Health & Lifestyle: Staving Off Germs During Winter

Health & Lifestyle: Staving Off Germs During Winter










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Three days into winter and I bet you there’s some of you out there already getting colds or feeling like you are!  It’s a lot worse when our partners and children who bring home the “germs” they pick up while at work or school. BLEURGH!  While we can’t necessarily stop these germs from spreading, there are ways that you can minimise the incidence of that happening.  Good hygiene is paramount to preventing the spread of germs and let me tell you, ever since becoming a mum, I’ve realised that I’ve become a bit of an OCD when it comes to hygiene.

I used to laugh behind my mother-in-law’s back whenever she starts wiping things on the table whenever we’re out for lunch or dinner, now, I find myself being pretty pedantic when it comes to cleaning surfaces and hands before we eat, while we’re out and even at home!  So much so that Mr. C often laughs at my idiosyncrasies, like not touching the traffic light button with my hands but using my elbows and the same goes with opening doors that can be pushed.  Crazy I know.

So to help you go OCD  prevent any spreading of germs I’ve shared my tried and tested tips that would hopefully curb those nasties.

Staving Off Germs During Winter

  • Wipe, wipe, wipe! – Wipe off any potential germs (ok I know they’re everywhere!) on surfaces where you prepare food, and eat regularly.  Preferably each time before you start your food preparation and after and also before and after you eat.  *Disinfectant wipes are a quick and handy way to help kill 99% of germs from frequently used surfaces.

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  • Sanitize it – I know that some of us carry a small *hand sanitizer to help kill off any germs that we might have come into contact with, like say the ATM machine, or even shopping trolleys.  But I also store one in my car for the times where I don’t bring along my handbag and need a quick way to sanitise my hands after pumping petrol into my car.  Also a great way to sanitise our hands or anyone else in the car who might have accidentally sneezed into their hands.

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  • Washing your hands before you cook, eat, and wash your face and after you’ve been to the toilet – Yes I know, it’s pretty much common sense but do you know how many kids AND ADULTS I’ve seen who don’t wash their hands after using the toilet?  Ewww… But it’s true. I’ve heard my kids complain how they’ve seen some of the kids from their class not wash their hands after they’ve been to the toilet and really that’s how germs spread. Not just to those who do practice personal hygiene but to the ones not practicing it too! As much as I wished that schools and all public toilets would install some sort of an automatic soap dispenser, we know that’s not entirely possible.  So it’s great that we CAN have that at home with the *Dettol No Touch hand wash system. Now if only I could also have a sensor system for my taps. I’m pushing it aren’t I?
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth –  Sometimes you might not realise that the surfaces you touch while you’re out and about have some nasty germs like the flu virus on it; courtesy of maybe someone who has accidentally either sneezed on the surface or sneezed into their hand and then touch these surfaces. It is believed that these viruses spread through droplets made when those with flu either cough, sneeze or talk. So really, try not to touch these areas on your face where germs are more susceptible to transferring these viruses.
  • Cover it! – Remember to cover your mouth when you sneeze or cough and remind your kids to do that too. It’s not only considerate to do so but helps stop the spreading of germs.  After that remember to wash or disinfect your hands of course!

These are my simple and handy tips.  Have you got any other tips to share to minimise the spread of germs during winter?  Feel free to share the in the comments section.  I would love to hear what you’ve got up your sleeve.


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  • Hand sanitisers are a must. God, the amount of people who uses public toilets and don’t wash their hands. No wonder germs are spreading around. I’d love to carry around a bottle of spray sanitiser and spray all door handles. Or better yet, yell at the person who doesn’t wash their hands after using the toilet. 😛

    • Norlin says:

      Oooh I didn’t know there was a spray sanitiser!!! I need those! See I prefer toilets where there are no main doors. You know like the newly built ones in malls? They are designed in such a way that you don’ need to touch anything AFTER you’ve washed your hands (or those that don’t).

  • I love Dettol!!! It’s so important to have antiseptic wipes with a tiny tot around because she is full of germs!!!

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