Monday Eats: Movenpick Box Hill

Monday Eats: Movenpick Box Hill

After hijacking our own date night last week, Mr. C and I finally managed to have some alone time this past Saturday night.  The guests (my mum and sis) had finally gone home in the wee hours of the morning, and I was set to get into – chill out mode.

Dinner was something simple as I really felt like having some curry laksa noodles, just because the weather was so cold and dreary, plus Mr. C had promised a big dessert afterwards, thanks to the coupon he purchased from one of those special coupon deals.

We headed down to Paparich over in Chadstone for a good old simple Malaysian meal and then headed down to Movenpick in Box Hill for our dessert platter.

Movenpick Box Hill

movenpick box hill

Movenpick is a dessert parlour specialising in ice cream from Switzerland.  I first had a taste of their delicious ice cream when I was in Singapore, a very long time ago.  You see, Mr. C doesn’t believe in paying for over-priced ice creams, that was until he had some on the plane, on our way back from Singapore.  Wait, let me correct that.  He STILL doesn’t believe in paying for over-priced ice creams, which was why he bought these coupons. DUH me!

Anyway, he realised how creamy and full of flavour the ice cream was – not like he’d believe me even if I told him – so saw this opportunity to try it out at a price that doesn’t seem ridiculous to him.  Honestly though, I have no idea how much he paid for the coupon but it definitely was a lot less than the original price.

If you’re keen on reading more about the history of Movenpick, you can do so here.  Besides ice cream, Movenpick also has sorbets, great for those of us (namely me) who are lactose intolerant.  There are also other decadent desserts, as well as pancakes, waffles, milkshakes and my favourite, their sparkling sorbets!

What We Had

The coupon entitled us to have two plates of their premium waffles and/or pancakes and a milkshake, smoothie or sparkling sorbet each.  We picked the nutty waffle, which came with two nutty flavoured ice cream and we also went for the berry pancakes, which came with strawberry ice cream and a berry sorbet.  We decided to share both platters so we could see what they each tasted like.  For drinks, Mr. C went for the strawberry milkshake and I decided to go for their lemon and lime sparkling sorbet.

movenpick premium waffles

I loved both the waffles and pancakes but preferred the waffles.  That could also be the fact that I wasn’t too keen on the berries on my pancakes.  Chocoloate is my kryptonite and had Mr. C paid attention to my request, he would’ve ordered the chocolate pancakes.

movenpick premium pancakes

The sparkling sorbet was a kicker!  I LOVED it!  It was actually the lemon and lime sorbet mixed with sparkling mineral water.  The great thing about it is it helped to cut the richness of the ice cream that came with the waffle, thanks to the refreshing taste.  If I’m not mistaken, the sparkling sorbet also came in mango and berry flavour.

Movenpick milkshake and sparkling sorbet

Mr. C preferred the pancakes over the waffles but I suspect it’s because he was already full from the pancakes to be able to enjoy the waffle – I had the waffle first while he had the pancakes first before we switched plates.  His strawberry milkshake was surprisingly light.

There are quite a number of Movenpick parlours in Melbourne and other states. You can find out where here.


I think this would be a place that both Mr. C and I would definitely come back to.  If not to have their dessert platter, it would be to enjoy their pretty extensive range of ice cream flavours and sorbets.  In fact we did have their ice cream once, just to stake the place out.  I didn’t mind their waffle or pancake platter because let’s face it, the prices of desserts are similar almost everywhere these days.  Their premium waffle was $16.95 with two waffles and two ice cream, their pancakes also cost the same but came with four little pancakes.  Their drinks weren’t too pricey, with milkshakes starting at $7.95.  I mean it won’t be something we’d have every single week, but more like a little treat really.


Movenpick Box Hill

Box Hill Central

53a/1 Main St

Box Hill

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Have you tried anything from Movenpick before?  Even if it’s overseas?  What other dessert parlours have you been too?  I’m a HUGE fan of desserts so, share your favourites in the comments section.

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