensions

A few weeks ago you would have seen me with instant long hair and then once again last week on my Fashion Day post, I had long curly hair.  Thanks to the people at *Irresistible Me who sent a box of real hair extensions, I got to have a play with different ways to style these extensions.

So far I’ve only worn them two ways – straight and with some curls.  The great thing about the extensions being made from real human hair is the fact that I can heat style and apply products to it and then wash it just like my own hair.

I got sent the Silky Touch hair extensions in chocolate brown to match my own hair.  There are six different lengths and three different weights to choose from, with prices starting at US$79.  The extensions come in a lovely box in zip lock bags with clips at the top for you to easily clip onto your own hair.

irresistible me straight hair

The quality was surprisingly really good, as they were thick, strong and looked really healthy too.  I just hope whomever that sold their hair got a good price for that.

Choosing the right length and weight

Choosing the right length and weight for your hair type can be very tricky for first timers.  The people at Irresistible Me were very helpful and suggested that I picked the 200g as it comes with the maximum number of hair extensions – 10 pieces to be exact.  Always pick more over less as at least it will ensure that you have enough to create that more natural look.

As for the length, because I have a shorter length hair, I decided to go with the shortest length they have available.  The longer the extensions, the harder it is to style if you have shorter hair.  Of course you’d need to measure the length of your own hair and then go for one measurement up from the list of lengths they’ve got.  That way you wouldn’t need to re-cut the extensions and makes it a lot easier to create that more natural look.

How to Clip It on

As I’ve mentioned previously, the extensions come with these easy to clip-on clips but the issue you might come across with is, which ones do you put where first!  Good thing there are videos on their website of other vloggers showing you how to do that.  That was how I knew how to wear mine.  There’s a technique to it ladies!

You start at the base with the 2 clips extensions, followed by 3 and then further up, the 4.  You then add the 2 and 1 clip on the sides to give you a fuller style.  I think I could have added a few more extensions on the sides to create a fuller, more natural look.

irresistible me straight hair

Here’s the video I followed and I’m actually a fan of this vlogger too, what a coincidence! 😉


Styling Real Hair Extensions

While you can wear them straight and then tie it up into a side pony tail or regular ponytail, or even style it up with some hair accessories, I’ve decided to share with you how I’ve curled it.

irresistible me extensions curled

Instead of attaching them all onto my hair and then curling my hair, I first curled my own hair with a curling iron.  Then I curled the individual extensions BEFORE attaching them onto my hair.  Pretty simple really.  You could chose to curl all the individual extensions or do them one at a time and attach it to your hair, which was what I had done here.

I did run through the curling iron on certain areas after attaching the extensions, just so that they look seamless and like part of my own hair.


I could not find anything negative about the quality of the extensions and with prices starting at US$79, I thought it was pretty reasonable.  They were pretty easy to attach onto my own hair but I did have to do a trial and error thing to find out the best way to create a more natural look.  Let’s just say that video helped a lot, and it would be good if they provided some sort of instructions in the box too.

Styling the extensions was pretty easy, especially when I had to curl them.  It didn’t take long and once I got used to knowing which pieces to attach first, it was a pretty quick job really.  In fact I thought having it curled made it look a lot more natural.

What I did find hard to get used to however was the weight of having them attached to my hair.  They did pull a little and I guess it was a matter of getting used to it?  I did love the feel of having thicker hair though!  I have yet to actually go out wearing these extensions because my daughters were laughing at me when I had them on.  Doesn’t help with the confidence I tell you!  But I will do it, probably on my next date night.  Hopefully.

Have you ever tried wearing hair extensions?  How did you find them?  Did you like them?


*I was given the hair extensions for consideration in accordance with the site’s Disclosure Policy. 




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  • The last time I had hair extensions (the glue-in kind) was for my 21st birthday. I have so much hair, it ended up costing me $1,500! I think clip-ins are definitely the way to go – for so many reasons!

    • Norlin says:

      Oh my! $1, 500!! I’ve got friends who do have the glue-in kind that you have to get done at the salon too. They love it but yeah you’re right, I think the clip-ins are so much better – more versatile and way cheaper too!!

  • Flat Bum Mum says:

    I have had a weave once after a disastrous haircut. It didn’t last long as it all tangled but at least I got my long hair back for a little while while my short hair grew. I would definitely use clip in hair extensions. Bron x

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