Random Monday: It’s All About The Journey

Random Monday: It’s All About The Journey

Thursday saw Mr. C and I attending Miss 13’s Year 10 information night.  If you’re wondering why at 13 we’re already attending something that’s not meant for the next two year, well, it’s because Miss 13 is part of the accelerated program at her school.  It was something she chose to work for and in no way because you might think I’m a “Tiger Mum”.  I’m far from that honestly.  In fact, I think I should be a little less chilled out than I am already.

Anyway, the reason I’m sharing this is not to boast about my daughter, it’s more about the fact that she’s already been put in a position to think of what she would like to do for her VCE and beyond.  Scary huh?  She has on numerous occasions come up to me and admit that she has no idea what to do, when most of her peers are already discussing their options.  Her main concern was, “How would you know what you want to be?  I’m only 13”.   I hear you Miss 13!  So instead, I told her this:

It’s All About The Journey

its all about the journey

Sometimes, you won’t know what you want to be.  Sometimes you do but you take longer to get there, but you’ll get there eventually.  It’s all about the journey you take to get there.  You might try a few things here and there and find it’s not for you, but that doesn’t mean you haven’t gained anything from it.  You have.  Each thing you go through is a valuable lesson you can learn from.  Go for what you’re passionate about right now.  What you’d love to do and it doesn’t matter if you change your mind later on when you’re older, because we all do.

My Journey

While it’s hard for an adult to admit to a child, let alone their own child, that they didn’t really have a focus when they were their age, I think it is really refreshing and helpful that they do.  It actually helps put things in perspective that Mum or Dad aren’t perfect beings.  We make mistakes.  We don’t always have the right answers but it doesn’t mean we don’t try.  That is what my journey has been.  You see, I did always want to be a teacher.  At least at the back of my mind I did, but every time I tried to pursue it, I was either faced with objections from my family, or I fell pregnant with my kids.  I also think those detours were meant to happen because maybe I might not have been mentally ready for the real thing.

I’ve had a few things on my list of “what I want to be”, while growing up and being a teacher was on that list.  As did being  “a singer, a model, a writer, an actor, a fashion designer, a pyschologist , owning a cafe, owning a store that helps women with their styling”.  See, all that and all somewhat achieved at some level to reach the main destination – being a teacher.  I guess what I’m trying to say is that life is all about trial and error.  You never really know what is going to happen until you try it and if you DO get an opportunity to try, I would say go for it!

Much like my journey as a blogger.  Had I not taken the chance and just do it, I would not have learnt so much about writing, social media, the ins and outs of this industry, and I wouldn’t have met people that I now know and are very good friends with.

I promised myself that I won’t be that parent who forces her kids to be who they are not and do what they are clearly not interested in.  You know what they say about leading a horse to water… you can’t make it drink if it doesn’t want to.  Hopefully my kids will find themselves – I DO know what their strengths are and what they would be good at, but ultimately, it’s their decision.


What about you?   Do you believe in experiencing and enjoying the journey or are you all about the destination?  Have you had a few career “make overs” or detours in your life?





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