Friday’s Favourites: Foaming Micellar Water, Naked 3, Risk & Big Girls Cry

Friday’s Favourites: Foaming Micellar Water, Naked 3, Risk & Big Girls Cry

Happy Friday my dearest readers, and I hope you’re as excited as I am that the weekend is almost here.  I don’t know why I’m happy but maybe, it could be the knowledge that I don’t have to make school snacks and lunches over the next two days.  It’s getting pretty mundane actually and I’m so ready for the school term break already.  Good thing I don’t have to physically go into Uni over the next few weeks, even though the semester isn’t officially over.  It’s now all about finishing up my two major – and I mean MAJOR because of the sheer amount of research I have to put into it – assignments and then I’m done for this semester!

Enough of my personal rambling and now it’s on to the things that made my Friday’s Favourites list this week.

*Foaming Micellar Water – La Roche-Posay

You know you lead a sad life when you squeal, do a BIG dance of happiness when a package from one of your favourite French skincare brands arrives on your doorstep, and that was what I did last week when I received this package from La Roche-Posay.

la roche posay micellar package

Good thing nobody was home to see me act like a crazy chick!  So what was in the package?  Their latest release (I’m guessing it’s their latest but I could be wrong), the La Roche-Posay Micellar water range.  What’s micellar water I hear you ask?  Well, micellar contains micelles, which are molecules that act like magnets that gently lifts dirt and make up off your skin.  Yes, I know there’s so many different brands that have their own micellar water and my favourite would have to be La Roche-Posay’s rival, Bioderma’s Micellar Water.  So what was in the package that made me list it on this week’s favourite’s list?  Their micellar cleansing foam.  Perfect for those of us who prefer the regular sensation of lathering our face when we cleanse off any impurities.

la roche posay foaming water

micellar foaming cleanser pump

The cleansing foam comes in a bottle with a pump to dispense the product.  One pump is all you need to cleanse your face and yes, it dispenses FOAM!

micellar foam

There is a slight fragrance, which I don’t mind, but I can’t describe the precise scent to you unfortunately.  It’s “fresh” and light, that’s all I can say.  While it does cleanse off my make up effectively, I do need to do use the micellar water to cleanse off my eye makeup completely.

It doesn’t thankfully, cause any tightness on my skin.  I think it’s the inclusion of the Thermal Spring Water in the ingredients that help reduce any chances of inflammation and irritation of the skin, making it safe enough to use on sensitive skin as well.  While I did receive a complimentary trial bottle I have to admit that I do love the fact that the price isn’t too ridiculously expensive.  At $24.95 for a 150ml bottle, I’d say that’s a decent price point.

I’ve been using this nightly now, changing up my nightly skincare routine a little and adding the La Roche-Posay Micellar toner to the mix too.  So far so good, and stay tuned for my review of the other two products in their micellar range soon!

Naked 3 Palette

This particular favourite came to me unintentionally.  Well, more like it was a definite impulse buy.  I’ve read, seen and heard bloggers and vloggers alike wax lyrical over the Naked 3 palette but never have I ever wanted to own one… EVER. I’ve got the original Naked palette and I thought, yeah, that’s enough for me.  Who cares that it’s more of a rose toned theme to it.  Who cares right?  Oh no not I.

Cue my visit to Mecca in Southland, a day after Urban Decay launched its presence.  I had intended to purchase the Naked Basics palette but got sidetracked when I decided to check out what the fuss was all about with this Naked 3 palette.  BIG MISTAKE!  Curiosity killed this cat’s bank account when she decided to take a sneak peek.  She fell in love immediately at how beautiful the darn colours were!  I know, it sounds like I’m exaggerating but I assure you I’m not, and I did fall in love with the palette that I could not put it down.  Didn’t help to have my two girls insisting that I get it.  So I did because you know… YOLO. 😉

naked 3 palette

I’ve been wearing the colours from this palette for most of my date nights and dare I say I love it more than the original Naked palette!  LOVE how the soft pink tones fits my skin tone perfectly!  Even the darker colours in this palette look amazingly soft, giving my smokey eye look that nice, subtle finish to the look.

inside naked 3 palette

base colour naked 3

Of course, when paired with the Urban Decay double ended glide on eye pencil in Naked 3, the overall effect is just perfect!  Yes I’m biased because I just praised myself but hey, if I don’t do that who would right?

So, to say that this palette was worth every penny really is an understatement!  Have you got the Naked 3 palette?

*Risk by Fleur Ferris

risk by fleur ferris

It’s been awhile since I’ve added a book onto my favourites list on Goodreads – incidentally, if you’re on Goodreads feel free to add me as a friend here – and not surprisingly, this book did.  Written by Fleur Ferris, ^Risk tells a story of two best friends, Taylor and Sienna who were befriended by a random teen online.  It isn’t until Sierra decides to take the plunge and meet up with the boy that things go askew.

While it’s a book about testing loyalties, what it serves to teach us all is about the dangers of online identities.  About who we can trust and really, can we trust who we’ve gotten to know online?  It also looks at how teenagers might feel or think when they’ve actually made a mistake – to tell or not to tell?  Would telling make one look stupid?  Is it better to look like you’ve made the biggest blunder or keep it to yourself and cause lives to be lost?  Perfect for both young and old, it’ll help YOU as a parent (even if you’re not one) understand the underlying dangers of online relationships.

SIA – Big Girls Cry

I’ve always loved Sia’s music and this particular one by her – Big Girls Cry – is no exception.  The video though?  Umm… I think it’s strange beyond comprehension.  I’m sure there’s some artistic explanation for it but I cannot be bothered to delve into it.  I do love the song, the words.  Because big girls do cry, no matter how strong we try to show ourselves to the world, inside, we’re only human.  We break, we get affected by things and events and sh*t that gets poured onto our lives.


That’s it for this week’s Friday’s Favourites.  What’s YOUR favourite this week?  Do you love some of what I’ve shared here on my list?


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