Health & Lifestyle: When You Unintentionally Inspire Someone

Health & Lifestyle: When You Unintentionally Inspire Someone

This must be a week of confessions!  Yesterday I confessed my beauty and fashion “sins” and today, it’s time to confess the real me when it comes to health shall we?

If you’ve been following my Health & Lifestyle posts, you might think I’m some health nut, who is absolutely addicted to exercising (or maybe not?), especially if you’ve also been following me on my Instagram account, where I share snaps of my running attempts and goals.  Truth is, I have never been someone who was athletic.  At. All.

A Bad Case of Avoidance

In high school I would almost always be the last one picked or even the last one to volunteer in a team sport.  I would try to avoid any form of exercise, for the fear of the balls hitting my face.  I guess the apple really doesn’t fall too far away from the tree, considering Miss 13 is exactly like me.  I would be the girl who would use her monthly menstrual cycle as an excuse to get out of physical education each time.  It also helped that I usually had male phys ed teachers so really, he couldn’t say no right?  😉  Lame move I know.

The only thing I did enjoy but refused to acknowledge was running.  I loved running.  It was my little secret.  I would groan each time we have to do our physical fitness test of long distance running, but inside, it was pure joy.  Having confessed that bit, I have to admit that I did avoid having to run whenever there were spectators.  I always declined any requests to support my house team on sports days because I hated being watched while I run and it wasn’t because I was afraid I might come in last.  That didn’t matter.  It was the fact that I had a bust size that shall we say was… sizeable compared to the other girls and boy did my male classmates NOT let me forget that.  Each time we had to warm up by running, there would be endless teasing from some of the boys in my class making bouncing sounds as I ran and I even had the term “Burger Queen” coined to my name.  Brilliant.  Not.  Imagine having to go through that at 13 and 14.  Never mind that it soon died down as I got older, the damage had already been done.  I did not want to run.  The only time I did participate was during the cross country races because there wasn’t anyone watching you each step of the way.  I felt free and I did pretty well too.

awesomeness starts now

When You Unintentionally Inspire Someone

It wasn’t until one or two years ago that I started running again and honestly it wasn’t as easy as it sounds.  I had to ease into it slowly.  The gorgeous weather and views also helped of course!  I realised I loved the adrenaline after my run and even when I was on holidays I still tried to sneak in some running time.  It just felt so freeing.  Then earlier this year, I started setting goals for myself.  First it was to hit an average running pace, now it’s to train myself not to stop and pace myself, next it will be to increase the distance.  Baby steps.

let the light shine through

What I didn’t realise was that my Instagram snaps was somehow inspiring someone I knew to start running too. While my friend “Geek”  (not her real name of course!) confessed that she doesn’t necessarily run but telling me that I inspired her to get out there and just do it?  That really touched my heart.  When I started running, it was to inspire myself.  It was to push myself to take better care of my body, to love it, to appreciate the strength it can bring me.  Little did I know, those little snaps actually helped someone else too!  Now THAT felt even better.  So if you’re reading this, and you’re saying “I just can’t seem to get myself to do it”.  Here are some tips for you:

Tips to Start Running

  • Just put on those runners and start walking. I say just move!  Once you get out there, it can get addictive.  Fresh air is addictive, people smiling at you is just wonderful human contact.
  • Find a walking buddy, better still if you’ve got a dog.  Mr. C is my running buddy but now I’ve grown accustomed to running by myself, and I’ve joined a training group too.
  • Walk in areas that can inspire you.  I used to run around my neighbourhood but found that so boring and stopped.  Now I run along the beach and in summer… hello gorgeous views! 😉
  • Once you’ve established a routine, start setting goals.  Start small of course.  If you started off with walking, grow into a slow jogging pace, build it up from there.  Or maybe increase the distance.
  • Get an app to keep you on track.  I’ve shared some amazing exercise apps previously including the running app I’ve been using – Map My Run.  But there are tonnes of free apps and even those that you can set up to give you running programs.
  • Be accountable.  Sometimes we might need a little push.  Maybe share your goals publicly, like on Instagram or Facebook or even Twitter.  Or join an online group of some sort.  That way you have some way of keeping yourself in check.  I have found that setting little goals that I publicly declare helps push me to actually doing it!
  • Get the right gear.  I had to slip this in because getting the right shoes to walk and run in is absolutely important.  Sure it can cost a bomb but think of it as cost per wear AND remember that what you spend on those shoes would save you on unnecessary costs associated with having to fix issues that might arise due to shoes that just don’t cut it.  I was guilty of this and was still running in shoes I bought years ago.  They were great, they were also meant more for indoors and they had already worn out.  I felt it one morning during one of my running sessions.  My Achilles heel hurt so badly that I couldn’t even walk afterwards.   Over $200 later, I now feel better running in what I call, my running investment shoes.  So remember to get your feet properly fitted for running!
  • Finally, it’s alright to have “off” days.  Don’t beat yourself up if you couldn’t reach your goal that day.  Don’t beat yourself up if you ended up walking instead of running that day.  The most important thing is that you are MOVING!

Do you run?  Do you wish you could run?  Tell me, what do you love about running or what’s stopping you from starting?





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  • LeGeeque says:

    Thanks, Norlin x. You most certainly did inspire me. And you’re absolutely right – just keep moving. Even if I don’t meet my goal for the day, I feel better that I’ve run at least that bit. I don’t run for too long. 10-15mins at most. Then I brisk walk home and then I brisk walk out again with Coco 🙂 So that’s almost an hour of moving about. I don’t know how much weight I’ve lost but I know I feel a lot better so who cares 🙂

    • Norlin says:

      So happy to know that I’ve inspired at least ONE person to start and keep moving! It’s great to have a goal, no matter how small. Baby steps I say! Who knows, we might end up running together in some fundraiser – I try to avoid the word half-marathon or even marathon. That might just “kill” me. Too big a goal! LOL!

  • Seriously great tips! I was in a really good habit of walking and jogging for a while there, but sickness and the onset of winter (where did all the daylight hours go before and after work?!) derailed me. Time to get back on track!

    • Norlin says:

      Thanks Sonia! You were feeling a bit bleurgh for a while and yes, having shorter day light during winter can throw us all off! Maybe try doing something during the weekends? It’s a start. 🙂

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