Monday Eats: The Grand Trailer Park Taverna

Monday Eats: The Grand Trailer Park Taverna

I have a confession to make.  I LOVE burgers, but not just any burger, it must have beef patties that have been grilled to perfection, where I can taste the grilled bits AND still have that amount of juiciness in them.  Sorry vegetarians, look away because I am one huge meat eater and I just love my meat!  While there are so many different burger joints that have popped up over time, both Mr. C and I still love our favourite haunt – Rockwell and Sons.  We have also frequented Ribs and Burgers over in Hawthorn, because while I’ve shared my experience here, their burger has grown on me.  Both Mr. C and I usually get the ribs and sliders special, which comes with two sliders and ribs.  So it comes to no surprise that we would normally try and hunt down new burger joints to try out for our date nights. Two weeks ago, we managed to try out The Grand Trailer Park Taverna over on Bourke Street in the city.

The Grand Trailer Park Taverna

Like most places in the city nowadays, The Grand Trailer Park Taverna does not take bookings, unless it’s for a party of 12 or more, so yes, you would have to take your chance and hope the longest you would have to wait is 20 minutes, which was what happened to us.

Food & Decor

The decor inside is like what I would imagine a trailer would look like, thanks to the numerous movies I’ve seen that depict a trailer park.  No it’s not fancy, but it suits us just fine.  Very hippie though. The menu has about nine different burgers to choose from, all with interesting names.  I chose their Francis Underwood, which had beef pattie, American cheddar, tomato, lettuce, potato mac and cheese croquette, special burger sauce and American mustard on a brioche bun.  It was the potato mac and cheese croquette and brioche bun that made me decide on that!  It was like a double whammy of extra gluttony goodness!  Mr. C kept it simple with their KSA, which is similiar to mine minus the croquette.  To order you would have to go up to the counter but they do bring your order out to you.

the grand trailer park taverna burger


Their other specialty really is their spiked milkshakes.  While I was keen to try their burgers, Mr. C on the other hand wanted to try their milkshakes!  I decided against that because being lactose intolerant, even with the “special” tablets, I knew having the milkshake on top of the cheese would drive my tummy bonkers later on in the night.  I could not for the life of me remember which option Mr. C ended up choosing.  All I remembered was that it sounded really girly but tasted delicious – yes I took a sip.  I on the other hand had my trusty Mountain Goat beer of course.

mountain goat beer grand trailer park taverna

Taste Test

Some might say the burger was of a decent size.  I thought it was pretty big for me.  But that could just be me.  We also did order a side of fries and you know how beers can fill you up easily too, so that could have been another factor?

I didn’t mind the Francis Underwood I had.  The flavours meshed well together and the beef pattie was definitely hearty and grilled to perfection.  But having said that, maybe I should have gone for the simple KSA, because really, sometimes simplicity is best.  How does it measure up against our favourite place Rockwell and Sons?  We still love the burgers at Rockwell, but this place wasn’t too bad.  I just hated not know how busy the might be and how long I would have to wait if I chose to go there.  The service was decent I guess and the prices were just as good.  I didn’t mind it at all.

What we did miss out on was the dessert, which sounded AMAZING!  Next time.  I’ll just have to order something smaller, minus the alcohol and load on the dessert!

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What: The Grand Trailer Park Taverna

Where: 87 Bourke Street Melbourne


Have you ever been to the Grand Trailer Park Taverna?  Are you a huge burger fan like I am?  Where have you tried and LOVED?

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  • I like burgers but I can’t taste the difference between what’s good and what’s amazing. I went to that YOMG froyo place at the Glen the other day and they had decent burgers.

    • Norlin says:

      For me, the pattie has to be juicy, yet I can still taste that “grilled” taste you know? And I can actually taste the freshness of the meat, has to be just the right thickness – not too thin or thick. I’ll have to check out YOMG next time too, seeing that we do head over that area sometimes. Thanks for the tip Kerri!

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