Random Monday: So This Is 40

Random Monday: So This Is 40

So I’m officially 40 now.  Well, it’s been about three days really and can I just say that it still feels like any other normal day?  It’s true what they say that age is just a number – it’s all about our mindset really.  That part is true indeed.  And they also say that “Life begins at 40”.  Does it?  Well, I’d like to think for me at least, it does.  I mean let’s put it this way, in my 20’s it was all about discovering myself and the world at large, the 30’s saw me starting my life with a family of three kids; it was about setting things up for the future.  And now, the 40’s, with my kids all being in school and I guess I could say it’s MY turn now.  My turn to do what I’ve always wanted to do.  I know my capabilities, what I want and don’t want out of life – this includes issues like friendships, work, work-life balance, what makes me happy.  Simple things that in my 20’s I was still just trying to figure out.

So This Is 40

While it doesn’t feel any different from any other day, I guess the major difference is being able to pave out what I want out of life.  You can cut out the bullsh*t that people feed you because you KNOW that’s all it is.  You begin to realise the true meaning of friendships as you’re more aware of who to trust and who not to.  You realise that while your parents might have, in some way ruined your formative years, you’re now able to move on from that and lead YOUR own life and build a better one for you and your family.  And as far as career goes, you know it’s not always about how much you earn (although that DOES help), but it’s also about doing something you love and enjoy and it ending up NOT being just a job but more of something you want as part of your life.


The Celebration

Instead of some big celebration, I decided to have a small, intimate one, where the food was great (that was VERY important), not too expensive (also VERY important), with a few close friends (yes, that’s really important too!).  The night also had to include some dancing of course!


beer deluxe bar menu

Dinner was held at Beer Deluxe thanks to my friend “Geek’s” suggestion and it had to be in a central location, so where else but at Federation Square.  They created a simple yet scrumptious menu from their list of “beer” food.  We had, mini wagyu beef sliders, fried calamari, pumpkin gnocchi, lemon myrtle school prawns, soft shell tacos, lamb neck nachos and chicken strips.  I think the waiter that served us thought we might not be able to finish all the food.  Well, he thought wrong!  We LOVE our food so, wasting was not an option.  The service was also really good, where the food came promptly at the time specified and we were well looked after throughout the night.

party friends


We then headed out to The Long Room to dance the night away.  I think the draw card was the fact that there was no cover charge and the crowd was somewhat around our age group.  Can’t say I wasn’t disappointed that they didn’t ask for our IDs though! 😀  We danced the night away and had tonnes of fun – well at least I know I did!  And I think my friends saw that “other” side of me that they never thought I actually had – you know the “crazy” side!  Hopefully they’ve recovered from seeing my crazy dance moves.

Unlike in our younger days, we did end the night early.  I got home at just past midnight, which actually surprised Mr. C who had expected me to come in at 2am!  Seriously dude, it would take me WEEKS to recover a late night like that!

Family Dinner

I celebrated my birthday with the kids and Mr. C on Sunday night at the good old Mexico City over in Bentleigh.  I did a review of the place here previously and seeing that I loved Mexican so much thought why not have that!  Plus it was close by and the new school term was starting the next day – so no late nights thank you.   Also, I was also sort of still recovering from my previous late night.  Now this is when age isn’t just a number.

We had the prawn paella, chicken and beef tacos, beef burritos and our family favourite; the potachos.  Because it was for a birthday, we also received a plate of chocolate nachos with ice cream for free!  The service was warm and hospitable – I got hugs from the lady that I believe runs the place and thankfully a quiet birthday song… she did say that usually she would get the whole restaurant to sing for me.  Thank goodness for the quiet one!  I guess she knew that I would feel uncomfortable with all the attention.  Phew!

mexico city bentleigh

Overall, it was a quiet, yet warm and fun 40th celebration.  Just the way I like it really.  Good company, good food and something that will be held in my memories for a very long time.

Thank you to my friends that celebrated it with me, I really appreciate the time taken to come out in what was probably the coldest night of the year and making me feel really special.  Thank you for the presents too!  Love them and I cannot wait to start “using” them 😉 . Thanks to my kids for that really cute card they made – shows how much they really know me – scarily so!  And the video the created just for me (awww…) and to Mr. C for the tickets to the Imagine Dragon concert that we’ll be going to later this year – I think the last concert we both went together to was Macy Gray.  Yes, THAT long ago.

birthday card

And for this cake!  You can’t have a birthday without a cake!



And that’s a wrap!  Now to wait for another 10 years before I have another “momentous” celebration.






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