Confessions of a Beauty and Fashion Blogger

Confessions of a Beauty and Fashion Blogger

You would think that being someone who blogs about beauty and fashion that I would automatically have these traits:

  • Primped up each day every day.
  • Love taking selfies
  • Have confidence when taking selfies in public
  • Have confidence wearing what I’ve styled OUT
  • Practice whatever it is that I have preached when it comes to beauty, skin and hair care

Confessions of a Beauty and Fashion Blogger

confessions of a beauty and fashion blogger

Well, while I do try and get primped up each day, in actual fact I am super lazy when it comes to taking care of myself.  True story!  So here’s what I actually do when it comes to beauty and fashion.

  • I don’t wear nail polish most of the time.

I used to take the time to bother painting my nails.  Don’t get me wrong, I actually LOVE seeing colours on my nails and even the act of doing it was actually pretty relaxing.  Sadly, my nails went through a bad phase.  It became brittle and chipped easily.  Let’s just say that my nails had a dummy spit shall we?  So I had to stop painting and started to repair my poor nails.  It’s been a few months now and I think I’m ready to pamper myself again.  Re-paint these boring plain Janes.  And with the recent delivery of the Face of Australia Iconic Nail Polish Collection, I think I’ve been spoiled for choice as to which colour to paint my nails with!

face of australia iconic nail polish collection

  • I keep it simple when it comes to my everyday makeup.

And seriously right now, it’s gotten even simpler than the usual BB Cream and all that jazz.  Most days I go without the BB Cream and just apply concealer underneath my eye area.  I guess it’s because my skin has improved tremendously, or possibly it has settled down a little after a bit of my hormones shifting around.  The only “colours” I would have on my face are on my eyebrows, cheeks, lashes and lips.  Even then, they are just there to accentuate, just a little.

minimal everyday makeup

Minimal makeup everyday face

  • Styling my outfits for my Fashion Day posts.

My Fashion Day posts are not staged just for the purpose of a post.  In fact it helps me wear them out, and more often than not, encourages me to bother putting on makeup, do my hair and dress in other than my regular jeans and t-shirt combination.  You might think that I LOVE taking photos of myself – yes, I use a timer to take my Fashion Day styling posts – well actually I don’t.  I hate taking photos of myself because I do get self conscious of the fact that there are people who know me in real life who read my blog!  It is rather embarrassing, honestly.  Speaking of photos, I also feel uncomfortable taking selfies – outside.  I make sure it’s as discreet as possible, which is why my running selfies are seldom of me smiling.  I think I just get embarrassed too easily!

  • I haven’t had a hair cut in a long while.

I think the last time I had an actual haircut was in February! OMG! I actually had to look through my Instagram to see when it was.  I didn’t realise it was actually that long ago.  Wow..  See, I’m trying to grow out my hair anyway, so that last time was the one where I told the hairdresser my intentions.  Hmm… four months IS a rather long time I guess.  Maybe I need to get something done soon.

hair cut in february

  • Thank goodness for dry shampoos!

Now that I am growing my hair out, I also find that my hair gets a little bit oilier a lot quicker.  So thankfully I have my trusty dry shampoo to lean on during the days where I just do not have time to shampoo my hair (ok, more like too lazy to do it!).

  • I am really lazy when it comes to my weekly beauty regime.

Last year, I was so diligent with doing my weekly beauty regime.  You know, the usual thing like exfoliating with the facial cleansing brush once a week, applying a sheet masque, that sort of thing?  Now, I’d be lucky if I can remember to do it each week!  I still keep up with my regular exfoliation with the Dermalogica Microfoliant a few times a week and my major scrubs each week though.  That is a definite must for me.  As for masques, eh… I’ve been too lazy to do that, and now that I have the sleep mask by Glamourflage, I can actually SLEEP in my mask!  Stay tuned for more on this new thing called “sleep masks”!


I think that’s all I have to confess… for now?   Were you surprised at how I do not put myself first most of the time?  It’s not so much because I am too busy to do it – well that too.  But more like I would rather spend my time doing something else.  Bad I know right!  So I have to make this promise to myself to make some kind of an effort to get primped up.  Thankfully though, I do have nifty gadgets, products and tips to help make my beauty and fashion regime a lot easier to manage.  If you’d love regular styling tips, be sure to sign up to my Weekly Catchups here.  It’s where I share what’s been happening each weekend and you also get to download styling tips that I share only with my subscribers!






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