Fashion Day: Fashion Trends I Don’t Get & Have Avoided

Fashion Day: Fashion Trends I Don’t Get & Have Avoided

Today’s post might be a tad bit controversial and I’m going to start by saying that this is in no way an attack on anyone who have jumped in and worn these trends.  It’s more about me just not getting it and finding that they just aren’t for me.  But having said that, who knows, I might change my mind.  You know, much like the puffer vest that I finally embraced last year and now am an avid wearer, thanks to being a “sideline mum“.  Or like the white jeans I had avoided wearing for so long… actually scratch that, it’s more like white anything but hello, decided to take the plunge and actually found that it was pretty flattering on me.  So, you never know I might just take a walk on the wild side and embrace these trends I’ve so far avoided.

Fashion Trends I Don’t Get

The Coat On Your Shoulders Trend

I guess I’m not a certified fashion blogger because I wear my coats the way it was designed to be worn – with my arms through the sleeves.  I’ve seen some in real life who do it stylishly well, but me?  I think I’d end up looking like a bloody wanker.  I just found the idea of having it draped on my shoulders a tad silly, like why bother if it’s only going to keep your shoulders warm.  And each time I see someone who does wear it that way, I always feel like softly pushing the coat off their shoulders.  You know, like whenever you see teenagers with their pants so low you can see their underwear and you feel like just pulling their pants down altogether?  Or maybe that’s just me? Hmmm….

Having said that, yesterday I wore my trench coat over my blanket jacket and dress that I wore to the Miss Universe event.  I have to admit that it did feel a little snug around the sleeves with the already pretty thick jacket on the inside.  It was quite tempting to do the “wear your coat on your shoulders” thing but, it just wasn’t me.


The Distressed Jeans Trend

Bohemian Traders Distressed Jeans

^Bohemian Traders Distressed Skinny Jeans rrp$99.00

^Distressed jeans were like the MEGA trend that seemed to swoop in late last year and yet I have not had the inclination to embrace it.  I mean OK I sort of did try with an old pair of jeans I had.  I got Miss 13 to “distress” it for me.  Thank you YouTube videos for all those tutorials.  But I found it weird.  I felt like a vagrant with torn and distressed things on my jeans!

instagram image of distressed jeans

I’ve seen some go overboard with their distressing and others wearing it rather well. Check out Sonia who wears her distressed jeans really well and look hot in them too. Damn it!

I still cannot bring myself to do it though.  No offence to those who do wear distressed jeans but again, it’s just not me.  Tried it and felt just not quite right.  I guess it’s also all about confidence.  Also, I just cannot bring myself to purchase jeans that have already been distressed.  It’s like… I don’t know, why are we paying for something that is already torn and tattered?  Again, it’s just my mentality I guess.  But I do know it is pretty hard work to create a nice distressed look.  Miss 13 took quite a long time to create a meticulously ripped effect on mine.


Drop Crotch Pants

This one, well, I have to admit, this is one that is growing on me because if you get the right pair it does end up looking pretty good.  Ok, confession, I actually bought ^a pair from Bonds and they were really comfortable.  The thing that scared me was the fear of making my bottom look wider than it really is.

drop crotch pants

L- R: ^Bohemian Traders Sally Slouch Pants rrp$129, ^BONDS Baggies Pants now$29.97

Plus I’m not very tall so it could make me look even shorter too.  Bohemian Traders have got ^one I’ve got my eye on since they launched the winter range, but I’m still hesitant to make that investment.  Wishing I had longer legs to be able to carry off these pants confidently right now.  Check out Bev from Iris May Style and Barbe from Fashionista in Suburbia rocking their drop crotch pants. I’ve been admiring these ladies and their effortless styles.  When I grow up, I so want to be them!  So stylish!


So far that’s just 3 trends I’ve avoided, tried but just didn’t gel with me and one of them I’m beginning to feel comfortable in.  Tell me, do you do these trends well?  Are you just like me and just don’t get it?  Would love to hear what you think!


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  • HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! If I see you draping your jacket over your shoulders, you know what I’ll do! 😛 😛

    • Norlin says:

      LOL! Yah ha! I KNOW what you’ll do to me if I ever did that!! Maybe I should just get a cape, at least it’s MEANT to be draped on the shoulders 😉

  • Lisa Mckenzie says:

    I don’t really like dropped crotch pants but do have 2 pairs of distressed jeans that I love and wear all the time but they don’t have actual holes in them,I don’t like the roped straight through ones they look stupid to me!! I wear a jacket properly unless I don’t want to carry it!

    • Norlin says:

      I hear you on the ripped straight through type of distressing. I’ve seen some that have flappy ripped bits too. Urgh! I just think the distressed look isn’t for me because it just doesn’t suit my personality and that’s what’s important too when it comes to trends. 🙂

  • Kathryn Skinner says:

    Hi Norlin, I feel the same as you. I love the drop crotch pants, on other people, but I’m so short. And the distressed jeans….I’m too old. I bought both trends for my granddaughter though, and she looks great. I think if you don’t like a trend just don’t buy it, or risk the feeling of being in costume! Kathryn 🙂

    • Norlin says:

      My daughter distressed her denim cut offs and it looked perfect on her! I agree with you Kathryn, I’d rather not jump in on a trend just to be a part of it.

  • […] $80 down to $40.  The problem was, they were boyfriend style shorts AND distressed!  If you read my post on distressed jeans you would know why that point was […]

  • Mel says:

    I really don’t understand draping a jacket on your shoulders. I just find it really uncomfortable and insecure. Not going to lie, I love me some distressed jeans and drop crotch pants. Love the casual look.

    • Norlin says:

      Right?! I mean why wear something when you have to worry if it’ll fall off your shoulders or not. Tried the drop crotch and I think I can only wear it if it’s the soft, unstructured kind in jersey or some stretchy fabric. I can’t wear them in cotton, as it makes it look as if I have super short legs and no butt. :p

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