Love, Like & Loathe: Flashlight, Pitch Perfect 2 & Dog Poo

Love, Like & Loathe: Flashlight, Pitch Perfect 2 & Dog Poo

ast Friday I was stumped as to what to share for the fortnightly Love, Like and Loathe segment.  It was so hard when I didn’t have anything to share.  So I asked Miss 13 and she piped up, “You love me, like food and loathe dog poo!”  She was absolutely right, and after three glasses of red wine that Friday night, I actually had an idea what to share but it was a bit late in the night so I’m sharing it this week instead. 😉

LOVE – Flashlight

You might be wondering why I’ve listed the word “Flashlight” as something I loved this week.  You see, Miss 13 was right, I do love her, and the other two kids, in fact, this small family unit of mine.  Jessie J’s “Flashlight” sums up how I feel about them because they’re just that – my flashlight.  The chorus perfectly describes what they mean to me and how without they are actually the ones that keep me going and not give up on life.  They make me want to better myself and get out of that rabbit hole.  So sappy but true.

flashlight chorus


LIKE – Pitch Perfect 2

pitch perfect 2

I managed to catch Pitch Perfect 2 with Miss 13, two weeks ago and while I loved the first one, I thought Pitch Perfect 2 was funny but wasn’t that spectacular.  Loved Rebel Wilson, but I thought some of the jokes sort of fell flat and the story seemed to drag on and on at certain points.  It was however, entertaining nonetheless and I did enjoy the 90’s music fest – something I thought Miss 13 and other teens in the cinema might have not felt familiar with.  I mean, hello, they either weren’t born yet or were just little babies when songs like Sisqo’s Thong Song was popular!  If it wasn’t how dragging the story line was, I think it could have made it onto my Love list.

LOATHE – Dog Poo


Miss 13 wasn’t wrong when she said that I loathed dog poo, because I do!  I don’t blame the dogs, I just think dog owners should respect the fact that we don’t like to have to avoid having to step on their dog’s poo while we’re walking or running.  I mean, imagine if I had gotten my kids to take a dump on the nature strip while they were younger?  It’s called common courtesy people!  Bring a bag and BAG IT!  Not that hard.  If not, just get your dog to poo in YOUR OWN BACKYARD!  I’ve begun to sound like a broken record each time I’m out with the kids on the beach or even in our neighbourhood telling them to,  “Watch out for poo!”

That’s it for this week’s Love, Like and Loathe.  What made your week?  Do you loath owners who don’t pick up after their dogs either?  Have you seen Pitch Perfect 2?  What did you think of the movie?





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  • lol @ the dog poo. I find it disgusting how owners let their dogs poo and don’t pick it up. Most of the owners at our dog park, all carry poo bags. We always carry at least one, my dog loves pooping in public haha

    • Norlin says:

      Most of those I’ve seen do carry poop bags, but I have seen some who sneakily pretend their dog didn’t just do a poo and walk away! Or let their dogs run free and poo and then pretend they didn’t see anything. Like seriously? Eww…

  • I carry poo bags all the time when I walk Janey. I think I may be the only one in my whole neighbourhood that picks up after his/her dog. Dog poo is very easy to pick up (try cleaning after pee; that’s worse!). Bloody lazy people. My dog, tsk tsk, she has the habit of pooing on top of other dogs’ poo. Which means i have to pick up extra poo! >.<

    • Norlin says:

      Ewww! It’s ok to pick up your own dog’s poo but another dog’s? Bleurgh! Need to train her not to poo on another dog’s poo! Yikes! Yeah, I know there’s like a pooper scooper to scoop poo or you can just turn the bag inside out when you pick it up (ewww). But dog wee? URGH maybe I should reconsider getting a puppy :p

      • Janey’s a princess; she won’t do her business at home. More so because we don’t have any grass in our yard. I have to take her out to the grassy patches to do her business instead. It’s actually much easier to use the poo bag to pick up poo (the inside out method) than to use the pooper scooper because you gotta wash the latter. Having said that, it’s far more economical to use the scooper.

        Yeah, cleaning up dog wee is far worse. Wipe, spray, mop, spray, mop again. Poo, just pick up. Hahaha all the joys of being a dog owner. 😛

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