Health & Lifestyle: Getting Back To Exercising Regularly

Health & Lifestyle: Getting Back To Exercising Regularly

I have a confession to make.  This gym bunny is no longer a member of any gyms.  After diligently working out at the gym almost daily for the last two years, I finally stopped.  I was actually enjoying my previous gym and the personal training I had on top of that.  But, there were a few things that later on made me decide I wanted to move on.  Even though the gym membership was cheap, the fact that sometimes half the cardio equipment I use don’t work really put me off.  The final thing that sealed the deal was the fact that some of the personal trainers were trying so hard to diss the other trainers over how they were training their clients behind their backs to their own clients.  Just completely unprofessional in my opinion.

So I joined a new one that was open 24 hours a day, which worked in my favour because I won’t have to wonder if it was open on public holidays or not and I could go in anytime to work out.  The only downfall though was the size of the gym.  It was too small and felt way too claustrophobic, especially when there are too many people working out at the same time.  Machine hogging was yet another problem in that gym, which meant I started to avoid the gym altogether.  Thankfully it was summer and so I usually opted to go for my runs along the beach and to keep up with toning and strength training, I did some exercises at home via apps that I shared here previously.  Another confession?  I slacked off too both in terms of my running and exercising a month or so, earlier this year.  Only running sporadically.  I wasn’t feeling it.  I was feeling down and I was starting to NOT enjoy the one thing I loved doing – running.  That’s when I knew something just wasn’t right, but I persevered and pushed on with my running, setting goals for myself.  It wasn’t easy and it felt like clawing through a deep, dark hole, but I pushed on.

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Getting Back to Exercising Regularly

Now, a month on and I’ve joined a metafit exercise group led by a supportive trainer and also started joining her (first time on Tuesday) running group.  I’ve set new running goals; to NOT stop while on my run at all and while the first time was difficult, I manage to do it.  It was all about keeping the right pace.  I also found out that it was high time I changed to a new pair of runners as I’ve had them for more than two years now and these are the pair I’ve worn every time I exercise.  I’m loving the metafit workouts and the group of ladies I’m usually with, as well as my new trainer and I’m really looking forward to learning how to run properly this time round.  Who knows I might just enter myself in some fun runs this year?  Maybe…

Has your exercise regime changed this year?  What do you normally do?  How do you incorporate exercise into your everyday routine?






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  • I. Am. Struggling! The weather has turned to full blown winter here. The sun doesn’t rise till after 7am and has set by the time I get home from work. It’s so not inspiring at all! After being sick for a few weeks, I’m desperate to get back into some kind of exercise routine so I’m currently trying to hatch a plan I will (hopefully) stick to.

    • Norlin says:

      I hear you! And it’s even harder for you because you work too. I think having a buddy might help. That’s what the running “club” I went to on Tuesday was like. Having a buddy to motivate you, only I had the benefit of her being an actual trainer. Waking up at 5am to run at 6am was definitely OUT of my comfort zone! But a refreshing one. I hope you get back on it though, winter can be such a depressing time.

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