Fashion Day: Contemporary Boho & Earthy Chic

Fashion Day: Contemporary Boho & Earthy Chic

I’m not that much into boho chic, as much as I love it, and actually used to style that way.  I love the colours that a boho chic style offers, what with the muted prints, a mix of fun, yet earthy colours and the beautiful embellishments like beading and lace that it usually comes in.  Now I’ve learned how to mix those into my own style and personality, giving it a more contemporary feel.  No floaty frou frou for this girl, or even when I do, I’d usually team it with something more structured, solid or edgy to make it mine.  And that is what personal style is all about – making it YOURS.

Contemporary Boho & Earthy Chic

So what exactly is boho chic?  And yes, I Googled it to find the specific meaning even though I know what it is.  For your reading pleasure, boho chic is:

a style of fashion drawing on various bohemian and hippie influences

Essentially, it epitomises freedom, so floating fabrics were in, as were natural fabrics and materials.

Last Saturday was more of an easy, chill out day for me so I dressed to suit the occasion.  Having said that, I also wanted to add some colour because the weather was blood sad and dreary that day too!

contemporary boho bohemian traders blanket jacket

Blanket Jacket – Bohemian Traders (similar colours ^here)

^Black Merino Long Sleeved Top – Glassons

Dark denim skirt – Mix Apparel (similar here)

^Black leggings – Boohoo

94A Wood Watch in cherry – JORD Watch

Boots – Novo

I bought this colourful ^blanket jacket from Bohemian Traders when it first launched its online store.  I loved the mix of orange and navy in the prints, which by the way are also rather unique.  While it’s not necessarily very warm – you’ll need to wear long sleeves or thermals if you want to wear this in winter – I love the warmth of the colours it does give.

I kept it simple with a black merino wool top and paired the top with a simple dark wash denim skirt and black leggings.

contemporary boho

Sorry about this slightly blurry image.  The natural lighting was pretty bad and this was the only image I had with the boots.  These tan Chelsea style boots were a new addition, thanks to that 40% off at Novo shoes.  I’ve been looking for this style for a very long time, but didn’t want to spend an arm and a leg for them.  These were the perfect pair for me in terms of style, colour and price – hello, it only cost me $42!  The tan from the boots added that “earthy” touch to this outfit and finally that *watch!  I am in love with this watch!  Thanks to *Wood Watches from JORD, I got to touch, feel and wear this gorgeous wood watch.  As the name says, it IS made from wood.  The scent of wood is amazing too.  I love the dark cherry shade and the style of the strap makes it look as if I’m wearing a bracelet – two in one I say!  It also adds that “earthy” element to this contemporary boho style.


JORD logo

JORD wood watches

I have also had an inclination for men’s style watches, which is why Mr. C always tries to hide his watches from me…hahahaha.  He doesn’t realise though that his wrists are bigger than mine, so I could never really wear them anyway.

JORD wood watch packaging

JORD cherry watch

I think this watch is great for men or women – in fact I think it’s a men’s watch.  But hey, I think we women are lucky in that we can wear stuff designed for men and still look good in them 😉 .


Elements of a Contemporary Boho Chic

In a nutshell, here are some tips on how to add that bit of boho into your style to create that contemporary boho chic.

  • Keep everything else streamlined and only have ONE boho element.  This could be in the form of an embellished handbag, clutch, or even just jewellery.  In this case I’ve picked the jacket, which still has boho elements in terms of the prints but adding the contemporary element with the structure of the blazer/jacket.
  • By making it “mine”, I’ve not gone off the tangent and teamed up the boho piece with a slimming silhouette like the denim skirt and leggings.
  • Wear other “earthy” themed accessories – I’ve chosen the watch and tan boots over here.


Are you keen on boho chic but have always been unsure of how to wear it to suit YOUR personality?  Will you try the “contemporary” boho chic styling?


*Item was given for editorial consideration in accordance with the site’s Disclosure Policy. 

^Denotes affiliate links, sales from which will earn me a small commission but is at no extra cost to you. 



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