Friday’s Favourites: Golden, Friday Night Lights & Green Tea

Friday’s Favourites: Golden, Friday Night Lights & Green Tea

Final day to get your entries in for all my FIVE birthday giveaway prizes, which means… I turn 40 tomorrow!  Woohoo!  Thank you again to those who have entered, signed up to my Weekly Catch Ups and shared their amazing suggestions on what they’d like to see more of on the blog.  That really helps to know what’s been working for you and what you really are more interested in.  I’ll share more about that on Monday.  Meanwhile, I’m also glad that it’s finally Friday!  End of the week for everyone and for those of us with school kids at home, I’m sure as much as we’ve enjoyed the time off from making school lunches, I bet we’re also glad that they’re ready to go back and do some learning and socialising instead of just being cooped up at home most of the time.

Friday also means it’s time for this fortnight’s edition of Friday’s Favourites!  Check out what made it on my list this week.

Golden – Travie McCoy featuring Sia


I think Sia has been doing really well with the songs she’s churning out this year.  While she might be the “featured” artist on Travie McCoy’s song, Golden, it’s still a song I think will hit the charts.  She has this distinct voice and the beat of this song is pretty rad y’all.  Even if I still have no idea most of the time what she’s singing.

Have you heard it?  Are you a fan of Sia too?  Which one of her songs are your favourites so far?


Friday Night Lights

I blame the subscription to Netflix for this addiction… We finally signed Miss 13 up to a phone plan, of which she will be paying part of thanks to the money she received from us as a gift for doing so well last semester.  Usually we reward our kids with some kind of monetary incentive for their grades and they get to choose what they want to do with that money.  Miss 13’s phone is now in phone heaven (that was my first iPhone that I passed on to her) and she decided to put that money to good use and get a newer more reliable one.  With that plan came a free six months subscription to Netflix and yes… while I’ve been late to the game, I am now hooked on that thing, especially this series – Friday Night Lights.


 “Friday Night Lights title card”. Via Wikipedia

It is a story that centers around high school football in Dillon, Texas and we get to take a look at the lives these boys, because that’s what they are boys, have and how much football runs their lives, in order for them to get out of that town and even have a future.  It also shows the types of things that happens in a small town, things that yeah, we might think only happens on the big or small screen, but are usually closer to reality than we can ever imagine.

I’m only on season 2 but I have to admit that I was pleasantly surprised that this series got me hooked in right from its pilot.  I would have never thought that I’d be into it at all.  I think the producers are really smart because they managed to use the spice of drama to make this series work and pull in not just the male but female viewers.

Have you seen Friday Night Lights yet?  What are your thoughts on the series?  Do you have Netflix too?  What other series would you recommend me to check out?

*Carmex Jasmine Green Tea Lip Balm 

When I first received the Carmex Jasmine Green Tea lip balm, I have to confess that I did wonder if it was another gimmicky flavoured lip balm.  Carmex lip balms have been pretty decent whenever I have used them, but not really rocked my boat that I loved them.

carmex jasmine green tea lip balm

The Jasmine Green Tea lip balm however, changed that experience.  It comes in a small yellow tube and has a dome shaped applicator.  First, points for being in a tube because, I don’t really enjoy dipping my fingers into a lip balm container to rub all over my lips, unless I was going to bed and I know that my hands are perfectly clean… ok, maybe not perfect but you get what I mean.  Once you twist open the lime green cap, and sniff the contents – yes admit that you do take a little sniff of something before using them, regardless of what they are – and you’re hit with a lovely jasmine scent!  You know, just like jasmine tea?  And once you apply a little of the balm on your lips?  Let’s just say it’s just like having green tea without actually drinking green tea!  GORGEOUS!  Makes me apply more than necessary.

This lip balm now sits on my study table where I do my work and gets used each time I feel the need to (or even when I don’t).  Yes, like any other lip balm it is sticky, but I don’t mind it because of the taste and scent it gives.  Keeps me zen… at least I think it does! 😉  Have you tried any of the lip balms from Carmex?  What about this particular one?

And that’s a wrap!  Stay tuned tomorrow when I announce the winners of the birthday giveaways!


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