Love, Like & Loathe: Conrad Sewell, Schick Intuition Razors, Klorane & Double Standards

Love, Like & Loathe: Conrad Sewell, Schick Intuition Razors, Klorane & Double Standards

Bring on Friday!  Especially when it’s the long weekend.  I’m not a supporter of the monarchy but yeah call me a hypocrite, but I can’t say no to an extra bit of public holiday.  Not like it matters because apparently according to Master 9, I don’t work.  Plus I’ve got my final (thank goodness!) assignment for this semester due on Monday.  Cruel, just cruel!

Anyway, it’s Love, Like & Loathe time and boy have I got a few things up my sleeves today!  So let’s get to it shall we?

LOVE – Conrad Sewell & Schick Intuition Razors

  • Conrad Sewell – Start Again

This particular song was an unexpected addition to my list of loves this week.  I’ve been listening to it on repeat all week, and didn’t realise that he was the singer in Kygo’s “Firestone”; one of the songs on my running playlist.  Conrad Sewell is also the person who sang “Hold Me Up”.  I just love how high his voice can go!  AMAZING!  Did you know that he’s an Australian??  I didn’t until last night!  And this particular song just seemed to call out to me.  What is it about sad songs eh?  I guess it reminded me of my parent’s marriage.  I think there’s a hole in my mum’s heart that never mends…

  • Schick Intuition Razors

I first shared my love for the Schick Intuition razors here, and then again over here when they introduced their range for sensitive skin. It made a few more appearances and also on my favourites of the year.  The thing is, I’ve had this razor for a long time and even introduced it to my two girls recently because it’s got to be one of the easiest razors to use, ever!

schick intuition razor refills

The system comes with this skin conditioning solid which acts as a moisturiser while you’re shaving.  It also means that you won’t need to use any shaving cream while shaving either.  I call it the lazy girl shaving method.  Now they’ve also got different Skin Conditioning Solids to target different needs.  I’m torn between the *”pure nourishment”, which has coconut milk and almond oil – oh so tropical! And the *”renewing moisture” with the pomegranate extract.  They both have such lovely scents!

Besides purchasing this from your regular supermarkets, the range is actually available at Costco!  They’ve got a pack which has the razor and 9 refills!  Wished I could remember how I much I had paid for the mega pack, but the razor costs only $12.69 and a pack of 3 refills at $13.49 at the regular stores.


LIKE – Klorane

This week’s like list features a product that I’ve heard so much about but never tried.  Maybe I should be more specific and say that it’s the brand and not the product that I haven’t tried.  I’m talking about dry shampoos.

klorane dry shampoo

My favourite is still the Cherry scent from Batiste but I decided to purchase the one from ^Klorane to have a try.  I think I’m beginning to sway my preferences now.  I love how the scent does give my hair that fresh, clean smell instead of a particular scent and it does help fluff up my hair pretty quickly too.  While it’s slightly pricier than the Batiste, I think the fact that I don’t need much is what’s making it worth my money.


LOATHE – Double Standards

Finally, the thing that everyone loves, my list of loathes.  This week I have to share how much I loathe the double standards that society in general afford men and women.  I’m talking in particular about how we react when a hot man parades himself topless versus a hot woman who parades herself in a bikini.

I saw this story in my newsfeed the other day.  The headlines read, “Super Hot Math Teacher Update: His First Magazine Cover!” and let me tell you the comments on that post were all positive.  Women saying they wouldn’t mind having him as their teacher and all that jazz.

Imagine if that was a woman though?  Would people still say they’d gladly have her as their teacher? The men maybe but women? Doubt it.  Which is sad and exactly what happened with a teacher in Florida. Olivia Sprauer whose bikini photos leaked actually got fired by the school that she was working at.  In the case of the male teacher, he was only teaching a short time as a requirement of his course.  But still, it begs the question that if he had wanted to pursue a teaching career, would his modelling affected his chances?


That’s it for me on this week’s Love, Like & Loathe.  Hope you enjoyed reading this week’s edition.  Tell me, what did you love, like and loathe this week?  Have you tried the products on my Love and Like lists?  Do you think society in general set unfair standards for women?



^Denotes an affiliate link, sales from which will earn me a small commission but is at no extra cost to you. 

*Product was given for editorial consideration. 



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