Health & Lifestyle: Putting Myself First

Health & Lifestyle: Putting Myself First

I’ve been busy this morning.  Well, busy putting myself first and as one of my personal trainers say, “Being the boss of your health”.  And I’m not just talking about physical, but also mental health.  I didn’t do much this morning, I let my body rest from any running – besides the fact that my legs were still sore from running yesterday and a metafit session on Monday.  I also let my mind rest, whereby I didn’t start attacking my emails or even this blog until after midday.  Now that was a huge ask for someone who loves to just get on with things ASAP.  Another thing that I finally did for myself was to go and visit a physiotherapist.  Something I have put off for far too long.  I’ve had issues with the left side of my body ever since I started running about two years ago, but I always put it not doing enough stretches before and after my running sessions.  It did get worse sometime last year where it would hurt so much that I would have trouble walking and feeling the pain the upper left of my hip.   I attributed that to getting older.

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Putting Myself First

I had no expectations at all as I have never been to a physiotherapist before in my life.  Today was the absolute first time ever.  I shared my problems with him – my left hip and calf always hurt after a run – and he immediately piped up saying (while also eyeballing my posture) that I had one leg shorter than the other.  He then put me in front of a mirror and there I stood and bam!  He was right!  No wonder one side was always hurting more than the other after my run!  He had a look at my back – yes I had back issues too – and also my calves.  Man, let’s just say that I know how imperfect I am just from that one visit!  Not only did I have one leg shorter than the other, but I was pigeon toed and my left knee is sort of turned in too! What the?

Thankfully, he “fixed” a few of those issues – my calves felt a lot less tensed – and even showed me a few stretching exercises to help alleviate any pain after running.  I would have to do these exercises every day though, which is fine because they were pretty easy.  I’ve also went out to buy myself an orthopedic in-sole for my right foot to help lessen the burden on one side while walking and running.  My physiotherapist has also taped up my left knee to “correct” the alignment for the next two days.  Oh man I feel old!

Tomorrow, I’ll be getting my blood taken for a health scan, another thing that I have put off, even though I’ve had the referral sheet in my bag since last month!  What brought on this sudden change?  Well, on Monday, I had my BMI and percentage of body fat measured.  While my BMI sat in the “healthy” range of 22, my body fat percentage was rather high; 33%.  And I was definitely not happy about that.  It’s not so much about exercise but what I eat.  I already knew that.  Food is my weakness.  Having said that, I also wanted a second opinion.  Another test to see if that body fat percentage reading was right or not.  I’m hoping it isn’t right but also hoping it is because this could just be that kick up my backside to get things going!

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It’s hard to put myself first most of the time.  For me, getting the chance to go for my running and doing some exercise each week is putting myself first, when actually I needed to do more for myself.  It’s the little things like knowing what’s causing the problems and getting to the root of it just helps a lot and makes you realise you have been neglecting yourself.  Speaking of which, I also managed to paint my nails today!  A small, yet rather significant achievement on my part. 😉

Have you been neglecting yourself too?  Have you visited a physiotherapist before?  What sort of issues did you have?  Did it help you?   Would love to hear your story.




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  • I’ve definitely been neglecting myself lately. Lack of exercise, having too much on my mind (like Vanessa said “too many tabs open”) and generally letting myself go. It’s not a good thing. I’m slowly kicking back things and then getting back on the health bandwagon. Start walking more, that’s a good start, since I hate running. 🙂

    • Norlin says:

      It’s better something than nothing, even if it’s walking. Good on you for re-starting again Tine! I think we often forget that while we’re rushing around trying to do so many different things, we tend to forget that when there’s no fuel to fan the fire (us), we just can’t achieve maximum results.

  • As a woman, I truly believe it’s our natural instinct to put those we love before ourselves. But, in order to be the very best for them, we need to put ourselves (and our health) first. Easier said than done sometimes! Good on you for doing it. x

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